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Revenge All Around
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PostPosted: Tue May 29, 2012 2:24 pm    Post subject: Revenge All Around Reply with quote

As Dylan Thomas once wrote: "To begin at the beginning":

Revenge All Around

Chapter 1

Sarah was in shock. It had all happened completely by accident: she’d picked up the second phone to see if Casey, her roommate and best friend, had finished talking with her friend Melissa and she’d heard Melissa ask:

“So, how’s Sarah?”

“Sarah? Miss. Perfect’s perfect, what else,” had been Casey’s scathing reply

And now Sarah was listening to their conversation. Listening to Casey, who she loved like a sister, rip apart any notion of their friendship.

“Everything is just so easy for her. In high school, she was first picked for everything, cheerleading, prom, homecoming queen, dates, sports, prizes. Now at college she’s still got it all; the looks, the guys, the brains. Do you know she has a certified IQ of 163? And she gets to look like that? It’s not fair. I mean, she’s a wonderful person, kind to a fault, but that’s beginning to annoy me too. Living with her, being friends with her, it’s like standing in a giant shadow. I won’t ever be smarter than her but if I was prettier than her then at least there’d be something left for me. But no. She just has to be perfect looking as well.”

“Casey,” said Melissa, “You are just a beautiful as Sarah, just as smart and just as nice.”

“Thanks, but it isn’t true. She’s superwoman. She studies harder than I do, works part-time at a book store, volunteers, goes to the gym four times a week, chairs student council, heads cheerleading...”

“You’re vice-captain of the squad,” interjected Melissa

“Exactly, and that’s all I’ll ever be as long as Sarah’s around. I want there to be some aspect of my life that’s better than Sarah's.”

“So study harder.”

“Wouldn’t matter, even if she wrote an essay while drunk she’d get perfect marks.”

“So get some new clothes, get your hair done, you know the works.”

“She’d still look better. She’s prettier and everyone knows, it would look like I was trying too hard.”

“I don’t know then, it’s not like Sarah’s going to get less beautiful.”

“No...Wait, she could, no it’s ridiculous.”

“How is this discussion not ridiculous, what’s the idea.”

“Well, the only thing likely to change about her appearance is her weight. If she got a little chubby, then I’d be the thin pretty one.”

“You’re right, that is ridiculous.”

“I’m not so sure. I mean it wouldn’t be easy but how difficult could it be to stock the house with chocolate and ice cream, cook large meals, hell, even add something to her food when I could?”

“Are you serious?”

“Yes I am. Dammit, this has gone on too long and I finally have an idea of how to win, just once.”

“But Casey, Sarah’s your friend. You’ve known each other since high school; do you really want to throw that away over a little jealousy?”

“She’ll never know it was me. I’m doing this, you in?”

“No I am not. I like Sarah.”

“Fine, but don’t say anything to her.”

“Oh...Alright, but don’t you let it go too far.”

“It’ll only go on as long as it takes for me to be the best. Goodnight.”


And with the click of the phone, Sarah was brought back to reality, her mind seething with anger. She jumped up from her bed, ready to storm into Casey’s room and slap her for being such a bitch. Part of her, the rational understanding part, knew that Casey had a point. She did overachieve in every aspect of her life, and it was true that when they went out together it was always Casey accompanying Sarah: Casey had few friends that were just hers. Calming down enough to think more critically, Sarah concluded that if Casey wanted to fatten her out of the top spot then she was going to apply her significant intellect to stopping her, and maybe pulling a few tricks of her own.

The following afternoon found Sarah hard at work as Casey returned from a shopping spree. Sarah heard her from two floors down and when she opened the door Sarah saw she was carrying four large bags that looked to be filled with food.

“Really subtle Casey,” she thought to herself, “Even if I hadn’t heard your plan I’d hardly have been able to miss this would I?”

As Casey started to put the food away, Sarah took stock: Ho Ho’s, Twinkies, cookies, ice cream, chocolates, mini pizzas, family sized bags of crisps, tortilla chips and dip, Pop-Tarts, tacos, burgers. Sarah didn’t think she had ever seen so much food. Still, she played it cool. The best tactic she could employ at the moment was to feign complete ignorance and lull Casey into a false sense of security. To that end, she had to look like she was falling prey to Casey’s ingenious plot, while in fact getting her own revenge. Casey’s words the previous night had hurt, and Sarah had cried quite a bit into her pillow trying to get to sleep. In the cold light of dawn she had resolved that Casey would get what she had coming, and that she’d fool Casey just as Casey had fooled her into thinking she was her friend. To that end, the answer to Casey’s next question was obvious:

“Hey Sarah, you fancy something to eat?”

“Sure. I’ll tell you what have you done that essay for Matherton’s class yet?”

“No, I need to start it today, have you?”

“Started ten minutes ago, grab something with chocolate in and we can work on it together.”

“Excellent, I’ve got some cookies.”

And so Casey and Sarah sat together, as they had on countless occasions, working together on a philosophical evaluation of Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment. What was different was that between them now sat a large open pack of cookies. Sarah had chosen chocolate for several reasons, principle among which was that Casey had always had a weakness for it, secondly, though she was somewhat loathe to admit it, she fancied something sweet. As Sarah typed her essay at breakneck pace, occasionally pausing to check a reference or quote, she noted that Casey was rarely without a cookie in her hand. Sarah knew that Casey found work much harder than she did, and that when she wrote essays she tended to zone out a little, so she didn’t really notice that she was eating almost all the cookies, or that Sarah would reach for another cookie and grab nothing but air. Indeed, she had eaten half of one cookie and then left the remnants by the laptop, which combined with her mimed actions and Casey’s mostly oblivious state created a convincing illusion of gluttony.

A mere half an hour after starting Sarah had finished her essay with two readings and a complete bibliography and judging by Casey’s furrowed brow she had barely started, What’s more, all but two of the cookies and the half remaining by Sarah’s laptop were gone. Taking the two cookies out of the packet and proffering them to Casey she said

“You have these, I’ve had more than my fair share,” giving her best sheepish guilty grin and gently patting her flat stomach for emphasis.

“Tell you what, one each,” said Casey, giving one back to Sarah, a glint of triumph in her eyes.

“Thanks.” Taking the cookie, Sarah stood up, grabbed the packaging and went to the kitchen throwing the packaging and the cookie away, allowing herself a small smile. If Casey kept this up, this was going to be easier than she’d imagined.

The next morning Casey left for an early class. Being a night person she was in no state to try and ply Sarah with food and Sarah was in the shower anyway, so she had her cereal and left. Minutes later Sarah emerged, dripping wet and embalmed in several towels. Sarah had a genius IQ but she also had a strong analytical and practical mind. She knew that even though she knew Casey’s plans she was inevitably going to increase her caloric intake no matter how hard she tried not to, so that morning at 06:00 she had expanded her already extensive exercise regime to include a two hour daily run. Casey’s earliest classes were at 09:00 and they were only a 10 minute walk from the apartment they shared, so she never got up before 08:30 and on more than one occasion slept straight through them, leaving Sarah ample time to get back, shower and leave for her own classes without revealing to Casey that she had been running. Today, however, was Sarah’s day off in terms of lectures so she was going to do some research, though not in her usual field. Casey kept a diary and had done so for as long as Sarah had known her. In all the time they had been friends Sarah had never once looked in it, though she had known for years that Casey hid it in the casing of her pillow. Going into her friend’s room Sarah felt a twinge of guilt over the trust she was about to betray but her anger and resolve quickly drowned it out. Finding the diary she quickly flicked to the most recent entry to see if Casey had written anything of interest. As it turned out, the whole of the last entry seemed devoted to the topic:

Casey's Diary October 25th
I’ve begun my plan to finally put Sarah in her place. I’ve filled the house with junk and she ate almost an entire pack of cookies last night while we worked. When she got near to the end of the packet she had a guilty little smile on her face but it didn’t stop her from having the last of the cookies. I’m not even sure she realised how many she ate. This is going to be easy. She never buys treats for herself and I think years of deprivation have engendered quite a craving just waiting to be unleashed. Next week is Halloween so I’ll have an excuse to get more candy for “trick-or-treaters”. If I leave a bowl by the door I’m sure she’ll eat lots and there are so few kids around here that there’ll be loads left over. In another three weeks it’ll be Thanksgiving then Christmas and the holiday seasons surrounding New Years. She’ll be up a dress size or two before next semester.

“Cow,” was Sarah’s immediate response, which she then followed up with a few more choice expletives. Nevertheless, she couldn’t help but sense a vein of truth in there. She never ate chocolate or ice cream or fast food. It wasn’t really about weight more just a habit of healthy living that she’d fallen into. And the one cookie she’d eaten had been delicious.

“I can’t keep pretending to eat around Casey,” she mused to herself, “She’s gullible sure and people see what they want to see but I’m going to have to eat that junk when she’s around; she’d notice otherwise. I’ll just make sure she’s eating whenever I am and throw away some of the food when she’s not here so she thinks I’m pigging out in secret. She hates the gym, and cheerleading will be over soon so she’ll get no exercise. Then all I have to do is devote a few more hours to the gym, eat healthily whenever she’s not around and I’ll be able to match her meal for meal but not pound for pound.”

Smiling broadly, Sarah put Casey’s diary back inside her pillowcase and walked into their kitchen. Rooting though the cupboards she found a large packet of king-sized Mars bars. She took two, tore off the wrappers and threw one in the bin and left one by her laptop where Casey would be sure to see it. She then put the chocolate bars in the sink, turned the hot water on and watched them melt away down the drain. Finished and with the sink cleaned to a mirror shine once more Sarah returned to her room to work-out. After all, if she was going to play the part of the unknowing sap convincingly she was going to need a lot more extra exercise than a morning run.

It was Halloween and true to her word Casey had outdone herself in her efforts to tempt Sarah to the fat side. Her stockpiling talent was so pronounced that even though she’d been expecting it Sarah had been somewhat taken aback. It was impossible to walk anywhere in the apartment without passing a bowl full of candies or the daily box of doughnuts Casey had started buying. The tactic Sarah employed was simple: never eat if Casey wasn’t there but leave false evidence; if Casey was there offer her something, if she said yes join her or if possible pretend to, if she said no then pretend to eat something. Much as Sarah would have liked to deny it, a part of her loved the change in diet, and since she’d always enjoyed exercise it wasn’t too costly. The sinful delight of a Krispy Kreme doughnut, the freedom of ordering the most extravagant pizzas dripping in cheeses and layered in meats. But what compounded this was the sight of Casey enjoying the same carnal pleasures: The way her face lit up when she was chewing a chocolate bar, the sight of her licking powdered sugar off her lips, her tongue chasing each errant speck, the look of satisfaction on her face when she finished the heavy meals she prepared. But best of all was the half-hidden triumphant look she got on her face whenever she saw Sarah eating something she ought not to. To Sarah it was an engaging game, one that only she knew they were both playing and one that she was determined to win.

It was to that end that she was now dressed up in an intentionally revealing demoness costume attending the largest Halloween party near campus. She had chosen the costume weeks ago because she knew she looked great in it, now it had an added bonus. When she had presented herself for approval Casey’s eyes had practically glowed green with envy. She’d immediately grabbed a chocolate bar from nearby and tossed it to Sarah, who broke it in half and threw it back before gobbling hers down greedily. It amused Sarah to see Casey so angry, especially when the skimpy nurse’s outfit she was wearing looked stunning on her. Sarah took the opportunity to take stock of Casey’s body so that she could better gauge her progress:

First off was Casey’s stomach, completely on display in the nurse’s costume. It was flat and tanned but not toned. Casey had either never had the desire or the will to work out much, she ate sensibly and only went to the gym when she felt the need or desire and as such had never toned her body like Sarah had. Her hips were gently curved and, as she turned to the side Sarah could see her butt, probably Casey’s best feature, on prominent display in her skin-tight thigh-high skirt. It wasn’t a large butt, but it was heart-shaped and well-rounded, fitting well in skirts and jeans alike. Her arms, bare in the tiny top, were slender but toneless, and her legs similarly slim but slightly more toned from cheerleading. Her breasts, which comfortably filled her C-cup bra, were displayed in the intentionally tight top that slightly pressed them together: deepening the gully of cleavage on display. Sarah really didn’t know what Casey’s insecurities stemmed from, she looked amazing, and it wasn’t like she lacked male attention at parties. But still, she’d started this.

At the club Sarah unleashed her secret weapon. Alcohol. Sarah seldom drank, and on the rare occasions that she did it was half a glass of dry white wine and no more, another bonus of her healthy-living habits. Casey on the other hand had no such inhibitions and Sarah knew that if there was one place to pick up empty calories it was at the bar. Casey made it easier still for Sarah by her tipple of choice, cocktails. High in alcohol content, drowning in fruit juices, sugars, syrups and frequently chocolate each one could pack a 500 calorie punch. Easily. Which was why Sarah, kind and devoted friend with well-paying part-time job that she was, was keeping Casey well-supplied and recommending to many of the attractive men checking her out on the dance floor that a cocktail was her favourite drink. After Casey had finished her fourth cocktail she was drunk enough to lose most all her common sense, and so when Sarah proffered her Halloween styled treats and nibbles she ate them without even thinking, never noticing that Sarah didn’t touch a thing, rather she spent her time on the dance floor, occasionally circling round to bring Casey another drink or some more food. At four in the morning, thoroughly exhausted but delighted with the evening Sarah found Casey, now extremely drunk and sitting at the bar swaying to the music, a half-finished drink in one hand, hoisted her to her feet and took Casey out to the car and drove her home. Getting her back to the apartment Sarah gently lowered her down to the sofa and admired her work. Casey’s full stomach, now swollen with food, was pressing against the hem of her skirt, an angry red mark visible where the material had pressed into her rounded tummy. But Sarah wasn’t done yet. She grabbed a bowl filled with sweets from the nearest counter and went over to Casey, whose eyes were half closed and her mouth curled in a blissfully ignorant smile. Taking a sweet, she gently said “Open wide Casey” and popped the sugary treat into her open maw. She emptied half the bowl, dozens and dozens of sweets into Casey, who happily gobbled them up without a care in the world, her hands unconsciously holding and massaging her growing belly. Then Sarah grabbed the four remaining doughnuts and gently fed them to Casey, who moaned softly in pleasure, licking her lips to capture the jam that trickled over lower lip. Gently poking Casey’s belly and delighted to find it hard and taut, she undid the clasp allowed her burgeoning stomach room to spread out and was rewarded by a quiet groan of relief from Casey and the sound of her stomach pushing the zipper downwards. Still convinced that Casey could hold more, Sarah went to the freezer and grabbed a large tub of Double Chocolate Fudge ice cream and a spoon before she began to feed her the tub, taking small slivers of ice cream and placing them on Casey’s tongue whereupon she swallowed as they melted. Sarah got through half the tub before deciding Casey had had enough for that night. Looking at her watch she saw it was already five in the morning, an hour until she was supposed to go running.

“That’s not happening,” Sarah said to herself as she stifled a yawn, “I’ll just have to find the time tomorrow afternoon, it’s a Saturday after all.”

That settled, Sarah took one more moment to marvel at Casey’s engorged stomach, now taut as drum and forcing her panties to fold under its mass, before taking her to her room, removing her skirt and top and laying her down in her bed, where she instantly fell asleep. At the door, Sarah turned and smiled at the visible bump in the duvet before turning off the light and going to bed.

If the human mind was simple enough to understand, we would be too simple to understand it.

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Chapter 2

Casey’s Diary November 1st
Woke up today around two, my head felt like it was in a slowly tightening vice. Went out into the kitchen and Sarah was working off her own hangover finishing a huge fry-up. She offered to make me some, I probably should have said no but I was so hung-over I doubt I could have survived without it. Afterwards I checked the fridge and four eggs, a pack of bacon and three slices of bread had all disappeared and there’s no way I ate close to half of that. I know I’ve been eating a little more than usual lately what with trying to get Sarah to eat more junk but she’s definitely eaten loads more, and I haven’t seen her go to the gym in a week. I have a great metabolism so I’ll be fine; at least until I can turn Sarah into a habitual eater, then she won’t need my encouragement. It’s only been a week since I started fattening that bitch up and there doesn’t seem to be any change yet but soon she’ll get hers.

As Sarah finished reading the entry the following afternoon while Casey was at class she couldn’t help but think,

“What world are you living in Casey?”

Sarah hadn’t eaten any fried food whatsoever; she’d had a salad after she got back from her run a little after twelve. When she heard Casey banging around in her drunken waking routine she had quickly grabbed a plate and fried a piece of bread, washing up the frying pan before putting it and several other unused cooking utensils on the draining board as if they’d just been used. Then she’d rubbed the greasy fried bread over a plate, added some ketchup and thrown away all but a small corner of the bread. When Casey had emerged bleary-eyed from her room it had been to see Sarah putting a fork down from her mouth, one hand patting her “full” stomach and smiling towards her. All that then remained was to cook Casey her own little “breakfast”, which accounted for the rest of the stuff missing from the fridge. Casey had barely been alive when Sarah put the food down in front of her, she seemed almost to eat it without conscious thought, which suited Sarah just fine. When she had emerged that morning, dressed in her panties, a bra and a tank top, her previous night’s gluttony was undetectable but afterwards her stomach was once again protruding, albeit slightly, causing the tank top to rise gently and the hem of her panties to dip below the razor-straight edge they usually cut across her figure. That said, Casey’s concern over her eating a fried breakfast was a problem, though her arrogant attitude to her body’s ability to burn off the excess was a plus. Sarah made a mental note, whenever the time was right, to compliment Casey’s look or outfit in order to keep her mind on Sarah’s waist rather than her own.

A fortnight had now passed since Halloween, almost three full weeks since the beginning of the farce Sarah and Casey had been living in. Sarah and Casey were in the middle of the last cheerleading training session of the season. Sarah knew that these training sessions were the only regular source of exercise that Casey got, and so the upcoming break was in her favour, that said she’d done her best to limit Casey’s activity in the training sessions since it all began. She would empty the water cooler before training started and ask Casey if she would refill it while the squad ran laps and when acrobatics were involved Sarah ensured that Casey was the one being thrown into the air and never the one actually exerting herself. What was even more encouraging was that she had seen that Casey kept a chocolate bar or two in her bag for after practice. At first she had always offered Sarah half, but during the last two sessions this week she had gleefully devoured them herself seemingly with no thought for her “master plan”. As the squad took a breather for some water, Sarah looked at Casey and allowed the ghost of a smile to touch her lips. Casey had gained weight. It was by no means large, and Sarah was pretty sure no one else in the squad had even noticed, but Sarah could see the three, four, maybe even five pounds that Casey’s increasingly hedonistic lifestyle had added to her figure, changes that were made particularly evident by the natural tightness of their cheerleading uniforms. Casey’s stomach, never the epitome of tone in the first place was as soft as pudding and no longer flat in profile, bulging ever so slightly over the lip of her skirt, angry red marks visible from where the harsh material bit into her tender, nascent flesh. Additionally, although it was difficult to detect when she was wearing a skirt, Sarah was certain that Casey’s posterior, always her favourite feature to flaunt, was jiggling more than she recalled. When Casey was dressed normally, especially now that the cold weather favoured a departure from revealing clothing, it was nearly impossible to tell she’d gained anything at all but here in the sport’s centre Sarah could see the consequence of all Casey’s little excesses. Seeing Casey turn her way Sarah turned in half-profile, pushing out her stomach slightly trying to hide the lack of evidence of her own “excess” from Casey’s roaming eyes. Twisting her face into a slight frown she took her finger and gently prodded her stomach, deepening her frown before pinching it between forefinger and thumb and shaking it experimentally. Out of the corner of her eye she could see Casey’s stupid grin and in her own head she marvelled, for what must have been the hundredth time, at how amazingly easy it was to fool someone with what they wanted to see.

Contrary to Casey’s lying eyes, Sarah’s rigorous exercise regime had actually overcompensated for her unusual caloric intake. Stepping on the scales that morning in what had become a ritual of hers Sarah had found she had actually lost 4 pounds in the last three weeks. Better yet she was in arguably the best physical condition of her life: her runs seemed to get easier every day. Ironically, tonight was the cheerleader’s holiday season night-out. The tradition had been passed down from sophomore to freshman for almost ten years and was held on the first Saturday night after the last cheerleading practice of the season. All the squad went out for a meal and then onto a club, and so on. What was important about the tradition was that it was customary, even encouraged, for the girls to completely ignore the normal dietary restrictions associated with their sport. The reason for this, odd though it might seem to those outside, was that with approach of Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s and the freezing cold the girls all knew they would likely be starting next season with a few more pounds holiday weight than they ended the last: this evening served to remind everyone that there were worse things in life and that indulging over the holidays was not a capital crime that would get them thrown off the team. By and large the tradition had been tremendously popular, and had made significant reductions to the unhealthy obsession with weight, both one’s own and one’s teammates’, that often infects cheerleading squads. By now of course much of this was just implicit and the girls participating didn’t really think much about the underlying reasons for the meal, but the fact that every member of the squad was of healthy weight for their body type did demonstrate the results.

Practice over and back in the apartment Sarah stood in front of her wardrobe debating her evening’s attire. What was complicating the decision was the need to find a way to look as if she’d gained weight to Casey but, ideally, not to anyone else. Concluding that that was basically impossible she took the next best option: She grabbed a top of hers that was shaped into stylish folds of excess material, effectively concealing her stomach while showing off her bust, also being long enough to hide the hem of her skirt even when she sat down. She complemented this with a short silk-lined skirt that wrapped tightly around her butt, making it seem larger than it was (though not, she felt, in an unattractive way), while leaving her with more than enough room to sit, walk and dance due to the smooth nature of the silk lining. The resulting ensemble served to suggest to Casey that she was hiding her stomach, with the skirt demonstrating potential gains in her rear to keep Casey’s eyes from a more in depth observation, the rest of the squad, meanwhile, would think nothing whatsoever was different.

An hour later found Casey waiting impatiently for Sarah by the door.

“Sarah, come on. We’re going to be late.”

“I’m right here Case, I’m right here,” said Sarah as she emerged from her room.
“I’m sorry it took so long, I just couldn’t get this skirt to fit right.”

The pair headed for the door, Sarah anxiously running her hands up and down the skirt, tugging and pulling it.

“What do you mean, it’s gorgeous. Is it new?” asked Casey

“Yes, I got it a few weeks ago, it was tight then, but, you know, in a good way. I really shouldn’t be going to this dinner.”

“What, why?”

“Look at my ass! I think I’ve gained 5lbs and it’s all gone straight to my butt. Look at how tight this skirt is.”

“Firstly Sarah, your butt looks amazing in that dress, the guys are going to go nuts. Secondly, don’t forget what tonight’s about.”

“Yeah, maybe you’re right. Still I hate the way it feels: it’s like I’ve stuffed a sweater in there or something.”

“You’re being ridiculous, besides even if you have gained weight, which I still say is nonsense, Tracy’s put on plenty since she started going out with what’s his name.”

“You mean James Cooper?” Sarah interrupted.

“Probably. But anyway, her weight’s gone to lots of places and she still looks great.”

“Yeah, I guess. I suppose we can’t all have bodies like yours Case.”

“Mine? Aww, thanks Sarah.”

“You’re welcome.” Moron.

The fifteen squad members were seated around a large table, Sarah, as captain, was in the centre and Casey, as vice-captain, was seated on her right. All of them were eagerly tucking in to their food, including Sarah, who had a fillet of halibut with spring vegetables and boiled new potatoes, and Casey who was eating steak pie with a mound of mashed potato soaked with butter. Reluctant though she was to admit that Casey’s plans had affected her eating habits, Sarah knew by the eagerness with which she was devouring her succulent fish that that was not altogether true. Tonight, she reasoned, was a night for celebration, even gluttony, but it concerned her that her appetite had already changed in just three weeks. Still, nothing she could do about it while she was trying to fatten Casey, she would just have to keep tabs on her eating habits. If there was any consolation to be had it was that Casey looked as though the culinary experience of the last three weeks had had much the same effect on her, as she had finished her pie some minutes ago and had since absent-mindedly buttered and eaten two slices of the complementary bread. As the last of the main course dishes were taken away, an air of excitement crept over the entire table: Dessert. For many of the girls assembled this was one of the rare occasions at a restaurant where they not only could, but were expected to, order whatever they most wanted off the dessert menu, a pleasure that they usually deprived themselves of, opting instead for fruit or even a healthy helping of air. But not tonight. As the dessert menus were passed around the table fifteen pairs of eager eyes scanned downed the pages, forbidden words leaping up at them: chocolate torte; treacle toffee pudding; triple chocolate chip ice cream; banoffee pie; chocolate Dark Forest Gateaux with chocolate sauce; strawberry cheesecake with raspberry coulis; and still more chocolate. As the desserts were served up, the girls waited until everyone’s food was placed in front of them. Then, almost as though they were acting as one, they each took their first bite and a collective sigh of appreciation emanated from the table. What followed thereafter was a melee of “You’ve got to try this,” “No, you’ve got to try this,” and “Ooh white chocolate, my favourite.” Casey, who was by now not only besotted with food but also on wine, accepted every piece of food that was offered to her. Sarah, who was in full command of her wits and the only one at the table who was so, was characteristically generous with her large slice of chocolate cake, but declined to try any of the other myriad gastronomic delights that covered the table.

The meal over, and several of the team members, Casey included, patting or cradling their stuffed stomachs, contented smiles adorning their faces from ear to ear, the girls moved the party to the nearest night club. While at the restaurant Sarah had, save for filling Casey’s wine glass more often than was necessary, let the matter of weight rest (in the spirit of the evening) now at the club however her Machiavellian temperament took back the reins. It was once again child’s play to convince Casey’s various admirers to buy her calorie-laden drinks, and Casey once more drank them without question, enjoying the attention and the taste. Sarah meanwhile spent the majority of her time on the dance floor, where she was pleased to discover that Casey had been right: the guys loved her butt. The night over, Casey and Sarah staggered back to their apartment, Casey under the weight of her drunkenness, Sarah under the weight of Casey, and once back Sarah laid Casey down on the sofa and went to the kitchen to find something for her to eat. She returned from the fridge to find Casey, sprawled on the sofa, feet on the table in front of her, with a bowl of chocolates she had lifted off the nearby counter resting on her protruding belly, and a handful of the treats disappearing down her gullet. Sarah watched with a grin as Casey shovelled handful after handful of sweets into her expectant mouth, smiling as she chewed. When the bowl ran out, Sarah proffered Casey the large ice cream pot she had brought from the freezer and a spoon. Casey took both and dug in with abandon, Sarah was amazed both at her bottomless capacity and seemingly endless appetite. As the spoon scraped the bottom of the tub Casey took her last mouthful before dropping spoon and tub on the table, leaning back and groaning in pleasure. Sarah could only look on in amazement. Casey’s stomach was swollen and stretched into an enormous dome. The slinky black dress she wore was stretched so taut across her belly the Sarah could see the pink flesh of her engorged tummy. As Casey shifted herself so she could lie further back the abused fabric finally gave out and a five inch long rip stretched down the left-hand seam. Casey’s belly was much too full to move into this new space but the fat that had recently begun layering her hips bulged out over the hem of her panties under the colossal weight of her evening’s repast. Mind jumping for joy, Sarah stood Casey up and helped her to her room, unzipped her dress and helped her out of it before helping her into bed. As she stood over Casey’s underwear-clad form she poked her belly, which was packed solid but had a layer of soft fat encasing it. Slapping it lightly Sarah watched as it rippled gently across her body before tucking her in and turning out the light.

If the human mind was simple enough to understand, we would be too simple to understand it.

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Chapter 3

Casey’s Diary November 16th
I think last night hit me pretty hard. Woke up this morning still feeling full… at least I think I was full. It was difficult to tell through the hangover. Going out to eat with fourteen other girls who have spent the last four months dieting is not good for your figure. Still, Sarah ate loads, and even though her clothes hid her waist pretty well I could definitely tell she’s gained some weight. It’s only a week and a half until Thanksgiving now, Sarah’s coming back with me, her parents are in Kenya visiting someone, so I’ll have plenty of opportunity to stuff her full of turkey. In the mean time, I think that if I keep the house fully stocked, she’ll eat it herself now. She seems to be eating almost whenever I see her, it’s time to let nature take its course. Goodbye skinny bitch.

As ever when reading Casey’s diary, Sarah was staggered by her friend’s incomprehensible capability to ignore the obvious. Still, it worked very much in Sarah’s favour, and even though the information was now a day old, it was still extremely valuable. Leaving Casey’s room, she walked into the kitchen and picked up the book she was reading for English Lit. Holding the book in one hand, she reread a paragraph to look for a subtler meaning to the otherwise seemingly blunt text and walked into the kitchen, opened a cupboard and grabbed a Mars Bar. Mentally highlighting a series of quotes for the essay she would eventually have to write, she tore off the wrapper with her teeth and brought the creamy chocolate to her mouth, inhaling deeply, feeling the balm of the chocolate soothe her.

“What the hell?” Sarah exclaimed, dropping book and chocolate to the floor in surprise.

“What am I doing with a chocolate bar in my hand?” she asked, rhetorically, to the empty apartment. This was bad. She never ate junk when Casey wasn’t around, there was no reason to. Was she starting to form a habit? Had she snacked at some other point and not noticed. Slightly panicked that her rational mind seemed to have been over-powered by a sugar craving, Sarah tore through the cupboards, emptying it all onto the counter, then did the same with the contents of the fridge. She ran through the mental checklist of all the food in the house, an essential part of her side in the game, and discovered that there were a number of items missing ranging from Snickers and Ho Hos to miniature pizzas.

“Casey must have eaten all the stuff that’s missing. There’s no way I cooked a pizza without noticing. Could I have eaten something else though?”

Having now thoroughly freaked herself out, she ran to the bathroom, stripped and jumped on the scale. It was actually lower than Saturday morning, a full 5lbs below her starting weight. Breathing a sigh of relief, she stepped off, put on her clothes and admonished herself for letting such a small thing get to her so badly. She reflected that this game was liable to skew one’s body image, and resolved two things. Firstly, to watch her eating, junk was junk and there was no reason to eat it without Casey around. Secondly, she mustn’t let her weight drop much further, both because it would be unhealthy and because she was already finding her current clothes, most of which had been loose to begin with, to be excessively baggy, to the point where she was in need of some new outfits. A light bulb suddenly sprang into life above Sarah’s head:

“New clothes…Now there’s an idea.”

Thus it was that next Saturday saw Sarah and Casey hit the high street to do some serious shopping. Sarah couldn’t help but feel that it was none too soon. The past week had been hard on both girls’ figures, though in very different ways. Sarah and Casey both wore a size 4, the primary difference being that Sarah wore a size 4 because she liked her clothes a little loose, a feature she could not usually get from a size 3, though she owned several dresses in that size for special occasions, whereas Casey wore a size 4 because she liked her clothes a little tight. She could not have fit into a size 3, not because she was significantly heavier than Sarah but because it simply wasn’t in her body’s shape to be that size.

In spite of her resolution not to lose any more weight, Sarah was down another two pounds, and had actually eased up on her exercise regime to stem the tide before it got out of hand. The consequence of this loss was now placing her in constant danger of being rumbled by Casey, who would eventually have to notice that Sarah was wearing a belt with every outfit and using new holes in those belts to boot. The only way that Sarah had managed to avoid detection was to pad much of her clothing, giving the impression of a larger rump and slightly fuller stomach, all carefully hidden under appropriate mid-November bulky clothing. Casey on the other hand was in a very different predicament. Her gluttony seemed to be ever-increasing, and having been fostered by Sarah’s own gourmandizing and her personal love of sweets and chocolate, combined with her predominantly sedentary lifestyle and increasingly overwhelmed metabolism this meant that the gain was coming quicker than ever and was ever more noticeable.

Casey was developing a belly. Sarah had taken some pleasure in observing the formerly slightly concave stomach fill out to lie level and then further still, almost like a balloon filling with water in slow motion. Casey’s stomach swelled gently with nascent flesh, pushing against her tight tops and constricting jeans. When Casey walked around the apartment in her underwear, a common occurrence in the mornings, the added flesh was enough to divert the hem of her panties away from their once razor straight path, even when she hadn’t been eating, a much less common occurrence. As well as her belly, there was also an almost imperceptible softening of almost all of her body, mostly attributable to Casey’s spectacular lack of physical exercise. However, as Sarah had expected, the majority of the change had taken place below the waist. Casey’s thighs were thicker, the gap between them seemed to narrow daily, and when she walked they shook deliciously with each footfall. Her ass too had taken much of the gain, swelling behind Casey in a foretelling of pear-shaped things to come. Her underwear no longer fully covered her rounding cheeks, and no matter how often Casey would pick at them, a few steps caused enough movement for her butt to peek back out.
The effect of her gain on her clothes was getting grim. It was her pants, jeans, and skirts that were worst hit, since the gain was concentrated down low. Her widening thighs stretched the seams of her jeans, and Sarah had observed with increasing frequency popped seams and had often thought to herself that Casey’s legs were beginning to resemble sausages… pork sausages. The double pressure of Casey’s bulging backside and thickening waist was straining the button on almost everything Casey owned, disinclined as she always was to wear sweats anywhere but a gym. Her waist lifted many of her tops high enough to see slivers of bare flesh pressed cruelly into the hems of her pants, ensuring that the puckered button was always on display.

Casey and Sarah walked into a boutique and, as was their habit when shopping together, immediately split up with plans to meet shortly at the changing rooms. Sarah walked around the displays and began carefully picking outfits, mostly in a size 3 and a few in a size 2, before heading over to the changing rooms where Casey was already standing, a heap of clothing under her arms. Walking into adjacent rooms, Sarah and Casey both got changed into their first selection. Sarah knew that this was a dangerous plan, though given both hers and Casey’s clothing situation, a necessary one. After thinking about it long and hard she had decided the best way to pull it off would be to grab clothes that were too small, pad them a bit in the right places so it looked like fat rather than a tight piece of clothing and then prey on Casey’s vanity by keeping as much of the attention as possible on how good she looked.
It did not take long for Sarah to realise that the first part of the plan had not gone off as well as she might have hoped. The seven pounds she had lost since this had all begun meant that the cute size 3 jeans she’d picked out fit as though they were custom made. Craning her neck around so she could see how her ass looked she was both pleased and frustrated to see that the fit was near perfect. It was tighter than she usually wore jeans, but only slightly, which forced Sarah to reflect on just how big her size four clothing was on her now. All in all, Sarah thought she had never looked better in jeans. This was a real problem. Still, Sarah had come prepared, she had worn one of her larger outfits today, so that she could smuggle in as much padding as she could conceivably need, and now she took it out and, in what was becoming a somewhat common practice for her, began to pad her rump, doming it out into a small shelf that stuck out pertly behind her and stretched down a little lower than where her actual butt ended, to make it look larger. She added material to the legs of the jeans to bring her thighs closer together and around her hips to make them wider and then added material underneath the new top she had picked out to create her growing stomach. Checking herself for any lumps, other than those appropriate, she walked out of the changing room and almost gasped in shock.

Casey had decided, for her first ensemble, to try a gorgeous red dress that went beautifully with her light blonde hair. What had so shocked Sarah was that the dress was visibly three or four inches shorter than it was supposed to be. Judging by the wrinkles forming around her hips, Sarah felt she could hazard a pretty good guess as to why.

“Casey! That’s gorgeous,” Sarah gushed, false excitement bubbling out of her voice.

“Isn’t it,” Casey said, grinning from ear to ear, “I saw it and just had to try it on.”

“Give me a twirl Case, I’ve got to see the whole thing.”

Obliging, Casey began a slow spin on the spot. Sarah had to admit that without the weight Casey could have stopped traffic, but the one thing the dress did remorselessly was showcase every excess on Casey’s growing body. Front on, the dark red fabric did a pretty good job of hiding the belly Casey had been lovingly cultivating, as of course did the store lighting which combined with the mirrors to hide the small shadow that frequently formed underneath the furthest overhang of her stomach. In profile however, her protuberant stomach was in plain view, bulging outwards and while it was not yet further out than Casey’s considerable breasts, the gap was slowly beginning to close. Much, much worse than the stomach though was Casey’s rump. Always Casey’s best feature in every outfit she wore, it was also the one she paid the least mind to when she tried on clothing. Why should she worry when it always looked so good? After almost a month of indulgent, calorie-laden luxury Casey’s ass had taken a serious hit. It ballooned behind her, curving outwards from the small of her back. As Casey came to the half-way point, Sarah could see the cheeks pressed up against each other in the confines of the dress, furiously fighting for space to expand. Each cheek was heavy enough that, even in the tight dress, they weighed down so that the dress creased underneath them, tucking in under each cheek as if shouting to all the world “Look at this girl’s bum”. It was immediately evident that Casey was wearing a thong, for if not the panty-lines would have been in plain view. Even so, the thin line of fabric wrapped around Casey’s hips was just visible, for they too had widened considerably. More of interest to Sarah was the beginnings of little love-handles forming, something she had not been able to see in Casey’s usual attire and which were being accentuated by the dress fashionably cinching in to the theoretical wearer’s stylish slim waist. As Casey completed her turn, Sarah allowed her delight at Casey’s marvellous progress to shine through her face, Casey of course mistook it for appreciation of how good she looked.

“Oh god,“ began Sarah, “You look so amazing. You’re only making me feel worse!”

“What?” queried Casey, broken from her reverie at her rapturous beauty,

“Look at me Case. My butt’s swelling out of these jeans, my thighs are nearly touching and I’m sure everyone here can see the imprint of my fat stomach against this top! I’ve become a disgusting blob over this last month. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”

And with that Sarah allowed a single tear to fall down her face before turning around, ostensibly to hide her watery eyes, but also so Casey could see her rounding rump. Rushing over to her, Casey laid her hand on her shoulder and took Sarah into a big hug, Sarah could actually feel Casey’s stomach pressing against her padding and hoped Casey couldn’t tell.

“There, there Sarah, please don’t cry,” Sarah could actually hear the glee in Casey’s voice, she was unbelievable sometimes, “You’re not fat, that outfit is really cute on you, and anyway, the guys love your butt.”

“But Casey, this isn’t even the worst of it.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well,” Sarah replied, her voice growing very small, “this is a size 5.”

There was silence for a moment as Casey seemed to exude happiness from every pore, before trying once again to console the stricken and plumping Sarah. Sarah smiled, Casey had bought the whole show: she’d be able to beg off trying any more clothes and just spend the day marvelling at Casey’s rounding form.
After several hours of shopping Casey and Sarah split up again to return all the clothes they would not be buying. While doing so Sarah completed her latest plan. When she had chosen her clothes, she had also made sure that every item she got in a size 3 also came in size 5, and as she returned the unwanted clothes she also swapped all the others for the larger size, just in case Casey saw a label. After meeting at the till and paying for their clothes, the girls walked to the food court, ordered some greasy burgers topped with bacon and cheese and polished them off before heading home. As she drove back, Sarah reflected on how intently Casey had watched her eat, and she had taken care to appear lost in the joy of eating. In reality what Sarah had done was imitate, as best she could, the look on Casey’s face every time she took a bite of hers.
As Sarah thought on it, another plan presented itself. Thanksgiving was going to be a hell of a holiday.

If the human mind was simple enough to understand, we would be too simple to understand it.

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Chapter 4

Casey’s Diary November 22nd
Sarah and I went clothes shopping this afternoon. It was awesome. I hadn’t realised just how much fatter she must be getting: she was struggling to get her ass into a size 5. I’ve got to hand it to her, she has a real knack for hiding the gain with her clothes. What with Christmas coming up and what my mom’s cooking will do to her over Thanksgiving I think I can have her splitting out of a six before cheerleading starts up again in January, I’d love to see the look on her face if she had to admit to me that she was wearing an eight. Sarah’s thighs are getting a lot thicker too, it won’t be long until they start rubbing together, and her belly is definitely starting to show. I should try and catch her after a shower and get a proper look at her, but ever since she started gaining weight she’s become really self-conscious about being even slightly exposed. I’ve been walking around in my underwear every now and then just to glimpse the jealous look on her face when she sees my still fit bod. I’m loving this.

Sarah put Casey’s diary back where it belonged inside the casing of her pillow, making sure to put it in the same place as where she had taken it from. Not that she thought it likely that Casey would notice, but it never hurt to be careful. As usual after reading Casey’s latest musings Sarah’s blood was boiling and she was resolved to make sure this Thanksgiving had an irrevocable effect on Casey’s “fit bod”.

Going to her computer Sarah checked her e-mail and was excited to see she had a message from her brother. Rick was a doctor, currently working in Kenya as part of a medical expedition in Africa. Since it was unlikely that he would be back for Christmas when there would be many family members to house and feed, Sarah’s parents were visiting him over Thanksgiving leaving Sarah to go to Casey’s. Sarah had e-mailed her brother, telling him everything about what had happened between her and Casey and their current ongoing battle of weights. In particular, she had asked him if there was anything he could think of to help her. Clicking on the e-mail, Sarah began to read:

“Hey Sarah, good to hear from you. Sorry to hear you’ve got into such a bad situation with Casey, I know you two were close. Still, I always thought she was a little bit of bitch,” Sarah smiled. “This feud you two have gotten into is unhealthy Sarah, and if Mom and Dad knew they’d sure as hell put a stop to it. Still, if you want my help the only thing I can really recommend would be appetite stimulants. When I was on my pysch rotation back in Med school, I was assigned a couple of anorexic patients. Some of them have starved themselves so completely that even when they begin to accept that they need to eat more sensibly they still don’t have any appetite, so we give them the stimulants to help them along. My friend Ben is working at a practice not far from you and I IMed him yesterday and he said he’d prescribe them to you, you have an appointment Tuesday afternoon. But seriously, this won’t end well Sarah.”

At the end of the e-mail were the details for her appointment and the address of the practice. Sarah felt a mixture of exhilaration and sadness after reading her brother’s e-mail. She was delighted at the prospect of getting an extra edge on Casey, and appetite stimulants, even if they proved not to be that strong, would be the perfect thing for Thanksgiving, or even to help along a late night binge after an evening of heavy drinking. Still, Sarah knew that Rick was right: this whole thing was going to end in disaster eventually. Her friendship with Casey was basically over, once Casey realised that Sarah hadn’t gained any weight she was going to be irreconcilably mad. However, these thoughts soon faded away, leaving behind the same familiar anger that made Sarah feel that everything she was doing was fair.

The rest of Sunday passed uneventfully until Casey returned from her shopping trip, laden as ever with fattening goodies that quickly spread to every corner of the apartment. Wanting to make sure their workload was clear before Thanksgiving, the two of them settled down for an afternoon of hard graft, Sarah writing her English Literature essay, Casey working her way through Voltaire’s Candide. As usual Casey had brought a variety of snacks, from chocolate bars and Ho Hos to a family-sized packet of toffee-popcorn that sat in a pile between the two girls. As Casey’s forehead furrowed ever more deeply, the dense French text and obscure verbiage sending her time and again to her dictionary, her eating built up greater and greater momentum. Though trying to focus on her essay Sarah was becoming increasingly distracted by Casey’s performance. It had started simply enough, when Casey had dumped the food on the table, commenting that it was impossible to work without something to snack on, she had grabbed a Mars bar and tossed it to Sarah and grabbed one for herself. Since Sarah’s hands were busy typing, she had been able to leave the Mars bar half-eaten by the side of her computer while her fingers danced across her keyboard, but Casey, whose gluttony-cultivated appetite and desire to fatten Sarah into a muumuu had her thinking about food almost constantly, was only reading her book, leaving one hand free to graze. The Mars bar had disappeared in three large gulps, Sarah had smiled at the way Casey’s tongue had licked her lips trying to catch a bit of stray caramel. No sooner had the Mars bar vanished than Casey grabbed another one, which she gobbled down just as quickly. Soon after, while her right hand was tracing its way down a page of her dictionary, her left had grabbed two Ho Hos and, in a feat of dexterity that quite amazed Sarah, she opened the wrappers with just one hand before polishing off each in two swift bites.
Sarah was beginning to worry that Casey might notice her own lack of eating and, actually feeling rather hungry, took a pause from her essay to polish of her Mars bar and grab a large packet of chocolate chip cookies. She opened them, took two and then proffered the packet to Casey to make sure she noticed, fully expecting Casey to ignore them after having already eaten so much food in barely fifteen minutes. Instead Casey just took the packet, eyes never leaving her book, and Sarah watched, mouth hanging open, as Casey proceeded to methodically gulp down every last cookie. Sarah watched in amazement as time and again her hand returned to the packet, found a cookie, and then carried it to her waiting maw and popped the biscuit in whole. While her mouth busily chewed, a loud crunching that would probably have annoyed Sarah if she was still trying to work, her hand was already reaching out for the next cookie. Eventually of course Casey’s roving fingers found naught but air and the absence of further food seemed to snap Casey from her reverie. She looked down at the empty packet and the other wrappers strewn about her, a confused look crossing her face, as if she had no idea where they had come from. Sarah quickly returned her attention to her essay, fingers once again clacking the keys as she prayed Casey didn’t realise she’d been staring.

“Sarah,” Casey said, her voice slightly higher than normal.

“Yeah Case?”

“How many cookies were in that packet?”

“What, the one I just gave you? Only two or three. I don’t know what I was thinking. I was hungry, so I opened them and then I just kept eating. When I looked back I saw that I’d nearly eaten the whole packet! It’s no wonder I’m getting so fat, I’m eating like a total pig.” Inside her head Sarah’s mind was racing, convinced that there was no way Casey was going to buy her lies this time, praying that hearing about her gluttony would keep Casey from thinking about her own.

“Oh Sarah don’t be silly. You can’t study on an empty stomach, it’s impossible. I mean look at me, I’ve had a couple of Ho Hos and a Mars bar but I’ve got through nearly three chapters of this pile of rubbish. How’s your essay coming along?”

“More than half done actually. I need to do a bit more analysis, come to some sort of conclusion, take a second pass and a write the bibliography and it’s finished.”

“See, the magic of snack food, makes work take half the time.”

“I guess so. Pass me a Ho Ho will you?”

As she started to finish off the last part of her essay Sarah breathed a sigh of relief. Whatever Casey’s own concerns about her eating habits, her pathological obsession with getting Sarah to eat always outweighed any other concerns, a fact that Sarah was very thankful for. She ate the Ho Ho, exaggerating the smile on her face since Casey was watching, a grin plastered ear to ear, and set back to work, with Casey soon doing the same. Not ten minutes later, to Sarah’s astonishment, Casey’s hand was ferreting in the pile again, quickly emerging victorious with a pack of gummy-bears clutched tightly in her chocolate-stained fingers. As Sarah’s fingers continued to skate over the keys she peered over the laptop screen to see Casey throw back her head and tip more than half the packet past her lips. Recognising what a fantastic opportunity this was Sarah went to the kitchen and fetched two mid-sized bowls. She then filled both of them from the enormous bag of toffee-popcorn and placed one of them in front of Casey, but to her left so that she could only see the bowl out of the corner of her eye. Casey, who had quickly finished the last of the gummy-bears while Sarah was in the kitchen, wasted no time in taking a handful of popcorn, chewing on it greedily as though she hadn’t already ingested several pounds of food. While Sarah continued to work, occasionally taking a piece of popcorn from her bowl, she kept an eye on Casey’s supply and when it was nearing empty picked up her still full bowl, leant into the middle of table, ostensibly to grab the popcorn, and hastily swapped her bowl with Casey’s, who remained completely oblivious. Then, while Casey began eating her second bowl, Sarah filled the one she just taken, ready to make the switch again. Over the course of the next half hour Casey ploughed her way through the entire packet of popcorn, seven bowls in all, and when at last her fingers scraped the bottom of the bowl she looked up again to see the empty packet sitting at Sarah’s side and a kernel of popcorn in her hand. Sarah noticed the wide grin on Casey’s face as she pushed away from the table and headed off to the bathroom. She nearly choked on the popcorn when she got a look at Casey’s profile and the effect that her afternoon’s gorging had had on her already swelling middle. Since the clothes Casey was wearing, like almost all of her clothes, were somewhat too small her food-engorged belly had lifted her shirt, revealing a thin streak of pink flesh and a button that was fit to burst.

“Good grief Casey,” Sarah thought, “You’ve really done a number on yourself this time.”

The weekend ended and Monday quickly gave way to Tuesday and Sarah’s appointment with the doctor. When she arrived at the clinic she was asked to wait, as inevitably they were running late, but it wasn’t long before she was shown in. As it turned out Ben was a very nice guy, though perhaps overly interested in how Casey’s weight gain had progressed, and he seemed to think that the whole affair was quite funny. He wasted no time in prescribing the stimulants to Sarah, who thanked him profusely, and then went on to explain that they weren’t especially powerful, since those could only be administered in hospitals and registered treatment facilities, but that they would increase a person’s hunger somewhat.

“In fact,” he said, “One advantage of the relative mildness of the pills is that there are no side-effects from going over the recommended dosages. They take about 20 minutes or so to kick in and you shouldn’t take more than one per meal in general but there’s no reason not to use two or three on occasion if you feel like it. One other thing, the pills are soluble and they go best in water, best not to try dissolving them in caffeinated drinks or anything alcoholic, it might interfere somewhere along the line.”

“Are you sure you won’t get in trouble for this,” Sarah had asked.

“What, for prescribing medicine? Don’t be silly. If anyone asks I just have to give a reasonable explanation and they’ll leave it at that.”

“A reasonable explanation? Like what? It might be a good idea to tell me, in case I’m asked.”

“Fair enough. A friend from med school has a younger sister who for several months has experienced a dramatic loss of appetite. She has no other complaints and a physical examination revealed no other worries, leading to the conclusion that it is probably a temporary condition that will pass in time. However she has found it difficult to maintain a healthy weight and asked if there was anything I could do to help, and so I prescribed a mild appetite stimulant that she could safely administer to herself. See, nothing wrong with that is there?”

“I guess not, thanks again.”

And with that Sarah had left, unable to shake the feeling that Ben had seemed a little too prepared with his speech, almost as if he had spent a considerable amount of time thinking about the situation. And the more she thought on it, the more she found his wide-eyed interest in the matter very odd. Convincing herself she was being paranoid Sarah got the prescription filled, hid the pills carefully in her handbag and went home. Neither she nor Casey had classes the following day, Casey had Wednesdays off anyway and Sarah’s professor had already started his holiday, and so the girls had decided to head down to Casey’s a day early so that they wouldn’t have to drive on Thanksgiving, which was always a nightmare. Sarah came back to an empty apartment and took the opportunity to pack her bag for the long weekend, something she preferred to do when Casey wasn’t around so that Casey didn’t see any of the extra padding Sarah had to pack so that she could be sure to look the part of the blimping friend. She then hid the pills in the inside pocket of the jacket she was going to wear the next day, already looking forward to tomorrow.

Sarah woke very early on Wednesday morning, she and Casey had planned to leave at around 0900 so that they could be sure to arrive before noon, and Sarah wanted to take what would be her last opportunity to go for a run for several days. When she arrived back at the apartment, workout clothes drenched in sweat, she was shocked to hear the shower already running. Sarah never wore her padding when she exercised, it was far too hot to do so and Casey was never awake when she came home, but today for whatever reason Casey was up barely after 0700. Sarah heard the shower turn off and leapt silently across the living room, neatly side-stepping the coffee table, and quietly snuck into her room. Quickly divesting herself of her workout gear and hiding it under her bed she grabbed her over-large and fluffy dressing gown, which she had bought only two weeks ago because it completely obscured her entire body. She donned the dressing gown and wiped the sweat from her brow, messed up her hair in an effort to look as though she had just rolled out of bed and then walked out of her room just as Casey was leaving the bathroom.

“Morning Casey, you’re up early.”

“Hey Sarah, yeah not sure what happened. Just kind of jolted awake.”

Casey was cocooned chest to knee in a towel, with another one wrapped around her hair, but even so Sarah could see signs of her gain: The towel creased around the wider swell of her hips, which had thickened noticeably to accommodate her still growing ass; The faint trace of her stomach could be seen etched into the fabric, suggesting that it was further narrowing the gap between it and her breasts, which, much to Sarah’s added amusement, had remained seemingly unaffected by Casey’s new calorie-laden diet. Sarah saw Casey eyeing her up and down, seemingly hoping that she could penetrate the fluffy pink mess Sarah had concealed herself in. For her part Sarah was careful to self-consciously cover her stomach and did her best to adopt a jealous and longing expression as she looked at Casey.

“Anyway,” Casey said, giving up her fruitless staring, “I’m going to get dressed. Since we’re both up we may as well head out a little early.”

“Good idea Case, I’ll just hop in the shower, get ready and we’ll go.”

As Casey walked to her room Sarah couldn’t help but look at her swollen rump sashaying back and forth as she walked in a somewhat constricted fashion. Her towel was wrapped tightly around her backside, Sarah could clearly make out both cheeks pressed against the thin material and she could see them swaying from side to side as Casey swung her hips in the bump-and-grind motion that she always adopted to show off her bum. Hiding a satisfied smirk Sarah went into the bathroom, locking the door in case Casey decided to seize an opportunity to evaluate Sarah’s weight gain au natural, had her shower and brushed her teeth before emerging, again encased in her dressing-gown, and going to her room to get dressed, which she was able to do quite quickly after so many weeks of practicing. Running a quick check on her make-up in the mirror she tapped the pills in her inside pocket, wondering when she’d get the opportunity to use them. Grabbing her bag and heading out to the main room Sarah was surprised to not see Casey already there. Straining her ears she could make out the sound of Casey’s hairdryer, which meant that Casey wasn’t even close to ready.

“What the hell has she been doing?” Sarah asked rhetorically to the empty room, “Still, gives me an opportunity.”

And with that Sarah went to the fridge and grabbed a carton of OJ and took two glasses from the cabinet. After pouring two glasses of juice and putting two slices of bread in the toaster Sarah then took out the bottle of appetite stimulants, took out a pill and broke it in half. She then put the pill in one of the glasses, where it quickly began to fizz and dissolve, and put the bottle and the remaining half of the pill back in her inside pocket. Sarah’s plan with the stimulants, at least for the most part, was not to make Casey become ravenously hungry so that she raided the fridge, devouring everything in sight. While Casey was already doing pretty well on gorging herself on a regular basis she was doing so either while drunk or distracted. If she randomly felt famished and consumed hundreds or thousands of extra calories even she would have to notice that something was wrong with her eating habits and that could lead to dieting or even exercise, both things Sarah was looking to avoid. Instead what Sarah was trying to do was keep Casey at a steady level of hunger, so that she would regularly eat throughout the day. Since Casey’s favourite fare was naturally unhealthy she would do the rest. Just as the last speck of the pill finished dissolving and the bread popped out of the toaster Casey emerged from her room, looking very good in her chosen outfit, if rather thick in the middle. Her choice of long skirt completely hid her thickening thighs and was loose enough to downplay the extent of her butt’s practically explosive growth, and in fact it was hard to tell she’d gained any significant weight apart from the hint of belly pressed against her t-shirt.

“There you are Casey, what took you so long?”

“Oh, nothing really, I got a little distracted fiddling with my hair is all.”

“Well, it looks lovely. Here, have some breakfast,” and with that Sarah passed Casey a piece of heavily buttered toast and the glass of laced orange juice, and quickly started eating her toast to keep Casey happy.

“Thanks Sarah, I really needed this this morning, I’m really hungry for some reason.”

“Anticipation of Thanksgiving, I’ve got it too. Just the thought of turkey and mashed potato and yams and pumpkin pie is enough to have me drooling.”

“Oh don’t, you’re making me hungrier.”

“Given how fat I am now who knows what I’ll look like when we get back.”

“Don’t be silly Sarah, you’re not fat. And you know there’s no point worrying about your weight now, anything you’ve gained, if you’ve really gained anything, will come off quick, it always does.”

“Thanks Casey, it’s good to hear that. Anyway we should get going, it’s a long drive and we said we’d get there before twelve.”

“Okay, let’s go.”

If the human mind was simple enough to understand, we would be too simple to understand it.

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Chapter 5

Sarah had been driving for nearly an hour, chatting animatedly with Casey for most of the time. Sarah was driving because they had taken her car since Casey’s front passenger-side door had gotten a ding in it when she’d left it parked on one of her myriad trips to buy more food to fatten Sarah. While not her fault it was not something she wanted her parents to see and as she hadn’t yet had the time to get it fixed, Sarah happily volunteered her car for the journey. The trip had actually been rather pleasant for Sarah, sitting with Casey talking and laughing and listening to music it felt just like old times when they would stay up all night and watch movies and gossip. Sarah was beginning to realise just how much she missed that friendship with Casey, a friendship that had been tainted for weeks by their petty battle of wills. As if on cue it was at that moment that Casey’s stomach let out a very audible gurgle, the consequence Sarah had no doubt of the half tab of stimulants she had given to Casey.

“Woah!” Casey exclaimed, “Sorry about that.”

“Don’t apologise, I’m starved too. There’s something about sitting in a car that always makes me hungry.”

“Ooh look, there’s a McDonald’s at the next exit, pull over and we’ll grab something to tide us over.”

“Good idea, it’s not like my fat ass is going to be that much worse off for one fast food splurge compared to Thanksgiving.”

“That’s the spirit.”

As planned Sarah took the next exit and soon the two girls were at the drive-through window with Casey ordering their second breakfast. Sarah was unsure whether it was the drugs she had given Casey or Casey’s desire to fatten Sarah but she ordered an enormous amount of food, enough to make Sarah worry about the tightness of her pants given all the padding she had around her waist. Still, after more than a month of excessive eating Sarah had to admit that the thought of food, even the greasy fare of McDonald’s that she usually avoided, did sound wonderful. Casey meanwhile, who always enjoyed fried foods and whose appetite had been elevated to practically stratospheric levels by her constant indulgences, late-night drunken binges and general obsession with stuffing Sarah appeared to be almost salivating over the bags the pimply-faced cashier passed through the window. In spite of her own hunger Casey’s first priority, unsurprisingly, was to get food in Sarah’s hands as quickly as possible. Taking out two McMuffins she unwrapped one and passed it to Sarah, watching briefly as Sarah took a large bite, a quiet “Mmmmmm” escaping her lips, before she set about eating her own. From the first bite Sarah could tell from the look in Casey’s eyes that she was gone once again to that strange happy state where she ate without thinking, oblivious to the world and even, largely, to Sarah’s own consumption. Sarah rejoined the road, partly because she didn’t want to be late and partly because driving would provide cover for not continuously eating. She managed to keep both hands on the wheel, one also holding her sandwich, and she would periodically take another large bite. As she finished her last mouthful, licking her fingers of the last vestiges of grease, she stuck her hand into one of the paper bags and grabbed the first thing that came to hand, a hash brown as it turned out, and quickly ate that too. Feeling pleasantly replete but knowing that Casey would be expecting a lot more Sarah rummaged in the bag again, bringing out this time another McMuffin, this one also with sausage, and began to plough her way through that as well. When, after a good quarter of an hour of driving and eating she had finally finished the rather sickly second sandwich and had cleaned the crumbs off her still neat clothing Sarah finally allowed herself a glance at Casey. The rational part of Sarah’s brain knew that she shouldn’t be surprised at what she saw but even so Sarah was amazed at just how much food Casey could put away when she wasn’t paying attention to calories. There were empty wrappers and boxes strewn over the dash from what Sarah thought was three egg sandwiches, four hash browns, a box of hotcakes with butter and syrup and all but one of a box of cinnamon melts. At the moment Casey was pounding her large orange juice and so Sarah took the opportunity to grab some of the packaging and throw it into one of the bags near her so that Casey would think that she had eaten it. She took two of the McMuffin wrappers and the hash brown box, leaving the hotcakes that she couldn’t have possibly eaten while driving, and stuffed it all into a bag which she placed to her left, far out of Casey’s reach, before grabbing her drink and acting as nonchalant as possible. When Casey eventually snapped out of her reverie one hand cradling her full stomach, looking even more bloated than usual in her seated position, she looked around her seat with the familiar confusion, eyes flitting over the evidence of her meal before settling on the much larger pile of debris gathered neatly in paper bags around Sarah, a quick mental calculation of how much food she herself had eaten, given what was around her, from what she knew she had bought let Casey know just how big a pig Sarah had been. She observed that Sarah was driving with only one hand on the wheel, the other gently massaging her swollen middle with her grease-stained lips spread in a contented smile. Casey’s own lips briefly split into an enormous grin at her erstwhile friend’s gourmandising and soon the two girls were once again talking animatedly while the car covered mile after mile.

The traffic was light and they made good time, pulling up to Casey’s house shortly after 1130. Clambering out of the car, the evidence from their impromptu stop at McDonald’s long since discarded, Casey and Sarah made their way to the door only to see it thrown open and Casey’s mother appear, glowing smile adorning her slightly rounded face, and embrace her daughter in a crushing bear-hug.

“Hi Mom,” was Casey’s response to her mother’s exuberant welcome and though she acted somewhat exasperated she was grinning broadly.

“Hello sweetheart. And hello Sarah.”

“Hi Mrs. Newham, it’s good to see you again.”

“And you dear. Anyway, let’s get you both inside in the warm. I’m sure you girls are starving after that long drive, I’ll make you both a snack before lunch.”

Instinctually Sarah was about to protest, feeling no further need to eat after her sizeable fast food breakfast, but when she saw Casey’s smile at the thought of more food Sarah knew she was just going to have accept that this weekend she was going to gain some of her lost pounds back, which probably wasn’t a bad idea all things considered. The girls followed Mrs. Newham into the house and quickly ran upstairs to stash their bags and coats. Sarah was staying in the guest room, a good thing since she would never be able to hide her fabric padding if she and Casey shared a room. By the time she made it downstairs Casey’s mother had already made a large tray of sandwiches and Casey was already eating. Sarah noted that Casey was eating more slowly than she had after they stopped at McDonald’s, hardly surprising since that had only been 90 minutes ago, but given the attentiveness with which she was eating and the occasional “Mmm” that escaped her lips Sarah guessed that the appetite stimulant was still somewhat in effect. Sarah had hardly pulled up a stool before Casey had pushed two sandwiches in front of her and, with only the slightest hesitation under Casey’s eager gaze, Sarah took the nearest one and rapidly ate it in just three bites. The first was quickly followed by a second, third, and fourth while Casey was still dawdling on her third, visibly excited at Sarah’s hedonistic display. As Sarah sat there, looking at the three sandwiches left on the plate, she knew two things. First of all, she was full. She had been full before the sandwiches. To be honest she had been overfull after the first bite. It was not the first time since Casey had started trying to fatten her up, but it was bordering on the worst. Sarah hated feeling full. Secondly, she had to keep eating. Stuffing her face now while Casey was watching would keep Casey happy and more importantly keep her attention on Sarah’s waistline rather than her own. And so even though her stomach silently protested Sarah leant forward to grab yet another sandwich, her overfull stomach pressing gently into the padding adorning her waist making her very loose jeans pinch her slightly. As her hand brought the sandwich to her mouth she adopted the highly convincing smile she had become so good at faking when about to eat, even though her mind was secretly revolted by the thought of more food, opened her mouth wide, tore off a large chunk of sandwich, and chewed. Sarah forced the sandwich down, all the while maintaining a happy face. A small voice in Sarah’s head kept harping on about how nice the sandwich was while the rest of her body, particularly her stomach, ardently told the voice to shut up. But still she kept chewing and swallowing. As she neared the last bite Sarah took a quick look at Casey’s stomach pressing into her top, smiled and quickly gobbled it down. Then Casey made her move. With grim horror Sarah realised that Casey had slow-played her, matching Sarah bite for bite on her third sandwich while Sarah had been eating her fifth and then in one beautifully executed action Casey took one more sandwich for herself and slid the plate with the last remaining one right under Sarah’s nose. Silently berating herself for not seeing this coming Sarah quickly recognised that there was no way out of it and started the last leg of her ordeal. This time Sarah was more alert, she watched Casey to make sure she didn’t try to pull the same trick again, wait until Sarah had finished her sandwich and then offer her half of her own sandwich. But as it turned out there was no need to worry, Casey had made her play and, just as when she and Sarah used to play chess as children she could never think more than one move ahead. Plus she was clearly hungrier than Sarah had originally thought as she quickly wolfed her food in swift, large bites before licking her fingers clean. Sarah, who had made little progress with her sandwich, forced herself to continue, mentally vowing that for every pound she gained back over the weekend Casey would gain five later. She told herself to suck it up but then that made her think of sucking in her bloated stomach and even thinking about it was painful. Catching Casey looking at her once again Sarah threw all caution to the wind and inhaled the sandwich before leaning back on the stool, hands cradling her abused tummy, and let loose a low groan while Casey watched with evident glee.

Casey and Sarah retired to Casey’s room where they were able to watch some TV and read from Casey’s sizeable collection of fashion magazines while they digested their “snack” before lunch. After everything she had eaten Sarah initially found it difficult to breathe properly as her full stomach tightly wrapped with padding was pushing upwards into her lungs. Sarah took some comfort from the fact that Casey, who had eaten more than she had so far that day, seemed completely unfazed by the weight of food inside her and given the way her stomach still jiggled as she moved around Sarah was sure she wasn’t even close to capacity just yet.

Shortly after 1300 Casey’s mom opened the door with their lunch, which though several hours earlier than Sarah felt she needed was at least not too large. As she set down the tray Sarah saw a plate with four hot dogs with ketchup and onions, two bags of chips and a pitcher of lemonade with two glasses. Best of all it had already been divided evenly into two piles, so there was no way for Casey to manipulate her into piling more food into her slightly tender gut. When the food arrived Casey had been on her bed thumbing through a magazine and by the time she had finished reading and got up to grab some food her mom had already left.

“Crap!” Casey said, quietly though with some force behind the expletive.

“What Casey?”

“Every time. Every single time,” Casey was now muttering to herself as she headed for the door.

“What Casey?” Sarah repeated, now slightly exasperated.

“Mustard! She always forgets the mustard.”

And true enough when Sarah looked there was no mustard. This was something that Sarah had encountered a few times before when at Casey’s, her mom didn’t like mustard, nor did her dad but Casey loved it on burgers and hot dogs. She had never really paid it much mind since she didn’t care for mustard either but Sarah now realised that this seemingly irrelevant idiosyncrasy had provided the perfect opportunity to give Casey another half tablet of the stimulant. She quickly poured two glasses of lemonade and dropped the tab into Casey’s drink, watching it fizzle as it dissolved away, completely vanishing with time to spare. When Casey got back, mustard in hand and a triumphant look on her face, it was to see Sarah already chowing down on her first hot dog with her bag of chips already open. After liberally dowsing her hot dogs with mustard Casey joined her friend and the two made short work of their lunch even though Sarah was struggling by the end of it, not that she let Casey see that. At that point Sarah started to play the waiting game, while watching the TV with Casey of course. It had taken about an hour on the trip down for Casey to succumb to her hunger, but then she’d also been on a near-empty stomach. As it turned out there was little waiting to be done. Barely fifteen minutes after they’d finished lunch Casey decided to head downstairs to look for something sweet, quickly returning with two packets of double-chocolate chip cookies, one of which she opened and proffered to Sarah. Sarah guessed that this was unlikely to be the effect of the stimulant, more likely it was just Casey trying to get her to eat more and Casey’s own sugar cravings. Despite being full Sarah took a cookie from the packet and began munching happily with Casey soon doing the same. Sarah adopted her usual tactic of pretending to take more food than she actually did, repeatedly going back for another cookie but taking nothing, leaving a half-eaten cookie at her side, meanwhile Casey fell into her characteristic sugar craze and quickly lost track of how many she’d eaten, convinced as ever that Sarah was eating more and that her natural metabolism would work off her little extravagances. By the time they finished the first packet Sarah guessed that the appetite stimulants were starting to have an effect. Casey’s pace had only increased and when she found the first packet empty she wasted no time in opening the second, taking three cookies from it immediately without even offering the packet to Sarah. Sarah of course was only too happy to let her eat but continued to maintain the illusion of eating herself while Casey filled her belly with the chocolate she so enjoyed. The girls spent the afternoon relaxing, enjoying the peace of being away from work and academia. By early evening Casey’s father had come home and not long afterwards they all sat down to dinner, a delicious lasagne. Thanks to the mothering of Mrs. Newham both Sarah and Casey were once again overfed, she happily served the girls enormous portions and then seconds as soon as they had finished. The lasagne was followed by ice cream, which Casey greedily gobbled up and Sarah just about managed to eat with a smile on her face and then back to Casey’s room for more lazing around.

Around midnight, when Casey’s parents had both gone to bed and Sarah and Casey were still chatting away, albeit quietly, Sarah went downstairs to get herself and Casey a drink of water. Unable to resist Sarah dropped a whole pill into Casey’s glass, a semi-maniacal chuckle rolling naturally off her tongue. After she’d handed it to Casey, Sarah feigned a huge yawn and bid Casey good night. Sarah went to the guest room and got into bed, turning out the light but not yet falling asleep. Instead she waited, the long silence seeming to stretch out like an eternity, until at last, after what felt like hours, Sarah finally heard Casey’s door open down the hall. Sarah heard Casey quietly make her way down the stairs and thought that she could even make out the faint sound of the light switch being turned on in the kitchen. Judging it to be safe Sarah crept out of her own room and down the corridor, stopping at the very top of the stairs. There, lying on her stomach in the shadows and peering through the gloom Sarah could see Casey in the kitchen, standing in front of the open fridge with what Sarah guessed to be a Ho Ho already half-eaten in her hand. Since Casey was facing the fridge Sarah had an optimal view of her gelatinous rear. It wriggled slightly as she shifted her weight, a sign Sarah knew of Casey’s impatience when it came to hunger. Since she was dressed in nothing but her underwear, everyone else in the house supposedly asleep, she had no idea that Sarah could see that her panties barely covered half of her cheeks and that as she fidgeted back and forth on her toes the wiggling, jiggling flesh adorning her buttocks inched the panties ever higher until eventually she would pull the fabric back down, seemingly unaware of just how much of her bum was hanging out of them. Casey’s eyes were running up and down the shelves, clearly looking for something to satisfy her sudden and inexplicable hunger. Finding nothing she wanted Sarah saw Casey slam the fridge door shut in frustration before wrenching open the freezer door and taking out a pot of ice cream. As she turned around Sarah saw her stomach sway before Casey grabbed a spoon, sat at the table, completely ignorant of Sarah’s watching eyes, tore off the plastic wrapper and started to attack the ice cream. Judging by the colour Sarah could tell it was some form of chocolate, as ever Casey’s Achilles’ heel when it came to food, and as Casey took bigger and bigger spoonfuls Sarah couldn’t help but wonder whether a whole pill had been too much and, moreover, why Casey showed no signs of slowing down. Indeed the only time she seemed to stop was when she gave herself a brain-freeze. Eventually Sarah could hear the sound of the spoon scraping the bottom of the tub and Casey got up from her seat, Sarah noticed with some satisfaction that the motion seemed harder for her than it had been a few weeks ago, and went to throw away the now empty container. Preparing to make a very silent sprint back to her room Sarah got back up onto two feet, still crouched behind the banisters only to see Casey go back to the cupboards. When she opened them Sarah saw a pile of treats, nothing when compared to the sweet shop she had been living in for four weeks but still a sizeable little stash of calories. Sarah saw Casey grab two more Ho Ho’s which she began to eat, demonstrating once again her remarkable talent of open packaging with just one hand, while she also brought out a box of Pop-Tarts. With her right hand keeping her mouth occupied Casey’s left hand started unwrapping the Pop-Tarts, eventually having four tarts on the counter. With the last of the Ho Ho’s gone Casey put two into the toaster and Sarah was treated to another display of Casey’s impatient bobbing about while she waited, her ass undulating back and forth and up and down while her cheeks crept ever further out her panties’ feeble confines. When the Pop-Tarts were finally done Casey grabbed them, quickly dropping them onto the counter as they burned her fingers, before slotting in the next two. Picking up her first tart, blowing on her fingers to keep them cool, Casey began to eat, starting slowly but building up speed as she became accustomed to the temperature. The second went the way of the first and then Casey was left waiting for another agonizing twenty seconds while the second pair warmed, her whole body jiggling up and down with her desire. When her second helping was finally ready she carried them both over to the table, leaving them to cool while she returned to the fridge, glass in hand, and poured herself a tall glass of milk. Taking a deep swig Casey returned to her Pop-Tarts which were cool enough now for her to eat in earnest. Placing one on top of the other to create some sort of bizarre sandwich Casey, still standing, bit down into the sugary delight, eyes closed, revelling in the decadence of her immoderation. Sarah meanwhile was staring at her belly, expanding and shaking and heaving with every breath, quivering with every morsel of food it accepted. Casey’s stomach was rapidly becoming a potbelly, the weight accumulating lower down so that her overtaxed panties were forced to buckle under the strain while the ever expanding adipose that stuck out from under her still unchanged C-cups had begun to fold slightly even while she stood to create a cavernous black hole where her navel used to be. Now that her attention was no longer focused on her swelling behind Sarah was able to fully appreciate how much wider and fleshier Casey’s hips had become, little love-handles sitting on top of her underwear that shrank and grew as she ate. As Casey started to clean up the mess she’d made Sarah decided she’d seen enough and quietly tiptoed back to bed. Sure enough, as she was just drifting off to sleep, Sarah heard the sound of Casey’s muted footsteps creeping up the stairs and into her room, she even imagined she could hear the creaking of the springs as her weighty friend finally went to bed. With visions of Casey’s fattened form and tomorrow’s Thanksgiving feast drifting through her head and a happy smile touching her lips Sarah finally succumbed to her dreams.

If the human mind was simple enough to understand, we would be too simple to understand it.

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Chapter 6

Sarah woke early. She had always been an early riser but what with her recent regimen of early morning runs it was rare for her to sleep beyond 0600. Lying in a strange bed in the guestroom of Casey’s house Sarah had found herself wide awake before 0530, not even a glimmer of sunshine on the horizon. Sarah was always a morning person and her energetic nature had her itching to get dressed and go for a run but she knew she couldn’t risk it. Casey was unlikely to wake early but her parents might, and there was every chance they might mention seeing Sarah in her running gear in casual conversation, phrases like “looking very fit” were definitely things to avoid this weekend. Still, that didn’t mean she couldn’t burn a few calories in her room. Over the course of the next hour Sarah executed a machine-less and virtually silent workout inspired by her years of cheerleading and healthy living. All in all, for a girl of her fitness the exercise was rather unfulfilling, Sarah barely even broke a sweat, and so a little after half past six Sarah headed downstairs, fully dressed and padded, in search of a coffee and yesterday’s newspaper. On her way downstairs she couldn’t resist quietly peeking into Casey’s room. She was greeted by a remarkable sight. Casey had tossed and turned in her sleep, eventually winding up lying flat on her back with the duvet entwined around her ankles and wrapped under her back, leaving her underwear-clad form on display. Casey’s left hand was resting on her soft middle, no longer packed with food from the night before it rose and fell with her breathing, each gentle motion sending quivers through the burgeoning flesh while the light trace of her fingers sank slightly into the squishy adipose. Lying in bed the width of Casey’s hips was magnified, the hint of her fattened rump pushing up from behind just visible underneath the small love-handles folding over the hem of her panties. Casey even had her legs slightly crossed as she slept causing her toneless and thickening thighs to spread against each other. Thanksgiving was going to be good.

Sitting in the kitchen she debated whether or not she should pretend to eat some breakfast but Sarah figured that Casey would be much more focused on Thanksgiving dinner and so she didn’t need to bother. It was three quarters of an hour before Sarah heard the sound of anyone else moving around and another ten minutes before Casey’s mother made it downstairs. She walked into the kitchen, bleary-eyed and looking half-asleep as she made to turn on the lights before realising that Sarah was already there.

“Oh! Good morning Sarah. You’re up early.”

“Good morning Mrs. Newham. Yeah, sorry about that, I just couldn’t sleep.”

“Not to worry dear. It means that for once I don’t need to brew the coffee.”

The two sat in silence for a time while Mrs. Newham made herself some toast, she offered some to Sarah but she said she had already eaten, and it was several minutes before Mrs. Newham asked Sarah the question she knew she was dying to ask.



“I wanted to talk to you about something.”

“What is it?”

“Well…Oh, this is awkward. It’s about Casey. I couldn’t help but notice that she’s put on a bit of weight recently.”

At this point Sarah put the newspaper to one side and proceeded to choose her words very carefully.

“Yes I know. We both have actually,” Sarah patted her stomach for emphasis.

“Nonsense dear, you look don’t look any heavier to me. But Casey has clearly put on more than a few pounds, and she doesn’t seem all that aware of it. I don’t mind of course, I’m hardly the epitome of svelte myself, but I know how much she loves cheerleading and I would hate for her to lose out on it because she didn’t know what was happening.”

“I understand, but you don’t need to worry. Casey’s not going to get kicked off the squad over a few pounds as long as we’re in charge.” Not to mention I would hate to lose the opportunity to see her try to squeeze herself into her uniform once she’s gained some real weight, Sarah thought.

“That’s kind of you Sarah. But I wondered if you thought I should mention it? I thought it might sound a little judgmental, and I’d hate to upset her.”

“I really don’t think you need to worry Mrs. Newham. Casey’s smart, I’m sure she already knows. She hasn’t talked about it to me and so I’ve respected that.”

“You’re probably right. Still I wonder if I should have a little word with her.”

Sarah was getting worried, not that her face showed it. If Casey realised how much weight she had gained all of Sarah’s efforts would be for nothing. If Casey had one talent it was single-mindedly pursuing a goal. Right now she was obsessed with fattening her up because she wanted to be the thin, pretty one of the duo, but if she realised that to achieve that goal she needed to go on a major diet she would do it without a moment’s hesitation. Sarah sat there for a moment, face fixed in pensive contemplation, while her mind whirred looking for a solution that suddenly presented itself, as if it had been the most obvious idea in the world.

“I have an idea.”


“Like I said, Casey’s not the only one to have gained a little weight recently.” Sarah gazed down at her puffed out stomach this time, a wistful look on her face. “I figured it wasn’t really the end of the world seeing as how this season of cheerleading is over, I was going to get back into a better exercise regimen after Thanksgiving.”

“And you’re going to ask Casey to join you? That would be wonderful.”

“Actually Mrs. Newham I was going to ask Casey to help me.”

Mrs. Newham blanched somewhat at this, surprise etched over her face, but after a few seconds she realised what Sarah was suggesting and grinned, dimples forming in her round cheeks.

“I see… probably best in that case that I don’t talk about it then. I always said you were a bright girl Sarah, and you’re a good friend.”

Sarah blushed, but she couldn’t help feeling that small writhing mass of guilt in her stomach, a mass that was quickly quelled by silent jubilant celebration at having overcome this latest hurdle.

“Now are you sure I can’t get you something more to eat? I’m aiming for dinner around half-four, maybe five, so we won’t bother with lunch, and you’ve already been up for some time.”

Sarah was about to say no when a strange gurgling sound emanated from her stomach. Slightly embarrassed Sarah giggled before acquiescing to a slice of toast, which Casey’s mother was only too happy to serve her, slathered in butter and raspberry jam and with another cup of coffee to wash it all down.

The two sat together talking quietly while waiting for Casey and her father to emerge. Sarah had always got on well with Casey’s mother, better than with her own if she was honest, and she enjoyed the chance to catch up. Still, Sarah couldn’t help but notice the occasional odd glance. Sarah was pretty good at reading expressions, a talent she had always possessed even as a young girl, and she couldn’t shake the feeling that Casey’s mother was seeing something new, perhaps the cunning manipulator that Sarah could be when she chose to. Still Sarah was certain she was in the clear: there was no way Mrs. Newham could be onto what she was really doing. Although... there was a risk that she might find something odd in Casey’s behaviour, her tactics had all the subtlety of a brick through a window. Sadly the only way to hide Casey’s blundering attempts to stuff her full of Thanksgiving food was to stuff herself with Thanksgiving food. Sarah flashed back to the uncomfortable feeling of extreme fullness she had endured yesterday and couldn’t help but feel she was in for worse today. But she would make sure Casey was worse off still.

As the morning wore on Casey’s father appeared, proudly sporting a sweater emblazoned with the logo for what Sarah guessed was some sort of football team, a sport she had never followed. It was nearing 1000 before Casey finally stumbled downstairs, bleary-eyed and dressed in sweats and a baggy sweater. Sarah recognised the sweats as being a pair now a couple of years old, one’s that Casey had worn back in high-school when she joined Sarah in the gym a few times a week. It was typical of Casey that the sweats had been bought more as a fashion item than as a practical piece of clothing, they had been purchased especially tight around her perky buttocks so that she could show-off her most attractive asset to the cute boys pumping iron in the weight room. Now, however, that same tight fit was accentuating the swelling roundness of her escalating bubble-butt, the material stretched thin over the new expanse of flesh that had gleefully set up residence on Casey’s cheeks. Put simply, it looked big.
Still half-asleep Casey wasted no time in eating the toast her mother put in front of her, and when that was finished she made herself two pop-tarts and a glass of orange juice before settling into the conversation in the kitchen. Sarah caught Mrs. Newham sneaking a surreptitious look at Casey’s fatted lower-half, Casey’s position on the stool giving the impression that her protuberant rear was over-flowing her seat. She didn’t seem disgusted or upset, which was good news, but Sarah couldn’t help but notice her eyes widening slightly.

It wasn’t long before they all moved into the living room to watch the beginning of the parade, though soon Casey’s mother ducked out to start preparations for the dinner. Sarah watched as Casey, who had always been very close with her father, snuggled up against him, a contented smile on her face. Not wanting to interfere with Casey’s family time, Sarah left quietly to help Mrs. Newham in the kitchen. Cooking was not something Sarah had a great deal of experience in; Casey had always been the cook of the two and the reason for that was her mother. Mrs. Newham took a great deal of pride in her cooking and she had told Sarah on more than one occasion that she believed no one should ever leave a table still wanting to eat more. With that in mind, when it came to special occasions like Thanksgiving, Christmas, or birthdays Mrs. Newham was always liable to go a little overboard. Sarah and Casey’s mother worked in tandem in the kitchen, Mrs. Newham giving Sarah direction when needed and Sarah lending an extra set of hands for the awkward jobs like stuffing the turkey. After a while Sarah could hear the sound of a football game from the living room, another of Casey and her father’s Thanksgiving traditions. Casey was not a massive football fan, but having been raised by her father, who had played in college and loved the game, she had absorbed a certain awareness of the sport and when it came to the big matches Casey usually liked to be tuned in, even if she wasn’t watching it with rapt attention. When she was home, she would always watch the important games with her father, something that Sarah knew Casey had done since she was about six years old. The touching Rockwellian scene was interrupted by Mrs. Newham putting a large bowl of chips and dip in front of Casey and her father. Seeing the opportunity Sarah wasted no time in pouring a glass of orange juice for Casey and lacing it with a third of an appetite stimulant she had cut that morning and taking a beer out of the fridge for Casey’s dad. She didn’t want Casey stuffing herself full of food, not before dinner, but it couldn’t hurt to kick it up a few gears while she was distracted by the football, after all Casey’s grazing habits were a highly contributory factor in her gradual fattening. By delaying her movements a little and by spilling and then cleaning a small amount of orange juice on the counter Sarah was able to buy herself the twenty or so seconds it took for the small tablet to dissolve. As she continued to help in the kitchen, by this point most of the meal was sorted and Sarah was helping make the desserts, Sarah watched as Casey ate the chips, the salty flavour quickly washed away by drug-laden orange juice. As time passed Sarah noticed an up-tick in the pace of Casey’s eating: She started taking handfuls rather than individual chips; she stopped nibbling at the edges and just ate them whole; she even started loading them with more dip. Ever the dutiful wife and mother Mrs. Newham wasted no time in refilling the bowl when it was nearing empty. She had not paid Casey and her father any mind, all fears over Casey’s growing waistline allayed at least temporarily by Sarah’s promise to help, and so she had not noticed that Casey had eaten virtually the whole bowl, her father happy with his beer.

Casey continued to munch her way through the second bowl while Sarah stayed in the kitchen, out of sight out of mind was a maxim of Casey’s brain, and as long as she was distracted by food and football she gave no real thought to whether or not Sarah was eating. However, eventually there was no more food prep to be done, and with several hours before dinner Sarah and Mrs. Newham joined Casey and her father in front of the TV. The game continued, and Casey continued to plough her way through the chips, Sarah was unsure whether it was residual traces of the appetite stimulant or just Casey’s gluttony, but it didn’t really matter. What was starting to become an issue was her hunger. She had been up for going on ten hours now and all she’d had to eat was a slice of toast. This was largely intentional, Sarah wanted to put on a good display for Casey and so it made sense to eat as little as possible beforehand, but over the last month Sarah’s appetite had, in spite of her best efforts, grown somewhat, and she couldn’t help but look at the chips from time to time. When the game ended Sarah was shocked to watch Casey’s father press a few buttons on the remote and bring up another game, with more teams and players she had never heard of, but fortunately it wasn’t long until Mrs. Newham was back in the kitchen and Sarah could join her.

“Sarah, you can watch the game if you want to. You’ve been such a help already.”

“Thanks, but to be honest I’d be grateful to not have to go back in there. I have no idea what’s going on. It looks like a group of men covered in armour bashing into each other,” Sarah replied in a slightly hushed tone.

“Well, in that case you could lay the table for me.” Casey’s mother gave Sarah a conspiratorial wink before returning to examining the bird.

By the time everyone was sat around for dinner it was past 1630. Even though she had had a hand in the preparations Sarah was a little stunned at the spread laid out over the groaning table: there looked to be enough food to feed a dozen people and still have leftovers. Sarah wasted no time in loading up her plate with a little of everything, and a lot of some things, and set happily to task, more happy than she might have admitted to herself to finally be putting some real food in her stomach. Everything was amazing, Casey’s mother was an excellent cook: from the moist turkey to the perfect potatoes, mashed, roasted, and sweet; the cranberry, sausage, and onion stuffing; the yams; the cranberry sauce; the green bean casserole, all of it was wonderful. Sarah had taken a lot of food onto her plate, her plan being to take small second, third, even fourth helpings throughout the meal to give Casey the appearance of her making her way through multiple overflowing platefuls of rich food. As Sarah approached the half-way mark however she encountered an unforeseen problem. She had just finished the last of her potatoes and Mrs. Newham, on noticing this, wasted no time in loading up her plate again with more potatoes as well as more turkey, more stuffing, and soon Sarah’s plate looked like it had barely been touched. Sarah knew she couldn’t complain, not when Casey’s small grin indicated she had seen exactly what her mother had done, and so with only the slightest trepidation Sarah set back into her meal. She was more careful this time to leave a little of everything on her plate and when anything started to run low she took a small extra helping to bolster her defensive line (some of that football game had permeated through her brain). Sarah ate and ate. She felt herself pass the point where she was full. Still food on the plate. She kept eating, packing more and more food into her toned stomach until it began to gently dome out beneath the padding, making her jeans feel tight across the middle. Still food on the plate. Sarah kept eating, kept taking more food. Her stomach started to expand in earnest, distended at least two inches from its usual concave line. She could feel it start to dome out beneath her top, still she packed more food on top. Still food on the plate. Sarah kept going, refusing to give in. She could feel the mass of food churning in her stomach, her stomach was threatening to rest in her lap, it was straining the button on her jeans. Sarah longed to pop the button but she knew she couldn’t, the padding would all fall out. Her stomach grew rounder, more than four inches now, would her stomach burst? In her head, Sarah stopped calling it her stomach, it was her belly now. So full, so terribly full. Overwhelmed by the surfeit of rich, warm, heavy food Sarah felt her mind start to cloud over. In her mental haze she gobbled down the last of her turkey. Oh shit! Like a lioness pouncing on a gazelle Mrs. Newham had a new heap of food on Sarah’s plate in no time. So much food. So little room. Sarah ate and ate. Every bite was hard, every time she swallowed her belly twinged in response, she could feel her breathing become shallower as the food pressed backwards onto her lungs. Sarah began to worry the button wouldn’t hold. No more food on the plate. Sarah was quick to put her knife and fork together and push the plate away. She was done. Limply moving her hand she caught the time, it was nearly 1845, more than two hours of eating. She suppressed a belch, massaging her abused tummy, and managed to thank Mrs. Newham for the wonderful meal, her voice sounded low. Sarah sat there for a spell, letting the feeling of extreme fullness wash over her, she definitely didn’t like it.

Mr. and Mrs. Newham had been making slow but steady progress through their meal as well. Neither of them had eaten close to Sarah’s quantity, but Sarah had been true to her word: Casey had definitely eaten the most. To be honest Sarah had been a little risky with the whole thing. When she had laid the table she had laced Casey’s drink with the two-thirds of a tablet she had left. Combined with her natural greediness that had kept her eating like a starved dog for the better part of an hour. Over the course of the hour the water jug had also been drained and when Casey finished her glass she made to go and refill the jug. Sarah however beat her to the punch and also took both her and Casey’s glass with her to refill with water. Out of sight of Casey and her parents Sarah used the hard-won opportunity to give Casey another whole tablet. The effect had been profound. Just as Casey seemed to be flagging the second round of drugs appeared to have kicked in. She had loaded up her plate all over again and started anew. Sarah had quickly lost track of how much food Casey had consumed during the meal, focused as she had been on her own, but from what she observed Casey had eaten at least half-again as much as she had. Admittedly Casey had always had a better appetite, and the last month of excessive gourmandizing had definitely increased her capacity to stratospheric levels, but the very thought of eating that volume of food was enough to make Sarah’s stuffed stomach wrench in pain. Sarah had not been the only one contributing to Casey’s enormous repast. Just as with Sarah, Mrs. Newham had been quick to refill Casey’s plate the moment it seemed lacking. Casey of course was so focused on eating that she never really seemed to notice, and certainly didn’t possess the desire or the wherewithal to stop her mother practically ramming food down her throat. Indeed on several occasions after her mother had reloaded her plate Casey had taken an extra spoonful or two of one item or another for good measure. When everyone was finally done Casey’s parents began clearing away the still sizeable pile of food left on the table while Sarah and Casey heaved their engorged tummies into the living room to rest up before dessert. Even in her semi-unconscious state Sarah was able to see just how stuffed Casey really was. She walked almost with a waddle, both hands clasped under her belly for support. The sheer mass of food had dragged her stomach into resting heavily atop her thighs, making steady progress towards her knees, and her sweats had slid down and her sweater rolled up to reveal several bare inches of lightly tanned taut flesh, the fat still wobbling gently with her breathing in spite of her over-full state. Sarah half-expected to see Casey’s belly button move from an innie to an outie with each breath. Sarah herself looked to be in a similar, if not quite as severe state, though her choice of loose clothing prevented the padding now constricting her food-stuffed middle from being put on display. Sarah reclined back on the sofa, desperately trying to relieve some of the pressure around her waist, rueing with each breath the ridiculous situation Casey had forced them into. And the thought of dessert. Somewhat to Sarah’s chagrin, Casey seemed too deep into a food coma for her to notice the full extent of Sarah’s indulgence and so Sarah decided to make it obvious.


Several moments passed before Casey half-groaned “Yeah?”

“I’m full.”

“Me,” *hiccup* “too.”

“I’m such a pig.”

“Join the club.”

“At least you’re not a fat pig. When we get back to the apartment I’ll be lucky if I fit through the door, let alone fit into any of my clothes.”

“Don’t be,” *hiccup* “silly Sarah. We’ve both eaten like pigs. It’s Thanksgiving. What the hell else are we gonna do?”


“Heh. Actually, I could really go for a little slice of pie, just to wash it all down, how about you?”

“What the hell,” Sarah replied, mentally revolted by the thought of more food, “In for a penny in for a pound. Or maybe a dozen pounds in my case.”

Sarah and Casey were lounging in front of the TV, their churning guts digesting their meal, and, having decided to get some dessert, both made a brief and futile effort to raise themselves off the sofa before deciding that maybe they could wait a little longer. From where they sat they could hear Casey’s parents doing the washing up, both of them singing a song Sarah couldn’t make out, and it wasn’t more than half an hour before Mrs. Newham was standing over the girls, a large plate in each hand, presenting the girls with their desserts. Each plate had a moderate slice of apple pie, pecan pie, and chocolate meringue pie, all served with three scoops of vanilla ice-cream. Sarah noticed with pleasure that Casey, in spite of the state of her stomach, was clearly still feeling pangs of hunger as she dove eagerly into the pie, her eyes closing in bliss as she took a bite of the chocolate meringue. Sarah knew she had to eat, and indeed the ice-cream proved to be somewhat soothing on her tender, rounded stomach, but still every mouthful was hard going. Willing herself on Sarah thought about the calories in what she was eating, in what she had eaten, and in what Casey had eaten. She thought about gaining a few pounds, still leaving her lighter than when this had all started, and she thought about Casey gaining even more, her rump spreading ever farther, her belly protruding out from her tops, of Casey’s thighs touching more and more until the sound of her walking was a constant rustle of fabrics grinding together. And Sarah remembered her promise that for every pound she gained that weekend Casey would gain five in the near future. It was by sheer force of will that Sarah swallowed the last bite of light, flaky crust, her stomach doming out in front of her ten times worse than any other stuffing she had endured. As her stomach groaned under her gigantic gorging she hiccupped again and again, the small spasm in her stomach sending sharp pains to her sides as her breathing became more and more ragged as she gasped for air. It was then that Sarah noticed that Casey had already finished her pies and had managed to heave herself into an upright sitting position, her globular midsection sticking out clear past her breasts.

“Fancy another couple of slices Sarah?” Casey asked with a grin on her face, her eyes roving up and down Sarah’s bloated belly.

Sarah was stunned, she couldn’t bear the thought of eating another bite. She was on the verge of throwing up, her stomach, constrained by the padding and her jeans, felt like it was trapped in steel bands, and it practically hurt to breathe. She could feel her mind whirring as she desperately sought a way to escape from what she was sure would be her last meal if she tried to eat even the tiniest sliver of pie. It was at that moment, in a perfect confluence of good fortune and fate, that Sarah’s mobile rang.

If the human mind was simple enough to understand, we would be too simple to understand it.

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Chapter 7

Casey was sitting on the sofa in her living room, the dish containing the remaining two-thirds of the chocolate meringue pie in one hand, a fork in the other. If she had been paying attention then she might have noticed that she was gently resting the pie tin on her bloated stomach. She might have noticed that her sweats had rolled underneath the heaving mass of flesh and food exposing her bare, tan skin to air. She might have noticed that she was completely stuffed with food and still eating. Casey noticed none of these things however because, as usual, she was far more interested in Sarah's eating than her own. Over the course of Thanksgiving she had managed to feed Sarah a truly extraordinary amount of food, more than Casey had ever seen anyone eat in one sitting. Of course Casey never watched what she ate, she just ate what she wanted and stayed thin. After all she was great. She and Sarah had been eating pie on the sofa, Sarah had had much more than Casey, and she was clearly too full to continue eating but eat she did, Sarah was getting really greedy. When Sarah had finished Casey had got up to get more pie for Sarah, and a little more for herself, it was Thanksgiving after all. She had just offered more pudding to Sarah, who she hoped would soon resemble a pudding herself, and seen Sarah's eyes light up at the thought of more food when her damned cell phone had rung. Now Casey was eating pie on the sofa listening to every snippet of conversation she could hear. She wasn't sure who Sarah was talking to. At first she had assumed it was her parents calling to wish her a happy Thanksgiving, but that was clearly not the conversation Sarah was having, she kept offering names.

"What about James?"

"Hawaii? For Thanksgiving? Well what about Janet, she's done it before?"

Every time Sarah asked a question there was a short silence while she listened to the mysterious caller on the other end. The curiosity was killing Casey.

"You're sure it's broken?"

"I'm with my friend's family, it would be rude."

"I understand, give me ten minutes and I'll call you back, I need to make sure it's not an inconvenience."

And with that she hung up.

As Sarah hung up she smiled inwardly to herself at the image of Casey, reclining on the sofa, having personally demolished almost half of a pie while "surreptitiously" listening in to her conversation. Sarah had intended to go outside to take her call, but when she had seen how intent Casey was to hear it she had decided to remain within earshot to give Casey something to think about while she continued with her dessert. Now Sarah had to deal with the phone call, which had not exactly been welcome news. That said her brilliant mind was already finding a few silvery nuggets in an otherwise irritating cloud.

When Casey gave her a questioning look Sarah said "In a minute," which prompted Casey to take a large forkful of pie in irritation. Soon though Casey's parents joined them and Sarah was able to explain.

"I just got a call from my boss. Apparently the guy who was supposed to be working the double shift tomorrow broke his leg this afternoon playing football and can't work. My boss has been calling everyone trying to find someone to fill in but I'm the only one close enough to get back by tomorrow morning. He's always been a good boss, and he wouldn't have asked this if he wasn't desperate but I don't like the thought of leaving so soon after getting here, it's rather rude. Not to mention I'd be taking your ride back Casey."

"There's no need to worry about that dear," said Mrs. Newham, "We can take Casey back on Sunday night, we don't mind the drive."

"That's very kind, but it's still rude of me to leave, especially after such a wonderful dinner." Sarah felt herself almost gag at the word dinner, this overstuffed state she found herself in was making her feel unwell, and she was sure the pain around her waistline was getting worse.

"You don't need to worry about that dear, you didn't ask for the young man to break his leg. The more important question is whether or not you want to go. You needn't worry about us, I'd be more worried about you spending the weekend alone."

"So," Casey piped up, chocolate smeared like poorly applied make-up around her lips, "Are you going?"

"To be honest, I'd rather not," Sarah said, doing her best to appear weary and resigned, "But I know that I should. He won't be able to manage tomorrow on his own. It may only be a bookshop but anywhere that serves coffee on a big shopping day like tomorrow is always heaving. I really think I had better go."

And just like that it was all decided. Sarah gathered her things, she discovered a new kind of over-full pain in walking upstairs, tossed them in her car, bade farewell to Casey and her family and headed off into the darkness for the long drive home. She had been driving for only a few minutes when she pulled over, now clean out of sight of Casey's prying eyes she had no need for the padding she wore. The sudden release of pressure around her middle was wondrous. She still felt unbelievably full, occasional digestive sounds emanated from her abused stomach, but now that it wasn't being continually squeezed she felt as if the world had been lifted off her shoulders. It was then that Sarah noticed, with some annoyance, that in her seated position her stomach was still pushing, quite firmly, into and even over her jeans. Sure, they were a size 3 that she had bought in secret when Casey was out one afternoon, in fact they were the tightest pair she owned, an increasingly necessary condition of her clothing to avoid Casey catching on, but the sight of her stomach bulging into her jeans and pressing into her top was still rather upsetting for a girl so used to being in peak physical condition. As she gently prodded her stomach, wincing with each jab, Sarah's anger at Casey grew until she felt like screaming.
She... was going... to pay.

Before Sarah set off again she did something she had never before had to do, never before even considered having to do, and undid the button on her jeans. Feeling her stomach expand into the new space, hearing the zipper click down a few notches, made Sarah feel like she was getting fat, even though she knew that, excepting her current state, she was in the best shape of her life. Seething with anger Sarah continued her drive home. In her foul mood she was perhaps a little heavier with the pedal than she should have been, traffic of course that late on Thanksgiving was virtually non-existent, and she made excellent time, which cheered her up a bit. As she walked up the stairs to her apartment, having remembered to button her jeans before exiting the car, she was glad to note that after the three hour drive she no longer felt ill, though she still had no interest in eating, she wasn't sure she ever would again. Unlocking her door and going to the mirror in the bathroom she evaluated herself more thoroughly. As her hand pressed her stomach, feeling how much flatter it was now, the only worry she had was where all that digested food would end up. Still, she would be back to her regular exercise regimen in the morning, and she had been thinking for a while that she had possibly lost too much weight, she didn't want to be unhealthy after all. That said, every pound she had lost had come from the right places leaving her most womanly assets unharmed, just firmer, while toning her up everywhere else. Casey's plan to fatten her up really had backfired in every way possible.

After a restful night's sleep Sarah awoke in the early hours of the pre-dawn and gleefully set off on her morning run. On returning she disrobed and walked, completely naked and without fear of discovery for the first time in weeks into the shower. After drying off and getting dressed she looked at her watch, 0730. An hour until the bookstore/coffee house where she worked opened. Of course, she didn't actually have to be there. The day before Sarah's boss had phoned asking her to work extra because one of her colleagues was out with a broken leg. Only it wasn't a double shift and it wasn't today, it was tomorrow. Sarah had felt bad about lying to Casey's parents, and even to Casey. Obviously she and Casey had done little but lie to each other for months but this was somehow different. Nevertheless Sarah had recognised what an advantage a weekend alone could be if she used it properly, and it also left Casey alone to gorge herself out of her clothes under her mother's dutiful care while Sarah had the pleasure of eating however little she wanted. What's more, Sarah had a plan.

She started by gathering up all of the clothes that she and Casey had bought on their shopping trip together. All of Casey's clothes were too small for her now, not that Casey seemed to have noticed, and Sarah had been forced to buy everything in a size 5 rather than her usual 4 (or possibly even 3) to make sure that Casey thought she was getting fat. With the Black Friday sales on Sarah knew the shops would be a heaving mass of hellish mobs desperately clamouring for the blood of the innocent, she had once been to a Macy's sale, but Sarah was prepared and she knew exactly what she needed to do. Arriving at the store before it opened, joining the throng of people already hanging around outside impatiently, she waited with bated breath for the doors to open. As soon as they did she bolted through them and began picking up copies of every outfit she had in her bags in a more appropriate size, 3s and 4s for herself, 6s and even a handful of 8s for Casey, both to give her something looser to wear and for future expansion. After fighting her way to the till she swapped all of the clothes in her bag for the new sizes she had picked out. As the woman held up the size 8 jeans she couldn't help but look at Sarah with a questioning glance.

"Oh they're for a friend of mine. She's gained some weight recently," Sarah had said, smiling mischievously.

In the beginning Sarah had been largely passive in trying to fatten up her friend. She was content to fool Casey into thinking she was gaining weight and taking the opportunities that presented themselves to get Casey to gorge herself on food. Except for the appetite stimulants. Those had been a highly aggressive move, one which had both been unnecessarily dangerous and very amusing to watch. However, regardless of what Ben had said, they did not seem to be "relatively mild", and while Casey might ignore the occasional ravenous binge she was going to notice if it was happening all the time. Consequently Sarah had realised on the journey home that if she was going to pursue a larger Casey, as Casey was pursuing a larger her, then she was going to have to be a lot more subtle. Unbidden, an old quote from a psychology textbook had sprung into her mind:

"The criminal world offers a variety of interesting psychological studies... It can be readily observed that criminal actions lead to increased concern over the same actions. Thieves are more concerned with being stolen from, con-artists are always aware of potential cons, and so on..."

It wasn't really the same, but the psychology logically still held and so Sarah's best chance of making Casey put on some real weight was to keep her calm, ensure she had no concerns over her own weight and focused all her own attentions on Sarah's bulging middle, hence swapping out Casey's new clothes for larger sizes. The next stage, a scenario Sarah had already utilised on more than one occasion, was to get Casey when she was drunk or drinking. It was a fantastic opportunity to get empty calories down her throat and once drunk and back in their apartment she readily ate anything Sarah gave her. And so, on her car journey home Sarah had debated the best ways of getting Casey drunk and what to do when she was. The first problem was one of opportunity, Casey usually only drank heavily at parties, which was workable since there were usually parties on campus several times a week but Sarah was still looking for a better solution. The second question was a far more interesting one, and her answer had led her to a health food store.

Having dated a wrestler in high school, a boy she hadn't liked much but who Casey had begged her to date for complicated reasons that had involved a different boy on the wrestling team, Sarah knew that things such as "weight gain powders" existed. She also knew that they were engineered from the off to put on muscle not fat. Of course that purpose was predicated on the user exercising a great deal, which Casey certainly wouldn't be doing, but they still didn't seem to be a good solution as far as Sarah's plans went. Then she had had a brainwave. Yes weight gain powders were chemically engineered to help people build muscle, part of the formula for which was the calories Sarah needed, but what if the powder was poorly designed? What if she bought the cheapest, no-brand, worst-results powder she could find? It would still, probably, contain all the ingredients she needed, like fats and calories, but it would probably have none of the clever science that would only work against her. A brief tour around the aisles and Sarah found exactly what she was looking for: a drab-looking 5kg grey tub of water-soluble flavourless powder with no extraordinary claims or testimonials emblazoned in stark lettering on the sides or pictures of muscular men lifting enormous weights. A scan through the ingredients and a comparison with other products revealed even more plus points, lots of calories, no mention of any of the purpose-built proteins or specially designed fats the more expensive brands so proudly announced, and even better a couple of ingredients that several brand-name powders made a point of saying they did not contain. As an added bonus the stuff was on offer, 2-for-1, and so Sarah was soon making her way back to the apartment, bowed somewhat under an enormous pile of clothes and 10kg of bulking powder, but her day's labours were far from over. She stashed the powder under her bed as a temporary hiding place, she had also hidden the appetite stimulants under her mattress, and then she took out a large package from her cupboard that she had left unopened since it arrived nearly a week ago. In truth she had been planning this little trick since she and Casey went clothes shopping. That trip had served to make Casey think she was gaining weight and struggling to fit into a size 5 and given her the opportunity to see Casey parade herself in clothing that was getting too tight. There was no doubt of course that that had been accomplished, and very enjoyable it had been, but Sarah had had a longer-term plan already in mind.

She opened the package to reveal several enormous bags of labels. Specifically they were size labels for clothing. They hadn't been that difficult to find on the internet, although Sarah had had to place a rather large order, several thousand labels in fact, but now she had labels in every size from 3 to 10 in different shapes and styles. Over the next few hours Sarah removed all of the size 3 labels from her new clothes and replaced them with 5s and 6s while at the same time removing all the 6s and 8s from Casey's clothes and replacing them with the 4s Casey believed them to be. It was tiresome work and by the time she was finished Sarah hoped never to see another needle, but she was pleased with the results. Her pleasure at a job well done was interrupted at that moment by her stomach's noisy reminder that she hadn't eaten since Thanksgiving dinner the day before. Revelling in the decadence of it Sarah went out into the kitchen and made herself a salad, lightly topped with low-fat dressing, and then ate it leisurely over the course of half an hour. It felt absolutely wonderful to be hungry, to not have to worry about Casey finding her, to be free from everything. When she had finished her lunch Sarah was somewhat annoyed to find that her hunger was completely unabated. Her eyes drifted to one of Casey's many candy bowls and for the briefest of moments Sarah contemplated grabbing a few to sate her sugar cravings. Almost immediately though the rational part of her mind reasserted itself, a credit to her years of discipline, and she grabbed an apple instead.

With Casey not around Sarah realised how much of her time and effort was being spent these days devoted to their little battle of wills. The sudden change in pace was leaving her quite at a loss for what to do with herself. In the end a combination of television, work, and a light supper of steamed vegetables and some leftover turkey Casey's mother had kindly packed for her, saw her through the remainder of Friday and off to sleep.

Saturday morning arrived, as was becoming increasingly typical Sarah was up before dawn, the perfect time for a run. She spent her morning working a shift at the bookstore, her boss was extremely grateful to her for making it back on Thanksgiving weekend, and once her shift was over the rest of the weekend blurred away in a tedious tableau of schoolwork and television. By lunch on Sunday the novelty of eating small portions was wearing thin and Sarah was starting to realise just how badly her appetite had been affected by all her over-eating. Still, she knew she wasn't going to do herself any favours by indulging it without good reason (i.e. when Casey was nearby). That said she was afraid it was going to get worse. When Casey and her father turned up in the early evening Sarah was already wearing her padding and the apartment was suitably emptied of a large selection of unhealthy foods so that Casey would know how she had spent her weekend alone. Casey was dressed in a dark sweater and the long skirt she'd worn home but even so Sarah could make out a few interesting details.

It was clear that Casey had eaten recently, and eaten well: the fat encasing her stomach was all brand-new, soft and pliable from the repeated indulgences and lazy lifestyle that had crafted it, and her increasingly tight clothes usually squashed her belly but now they were stretched around it, a sliver of flesh just visible peeking out from underneath her sweater. Like a scene out of A Beautiful Mind Sarah noticed the other tell-tale details: her fingers were slightly shiny, a patina of grease; a small red mark on her skirt around mid-thigh that appeared to have been rubbed, ketchup; crumbs lodged in the sweater just above the swell of her breasts and the final piece of the puzzle, a handful of sesame seeds. Casey's father had taken her to McDonald's on the way back, and at a guess Casey had rather made a pig of herself. Sarah noticed that while her father took her bags into her room Casey was giving the cupboards a once over, a slowly broadening smile on her face as she took stock of how much Sarah had "eaten" while she'd been away that came to full grin as she finally turned to Sarah and, while conducting the usual pleasant conversation, took a good look for evidence of that food's new home. There was plenty to see, Sarah had been liberal with the padding trusting to Casey's wanton desire to see her fatter to override any doubts she could have. There was a new layer around her stomach, Sarah had moulded some padding into small love-handles. As Sarah turned around Casey caught sight of Sarah ballooning bottom that was straining the seat of her, ostensibly, size 5 jeans and in profile Casey could see the swell of her stomach and even her slightly increased bust.

When Casey's father had gone Sarah, who had decided there was no time like the present, began her latest offensive against Casey's body.

"Casey, I got invited to a party tonight." This was technically true, but she had been invited a week ago by a friend from her English Literature class, she just didn't think she'd be up for it after Thanksgiving.

"Really, where?" Casey was clearly interested, definitely a good sign.

"The club on Bateman Street? What's it called?"

"No idea, Sound something I think."

"Anyway, apparently they never do much business on a Sunday night, so they've started letting people book it for parties instead, really cheap booking fee and they get lots of people at the bar. One of the fraternities is throwing a 'Thanksgiving Weekend blowout'."

"Sounds fun."

"You'll come with me right? You don't have to or anything, you've had a long journey back, but..."

"No, I definitely want to come. There's an outfit I bought last week I've been dying to wear, I just haven't had the opportunity. Besides, after a wholesome weekend with the parents I'm ready to get well and truly trashed."

"Great, we'll leave in about an hour."

This isn't even a challenge. Casey, get prepared to meet a whole new you.

If the human mind was simple enough to understand, we would be too simple to understand it.

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Chapter 8

Dn-tis dn-tis dn-tis dn-tis dn-tis dn-tis dn-tis dn-tis dn-tis

The dreadful music blasting through over-loud speakers was beginning to wear on Sarah's nerves. Her head was pounding, the club was packed so tightly with people she could hardly move, and she was fairly sure her bones were melting. She took another sip of her drink, a fruity non-alcoholic cocktail that she had relented and bought solely for the fact that it contained ice. The sweetness of the drink had her thinking about calories but as long as she was in the club she didn't care. She'd have mainlined chocolate ice-cream if it had kept her cool in this stifling room. Casey of course was on her fifth round of drinks, her tipple of choice a similar fruit cocktail differentiated by several shots of vodka and was, in the words of Futurama, "titty much protally fit-shaced". It was still early but she was drunk enough for Sarah to move the evening on and she was definitely ready to be shot of the club and so she forced her way through the crowd to where Casey sat at the bar, entertaining several men with her cleavage, propped her up on one shoulder and made the long trek back to the door and into the cold night air. They walked, Casey half-stumbling with every step, back to the apartment where Sarah gratefully placed the increasingly drunk-sounding Casey on the sofa. No sooner was she sitting down than Casey grabbed a bowl of chocolates and began munching on them happily, a beatific smile adorning her face. The smile of an idiot. Sarah was more than happy to let Casey eat while she prepared for the rest of the festivities, it was going to be a special night. First port of call was actually a phone call, an extra-large pizza from Domino's with all of Casey's favourite toppings. Then Sarah took out the blender she had bought that afternoon, an instrumental part of her plan. Dashing into her room quickly she returned with the container of weight gain formula and the appetite stimulants and then grabbed all of the other ingredients she wanted. First up were three enormous scoops of double-chocolate ice-cream. With those forming a suitable base she then tossed in about three portions worth of powder, ground up two tablets with the butt of her knife and added them as well. She then topped the mixture with a little full-fat milk until all of the ice-cream was hidden from view. Next was a 350ml pot of double-cream, liberal lashings of chocolate sauce, a third of a bottle of vodka and then finally more full-fat milk to bring the mixture to the top of the blender. She blitzed her concoction thoroughly, shaking it at frequent intervals to try and stop any residual powder from settling at the bottom. Casey had turned her drunken head at the noise, tiny smudges of chocolate already kissing the edge of her lips, before smiling and returning her attention to the sugary food. She seemed to be watching the TV, not that it was turned on. With Casey's chocolate milkshake now ready Sarah took the chocolate milk she had made up that afternoon, using a small carton of fully-skimmed milk she'd bought earlier and then disposed of before Casey saw it, and poured herself a glass while Casey got a glass of the much thicker shake.

"Here Casey," Sarah said, passing her glass, "I made us a chocolate milkshake."


And without a single second's hesitation Casey took the glass and took a long draught, the thick liquid flowing slowly but inexorably down her gullet, while Sarah took a sip of her similar coloured but nowhere near as fattening fare. Everything in Casey's drink had been planned out. Alcohol to keep her drunk throughout the evening, the appetite stimulants to keep her eating long after she was full, and lots and lots of calories were exactly what she needed. This was only the beginning. Casey had taken an immediate liking to her shake, interrupting her little chocolate feast every once in a while to take another large slurp. Sarah could already see the heavy liquid having an effect, she was sure that her tummy was sticking out a little more than it usually did, although that could have just been the damage Casey had done to herself over Thanksgiving. With Casey occupied Sarah went back to the kitchen to find something salty for Casey to snack on, mixing foods always spurred her to new heights. A tube of Pringles fit the bill nicely and, as an after-thought, Sarah grabbed a small packet of chips for herself, she was kind of hungry. Casey ate like a girl without a care in the world. The booze in her drink seemed to be doing its work nicely and Sarah watched with amusement as she happily gobbled down chips and chocolate, often mixing the two together. The chocolate was now smeared around her mouth like lipstick applied by a five-year-old. Casey would lick at it every now and then, her chocolate covered tongue only spreading more of the brown mess across her face. Casey's fingers were in a similar state, though there was salt mixed in with the chocolate, and crumbs littering her breasts and falling down her exposed cleavage. Sarah just sat back, ate her snack and enjoyed the show.

Twenty-nine minutes and fifty-nine seconds after she'd ordered Sarah's pizza arrived. When she went to the door to pay the young man she couldn't resist letting the door swing open a little more than necessary, letting the rather geeky looking delivery boy get a good look at the gorging blonde on the sofa. His eyes widened slightly.

"Oh," Sarah said, putting on her most innocent of tones, "Don't mind my roommate. She's having a bit of a pig-in so to speak, she'll be wanting her pizza, keep the change."

And before the poor boy could even stammer a reply the door was in his face. Sarah set the box down ceremoniously on the coffee table and flipped open the lid. Casey's half-closed bleary eyes lit up at the sight, her hand quickly deviating from the Pringles can to the pizza box when all of a sudden she stopped.

"Something wrong Casey?" Sarah asked, slowly.

"No," Casey half-grunted, "Jusht wanto take osh my top. Greashy."

Her slurring really was ridiculous, maybe Sarah had put a little too much kick in the shake. Still, it wasn't as if Sarah wouldn't mind a good look at Casey while she was eating, it would be funny. Besides, her outfit was stunning. When she'd got back that evening saying she had an ensemble she'd been wanting to wear Sarah of course had hoped it was one of the one's she'd repurchased in a larger size. As it turned out she was in luck, Casey had come out in a black mini-dress that, while certainly form-fitting, was at least not so tight as to be in danger of tearing any time soon. Sarah had taken time to admire the swell of her little starter belly, the slightly thicker bare thighs. The dress was tightest, as usual, around her bubble-butt, a bubble that was looking close to bursting out of the almost indecently short garment. Still, Sarah had to admit she preferred Casey's look to her own, a much more over-engineered construction in the form of a long dress that she had used to hide her stomach and give herself a break from padding her sleek and toned legs. A part of Sarah would have liked to go out in something daring and sexy, showing off her belly to Casey in some tight top and highlighting her rounded rump in some designer skinny jeans, but then there would be all those other people looking at her, and Sarah didn't really like that. The matter between her and Casey was private, mostly. Sure people saw her with padding but she always wore her casual clothing loose anyway so nobody could tell she was looking "fatter", no one had made any comments. At least not to her face. But clubs called for something more fun, but Sarah was beyond the point of getting away with that anymore. If she wanted to keep up this pretence that was the price she was going to have to pay. Still that just meant she had all the more reason to give Casey what she deserved.

"That's a good idea Casey, that dress is really nice too. You should probably take that off." Even drunk Sarah wasn't sure if Casey would actually do it.

"Yeah, good idea." And with that Casey began an heroic struggle to wriggle out her clothes without lifting herself from the couch. How Sarah had wanted a video camera. As it was it was all she could do not to burst out laughing, Casey just looked so ridiculous wriggling back and forth behind her as she tried to find the zip. Eventually Sarah grew impatient, the pizza was getting cold after all, and so she helped Casey to her unsteady feet, spun her around and unzipped it for her. Casey let the dress fall to the ground without another thought, completely ambivalent to Sarah's presence. What Sarah saw took her breath away. Casey was wearing black underwear trimmed with dark red lace, Sarah actually recognised the set from a shopping trip the two had taken last summer. She had seen Casey model them then, the fabric moulding around her every contour like a second skin. Sarah had even felt jealous at the time, particularly of the way the bottoms so perfectly hugged her round cheeks. Jealousy wasn't exactly the first thing on Sarah's mind now. Casey's ever-expanding backside was spilling unflatteringly out of her underwear. Once mostly taut with the slightest hint of seductive jiggle as she walked Casey's now much fleshier rump jutted backwards and sideways, barely two-fifths of her wobbling, unconstrained cheeks were covered by the insubstantial material. The tightness of the underwear around her middle had small love-handles rolling over the sides, and they were definitely growing. A few more pounds and Casey would really struggle to get those panties over her much wider hips. Even more delicious, from her vantage point behind Casey she could even see that she had been accumulating a little unwanted chub on her back, her bra-straps were cutting into the flesh and creating little mounds of pliable adipose on either side. Spinning round her drunken friend Sarah caught sight of the love-handles reaching further around to her front, folding sumptuously over the lacy red hem before melding into the puffed-out potbelly that had eclipsed her only marginally enhanced bosom to become the second most prominent feature on her body, after her famous ass of course. In profile her stomach stuck out several inches, a far cry from the concave surface that two months ago had been part of Casey's once thin and beautiful figure. Even stuffed with chocolate the spongy mass of flubber hung down while the new fat made ever further headway forward, deepening her navel into a creased crevasse among the tiny, rippling folds of fat. From front on the hem was completely invisible, lost beneath a sea of pale pink. Casey moved to sit down again, one hand already reaching for the pizza, and Sarah could see the small movements echoing on in the vibrations of her body. Her thighs wobbled, little slaps and smacks could be heard as she drunkenly staggered forward and her legs crashed together in a fight for space, her thighs had grown so wide now it was a wonder she hadn't noticed the excruciating pinch of her clothes stretched so mercilessly across the fatted expanse of her lower body. Her arms were fatter too, Sarah spied a wobble as they reached gluttonously out for pizza and as Casey looked down at her prize Sarah saw her chin fold to make a tiny sister. Everywhere Sarah looked evidence of her complete and total victory were evident, Casey's body was almost unrecognisable. Even better now that she had grown to the cutting point of all her clothes surely Casey would give in, would abandon this whole insane goal to fatten Sarah and everything could return to normal. But Sarah knew that couldn't happen. Not yet. Casey was the most stubborn person Sarah had ever met, it would take a lot more to finish this. Sarah knew what she had to do.

Casey was back on the couch, pizza in hand. Her belly had rolled over into her lap, Sarah loved the sight of it. Sarah took her own slice of pizza, she hadn't had any dinner after all and had just about managed to polish it off by the time Casey was gobbling down the last bites of her third piece. Sarah watched with grim fascination as Casey took a greasy index finger and scooped up a daub of melted cheese that had fallen on to the crest of her bulging belly and ferried it to her mouth, sucking it clean. As Casey lay back into the couch Sarah stood up and placed the still two-thirds full pizza box on her swollen stomach. Casey had already grabbed another slice, one hand carrying it to her eager tongue while the other vaguely hovered beneath the still steaming food in a half-baked effort to protect her exposed cleavage, shamelessly displayed in the push-up bra, from further spills while Sarah was pouring another glass of ultra-high calorie chocolate milkshake for her favourite roommate. Sarah had estimated, correctly as always, that she would get four full glasses out of the blender. Casey still had a lot of work to do. Over the next forty minutes Sarah watched Casey almost single-handedly eat the entire pizza, barring the one slice Sarah had permitted herself. She had also drunk the milkshake and was halfway through her third glass. Sarah passed it to her, urging her finish which she happily did, Casey's love-affair with chocolate had only grown with each glass and Sarah had every intention of capitalizing on that. It had been a slightly delicate balance keeping Casey drunk enough to gorge herself ceaselessly while also remaining sober enough to not fall unconscious but the deep-dish pizza seemed to have taken some of the oomph from her drinks and the hunger pills were doing their job of keeping her happily eating whatever was put in front of her. Now rid of her pizza Casey had started back on the chocolate bowl leaving Sarah enough time to pour her final glass of milkshake and then wash and dry the blender and put it safely in the back of the cupboard. Then she went to the freezer and took out a fresh pint of chocolate ice-cream and a large spoon and took them to Casey who greedily grabbed them both and started eating. She let the ice-cream pot rest on her stomach, her body involuntarily shivering against the cold in spite of her blubbery insulation, the rapid quivers sending ripples undulating across her pudgy frame. Sarah was already back in the kitchen, grabbing a dozen large slabs of white chocolate that she had bought and tossing them into a saucepan on a medium heat. With the chocolate gently melting Sarah retrieved the chocolate sauce and the vodka and left them to one side. A quick glance over at Casey saw her still violently attacking the ice-cream, the hard dessert finally beginning to melt enough for Casey to take great spoonfuls straight to her chocolate and grease smeared lips. With things running smoothly in the kitchen Sarah returned to Casey's side. She was completely fascinated by the changes that just a few months of gluttony and hedonism had wrought on her friend's body, it was as much incentive to exercise as Sarah could have ever wanted. Curious Sarah poked Casey's stomach, gently. It was packed with food but there was still some give, Casey had more room still. Higher up Casey's belly, just an inch or two below her breasts there was much less food crammed in and Sarah could press her finger in as easily as she would into a pillow, it sunk in up to the first digit with only the lightest of pressure. Sarah, who had never carried an extra pound in her life, found the feel of Casey's new weight almost entirely alien, she couldn't help but wonder if Casey felt as if she was in a different body. Moving her hand lower Sarah was unable to resist giving one of Casey's love-handles a delicate pinch. Underneath it were her straining panties and as Casey shifted position while continuing to eat her ice-cream Sarah saw her underwear shift slightly too revealing the biting red marks engraved into her hips. Pulling herself away from her inspections Sarah returned to the kitchen to find her chocolate nicely melted and eagerly awaiting consumption. Sarah was unable to resist dipping a finger in and taking a taste, she had always loved white chocolate. Of course so did Casey. Sarah lifted the saucepan over to a fresh pitcher, grabbing the chocolate sauce and the vodka with her other hand so that the neck of each was just poking over the top of her fingers. Then, very carefully, Sarah began to tip the saucepan of melted white chocolate into the glass while simultaneously tipping in the chocolate sauce. As the white met the dark they swirled together in a rather attractive pattern and every few seconds Sarah would tip a little vodka into the mix which, mercifully, seemed to be mixing well with the hot chocolate, Sarah really hadn't been sure it was going to work. By the time Sarah had finished she had a large pitcher full of liquid chocolate, laced with chocolate and with enough vodka to tip Casey over the edge and off to sleep. Somewhat fascinated by her own creation, and interested to see if she could taste the vodka, Sarah took the tiniest, most tentative sip she could manage. The sweetness sent a shiver down her spine, Casey would love it. The chocolate was retaining its heat remarkably well, it didn't even seem to have begun to cool and so Sarah figured she was probably safe to wait until Casey finished her tub before she gave her her final treat. But Sarah had underestimated Casey's capacity to eat, the ice-cream was already finished. On a last minute thought Sarah ran to the bathroom and grabbed a bottle of Pepto Bismol. Unscrewing it she offered it to Casey, saying "Here take a little," which of course Casey did blindly only to recoil from the strange taste but, thankfully, she swallowed a good mouthful. Sarah didn't want Casey throwing up later, that would not be fun, or practical for that matter.

"It's alright," Sarah said, her tone solicitous and calming, "Drink this," she was handing Casey an entire pitcher this time but Casey didn't even seem to register, "Drink it while it's warm Casey."

Sarah needn't have bothered. No sooner had Casey tasted Sarah's extraordinary concoction than she began to tip the pitcher back hungrily, frantically gulping in the liquid chocolate like it was air. Sarah had to place a hand on the jug to lower it back down while Casey caught her breath, the last thing Sarah wanted was those calories going to waste on the floor. When Casey had drunk the pitcher dry she began scooping the gooey remainder off the sides with her three longest fingers, insatiably consuming every last dreg of the ambrosia Sarah had given her. Sarah had hoped to get Casey into bed before the alcohol finally overcame her but here at last things did not go her way. In the time it took her to take away the rubbish that had accumulated around the living room Casey had lain back on the couch, closed her eyes and drifted to sleep. Sarah would liked to have done the same, but she knew she couldn't. She got a damp towel and cleaned Casey's face and brushed the crumbs from her cleavage and the small grease stain from her now terrifyingly swollen middle. Fortunately Casey's underwear remained clean and the dress was safely folded over a chair in Casey's room where Sarah had left it. Then Sarah tried to move Casey. She tried to lift her to her feet, but Casey was completely out of it and nothing more than who knew how many pounds of dead weight. Sarah tried again, pulling Casey into a sitting position that made the fat around her middle bunch up into cute little rolls but she could get her no further. As a final, last ditch effort Sarah tried to roll Casey off the couch and onto her shoulder, aiming for some sort of fireman's lift. With Casey's bulk pressing down on her Sarah found she could barely stand. She forced herself upright, back bent, Casey's bloated belly smothering the left side of her face, the sound of her heavy breathing loud in her right ear and she staggered, looking as drunk as Casey had been when she walked home, to Casey's room. Unable to hold her much longer Sarah let Casey drop the last foot to her bed, she rolled over onto her side, the weight of her stomach dragging her away from Sarah. Casey's nearly bare cheeks wobbled on the bed and Sarah gave one a light slap and watched it jiggle hypnotically in the half-light coming in through the open door before rolling Casey back over to face the other side and tucking her in. Before shutting the door Sarah made another quick dash to the bathroom and retrieved a basin for Casey, just in case, and a glass of water for when she woke up with a few aspirin by its side. Sarah felt a little guilty about the hangover Casey was going to have in the morning largely thanks to her.

But still Sarah was far from sleep. She went back to the kitchen and cleaned up the mess that had been left. She took the pizza box, the empty ice-cream pot and the wrappers to the slabs of white chocolate to the dumpster outside her apartment, it would be easier than trying to explain where they had come from if Casey did ever notice them in the trash. She washed Casey's spoon, leaving it to dry by the sink and went back to the freezer and moved the chocolate ice-cream tub she had used two-thirds of for Casey's milkshake to the front left corner of the freezer where the girls always put the open pot to save having more than one open at a time unnecessarily. By the time Sarah finally got to go to bed she was completely exhausted. She moved her alarm forward an extra few hours but she would still be losing out on sleep. She would have to hope she could get a run in before Casey woke up and that the cold morning air would cure her lack of sleep. Sleep...

If the human mind was simple enough to understand, we would be too simple to understand it.

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Chapter 9

The following morning was not something Sarah felt ready to greet when her natural habit of waking as the first streaks of the red pre-dawn bled into the sky jolted her awake less than three hours after she had finally crawled into bed. Still, Sarah was never one to waste too much time trying to get back to sleep and so she got up, dressed in her running gear and went to the kitchen. After strong coffee and an apple Sarah felt better and she left for her run. It was a beautiful morning. The air was crisp and freezing, the sky was cloudless and gradually turning a brilliant shade of blue as the sun crept over the horizon. The streets were practically deserted, not many people fancied being out so early on so wintry a morning, even running Sarah had to admit she was feeling the chill. When Sarah got back to the apartment a little after 0700 her cheeks were pinched red by the cold and her fingers were numb but she was definitely wide awake. Sarah showered and got dressed quickly, there was always a chance, infinitesimal but still there, that Casey would decide to get up for her nine am class. Sarah had classes most of the morning and another late in the afternoon and she elected to spend the intervening hours and several afterwards in the library. Usually Sarah didn't like the library much. It was quiet enough but it was a very unsettling quiet. Sarah never felt uncomfortable alone. She could sit in silence for hours just working or reading and never notice but the library was different. Something about being surrounded by people and silence at the same time had an alien feeling that normally put Sarah on edge. Of late though Sarah had found the place more relaxing than her home. It was a world entirely apart from the rest of her life where friends, relationships, and her continuing war with Casey had no place. She almost never saw anyone she knew there and even if she did there was only ever a quick nod of acknowledgement, if that. The library was for work and in here friends were a distraction best avoided so that you could leave the library sooner, unless what you were actually trying to avoid was your roommate of course. In truth the absence of Casey was both a good and a bad thing. Though Sarah was still angry with Casey, more angry at some points than others, she regretted not simply confronting Casey to begin with. None of what had happened had been necessary and even though Sarah had enjoyed her uncounted victories, revelled in them in fact, she also missed Casey. But that was part of the problem. As long as Casey wanted to make her fatter Sarah was determined to reciprocate. She knew that she was being emotional and irrational and letting her anger override her reason but it was important that she keep going, not that she could really explain to herself why. Her main goal though was to keep the illusion up long enough for an exit strategy to manifest itself. That's what she really wanted. Well, that and to see Casey get a bit fatter. And so Sarah spent the afternoon alone behind a wall of books. One of the upsides of her intelligence was that school never took all that much time for her and one solid afternoon was enough time for her to clear a week's worth of work. Of course the flipside to that was the expectation of excellence which meant that Sarah got to spend lots of time rereading her work to try and improve it and check for errors. Dull but necessary, it passed the time.

When Sarah got back to the apartment she realised that her concerns about Casey getting an early start for her morning classes had been beyond laughable. The kitchen looked like a tornado had blown through it: pots and pans heaped by the sink, food not returned to the fridge, crumbs on the counter. Sarah found a poorly written note from Casey apologising for the mess and promising to clean it up but she was "just too hung-over and needed to go back to bed". Sure enough when Sarah tentatively pressed her ear to the door she could hear Casey sound asleep. A quick peek inside revealed a dishevelled lump on Casey's bed with two feet sticking out. If Sarah had to guess she would have said that at some point the mid-afternoon sun had shone through her undrawn curtains and Casey had buried her head under the covers rather than choose to get up.

Sarah left the room as quietly as she'd entered, better to let Casey sleep. She went back to the kitchen to assess how much Casey had eaten. There was a lot of food missing, bacon, eggs, cereal, and bread mostly, but not an unusual amount given Casey's recent eating habits. Sarah cleaned up the kitchen. It wasn't her mess but there was a pretty good chance Casey wouldn't have realised at the time just how much food she'd cooked for herself but she'd have no illusions if she saw all the pots and pans. Better, Sarah felt, to say she had needed them for her own lunch and let Casey assume that most of the missing food was Sarah's fault. Speaking of which... Sarah's stomach grumbled. There was no food allowed in the library and she hadn't bothered with lunch, her essay had seemed far more pressing and interesting than food at the time. Now she was starved. It still rankled Sarah that a few months ago she could have skipped a meal and hardly noticed except to say to herself "Oh well" but now hunger was a regular part of Sarah's day. It was the one thing Casey had done right. She had gotten Sarah to eat enough food sufficiently often that her body expected it, even demanded it. Before Sarah had never craved a chocolate bar or... Sarah shook her head clear. Best not to dwell on such things. She suspected that her new and improved exercise routine had not exactly helped keep her appetite under control, but it didn't really matter since her work outs more than compensated for her eating. The one sure fire way for Casey to get exactly what she wanted was for Sarah to slack off which is why it was the one thing she refused to let happen.

Sarah could remember, back when she and Casey had been cheerleaders in high school, a friend of theirs named Mary, also a cheerleader, had broken her leg on a skiing holiday. The break hadn't been all that bad but she had started the following term with six weeks of a cast still to go. Sarah and Casey and all of the squad had commiserated with Mary and she'd still been as much a part of the group as she had been before but that didn't stop things from changing. It was subtle at first but Sarah, being a highly observant person, had soon realised that Mary was carrying a few extra pounds since the broken leg. It was only to be expected of course, it wasn't like she could do much exercise with one limb completely encased in plaster, but Sarah kept an eye on it all the same. By the time the cast came off Sarah would have guessed Mary had put on about 8-10lbs, not inconsequential on her cheerleader body but it certainly didn't make her fat or even chubby and compared to Casey's recent expansion it seemed in retrospect like nothing at all. Her ass and thighs had been most affected, Sarah had heard a few girls commenting that all of Mary's sitting around had helped her butt get so much bigger, the idea had sounded stupid to Sarah but she remembered the comments all the same. But the thing that had struck Sarah most about Mary's gain was that it seemed to have arisen purely from inactivity and not gluttony. Of course Sarah wasn't at Mary's side at all times but they saw each other nearly every day, hung out after school most afternoons and there was no change whatsoever in Mary's eating patterns. A simple case of no exercise here's some fat for your trouble. It wasn't long after the cast came off and Mary's physical therapy began for her weight to return to its former equilibrium but Sarah had taken note of the toll two months inactivity had taken on her friend. Mary had been one of Sarah's first thoughts when Casey had so baldly stated over the phone that she intended to fatten her up like a pig for market and Sarah was certain that if Casey was a little less lazy she would now be a lot more little. Sarah's biggest worry with respect to her exercise these days was ice. It was getting colder, she was out in the very early hours long before any grit was thrown on the pavements and it wouldn't be long before ice was a common thing. Snow would lessen the problem when it came but ever since the weather first started turning Sarah had been vigilant on every run for signs of bad ground.

Sarah's stomach rumbled again. She would have rather waited for dinner but she was really hungry and, as long as she was sensible, eating now could work to her advantage. She grabbed the partially eaten tub of chocolate ice-cream from the freezer, the majority of which had already gone into Casey's shakes the previous night, and sat down with it in front of the TV. Sarah figured that if she turned the volume up a little too high she would be sure to wake Casey who would then step out of her room to find fat little Sarah scoffing ice-cream on the couch. And if Sarah got to eat some of the ice-cream in the process... well her stomach wasn't going to complain.

As it turned out Casey was a good deal more intransigent than Sarah had thought. Although she was eating very slowly and she turned up the volume a few ticks every couple of minutes she was dangerously close to scraping the bottom of the pot by the time Casey emerged from her room.

"Thank God you're here Casey."


"Quick take this away from me before I finish it off," Sarah pleaded, proffering the virtually empty pot.

"What? Oh right, the ice-cream. For god's sake Sarah stop worrying about your weight. You're not fat and you're not getting fat."

"You know that isn't true."

Casey settled next to Sarah on the sofa with a loud *thwump*, Sarah inwardly smiled at the chorus of groaning springs.

"Look at it this way then, a little ice-cream is a reward for being good over Thanksgiving. Since you weren't with me you didn't have my mother filling you to the brim with food at every opportunity. I'll bet you hardly ate while you were here."

"I wish. I really thought that being called in for work might turn out to be a good thing, not that I wanted to leave but... I figured that I could get a head start on my diet. Instead I spent the weekend stuffing my face with pizza, ice-cream and chocolate."

Casey was definitely getting more agitated at the mention of the word dreaded d-word but Sarah knew she was making the right move.

"Look, Sarah...You're blowing this whole th-"

"No Casey, stop. You're wonderful and sweet and I love you for it but I have to accept that I'm gaining weight. I also have to do something about it before I am too far gone which is why I am starting a diet right now. This ice-cream was my last treat until I'm back to my original weight."

Casey looked crest-fallen. The dream was over.



"I need your help with this. Over the last month or so I've become this compulsive snacker. I really don't think I have the willpower to do this on my own, this weekend proved that, so I need you to stop me from eating something I shouldn't. If you see me with anything other than celery stalks or carrot sticks in my hand take them away. I know it's a lot to ask, and it's really pathetic that I can't just control myself but will you do it?"

"Of course I will, what's a best friend for?" Sarah could see the glimmer of hope she'd sought to rekindle spark in Casey's eyes, "But if you're going on a diet then we need to weigh you! You can't diet without knowing how far you want to go."

This was not a welcome suggestion. She knew what she weighed and it would not be a number to make Casey happy but as always Sarah had planned ahead. Sarah had considered messing with the scales or carrying some heavy weights but the risk was too high. Casey might decide to weigh herself or else decide that Sarah needed to strip for the weighing and so Sarah had chosen, unsurprisingly, to fall back on her steadfast tactic of feigned embarrassment.

"No! Please no Casey. I know what I weigh and it's a lot. I can barely stand myself knowing and I couldn't bear it if anyone else did, even you. Please don't make me." Sarah had even forced her eyes open for a little while to make them water, Casey never stood a chance.

"Okay Sarah, okay. Don't cry. Look, everything's going to be fine. A week or two and you'll be back to normal in plenty of time for us both to make pigs of ourselves over Christmas."

Sarah allowed herself to smile at that and gave Casey a big hug before going to the bin and solemnly tossing the empty ice-cream pot. The diet had begun. The diet had always been part of Sarah's plan but it was only on the long drive from Casey's home that she had worked out all of the little details. Obviously it couldn't be a successful diet. If she started to lose significant amounts of weight Casey would be forced to give up, regardless of her stubbornness, and her focus would shift back to her own wobbly middle and cushy rump. And although Sarah wanted it to end for some reason this wasn't how she wanted it to happen. What Sarah had in mind was a failed diet. She would restrain her eating around Casey, cast longing glances at the bowls of chocolate or some other delectable treat every now and then. Occasionally she'd let Casey catch her in the act of pilfering some forbidden morsel. At night, when Casey was asleep, Sarah would empty some food out of the cupboards and combined with Casey's ignorance as to the extent of her eating habits that ought to be enough to convince her that Sarah was routinely cheating on her diet. As time wore on Sarah would augment and detract from her padding to give vague allusions to a fluctuating weight and she'd be sure to continue to dress in her "size 5" clothing to make sure Casey never felt she was getting too small.

And Sarah's reward for all this effort? Well there were a number of bonuses. First of all Sarah could cut back on her eating when she was around Casey. She found it increasingly unnerving that her appetite had become so much stronger after only two months. Her snacking hadn't been anywhere near as extreme as Casey's but any change from zero was a large change and what with Casey cooking and serving up most of Sarah's meals she had been getting larger and larger portions. A diet meant that Sarah could get back to a more normal meal schedule and hopefully undo some of the damage Casey had done.

Then there was the promise Sarah had made to Casey's mother. She had offered to help her daughter slim back down by asking Casey to help her with her own diet rather than suggesting that Casey diet herself, which might have offended her. Of course Sarah had been lying, she had no intention of helping Casey lose weight but she still needed to ask for Casey's help. Casey was an excellent liar, for the most part. She could think on her feet, lie without betraying the slightest hint of conscience and smile genuinely on command. Her only real weaknesses were a lack of emotional control, which was why she couldn't lie well to her friends' faces, and lack of forward planning. Casey usually got caught out when she and Sarah were younger because her stories didn't hold together or because she contradicted herself somewhere down the line. Sarah was probably as good a liar as Casey. She had better control of her emotions and unlike Casey she could, on the rare instances when she needed to, lie to her parents or friends convincingly. She wasn't as good at making stories up on the spot but where she excelled was in forming a cohesive, self-consistent narrative. Sarah prepared her lies. She prepared for contingencies within contingencies and that was why she never got caught in a big untruth, because she had already covered all the angles. Asking Casey for help was just Sarah making sure. It was unlikely that her mother would ever mention the conversation that they had had but now, if she did, everything would be okay.

The final and most important reason was that by dieting Sarah could fatten Casey more effectively. By taking back control over what she ate Sarah could alter the things Casey was left with. She had tried her first experiment that very morning before she left for class. She had taken the jug of whole milk in the fridge and added a few scoops of her marvellous budget bulking powder, given it a good shake to make sure it all dissolved and then replaced it in the fridge. Since Sarah drank her coffee black and would no longer have to eat cereal for breakfast for Casey's benefit Casey would be the only one drinking the calorie-laden milk. Sarah's only concern had been if the powder had affected the taste but judging by how much was gone by the time Sarah got back Casey had drunk plenty without complaint. And there was no reason, in theory, that Sarah couldn't supplement the orange juice and the lemonade and anything else Casey bought as well. And who knew what other opportunities would present themselves as time went on? Sarah was sure there ought to be a way to use small amounts of the appetite stimulants somewhere, just to give Casey a little extra help.

The rest of the evening passed uneventfully. Casey stared with barely concealed irritation at Sarah's healthy, green salad. With no low-fat dressing in the house Sarah was eating it plain, just tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber and some celery and she had to admit it was rather bland. And the sumptuous aroma of Casey's giant plateful of homemade stew was not helping things either. Sarah took care to pick listlessly at her salad while Casey inhaled her food giving her hungry roommate ample opportunity to grab seconds. After dinner Casey abruptly announced that she had to go and meet her partner from one of her study groups to get some information on one of the classes she had missed that day. Finding herself suddenly alone in the apartment Sarah was seized by the desire to eat some of Casey's leftover stew but she held out, there was no sense breaking her fake diet quite so quickly. And besides when Sarah went to the kitchen to wash up she found that Casey had already eaten all of it by herself. When all the dishes were clean and dry Sarah went to Casey's room and ferreted out the diary from inside the pillow case and began thumbing through the pages.

Casey's Diary November 26th
What a day! This whole Thanksgiving thing is messing with my head, or maybe it has something to do with me trying to fatten Sarah. I don't know but whatever it is it needs to stop. I woke up this morning really early absolutely desperate for something to eat. I got up, ate a bowl of cereal and then took a shower. Sarah came for her shower just as I was getting out, I think she's started sleeping in a bit later than she used to, and she was wrapped in that new monstrous pink dressing gown that covers her entire body. She's so shy about revealing herself these days so she must really be feeling how fat she is. But then while I was getting dressed my stomach started rumbling again and I just had to go have another bowl of cereal. Then I ran to my room when I heard Sarah getting out of the shower. I'm not ever sure why I did that. On the way here Sarah said we should get some proper food from a McDonald's, totally excellent to see her gorging herself on all that greasy food and sitting in the car I could really see the belly she's getting. Brilliant! Managed to keep her eating most of the afternoon too and she had lots for dinner. I think mom was a bit surprised when she saw how much she was eating, she kept glancing over at her. But then tonight after Sarah went to bed I started feeling starving again. I'm still not sure what made me so hungry but I had a few treats down in the kitchen and it seems to have mostly gone away. It's probably just me thinking about tomorrow's dinner too much. I can't wait to see the state of Sarah when she's finished.

Casey's Diary November 27th
Well now everything's ruined. Here I was preparing for an entire weekend of Sarah gorging herself out of the top spot and instead she's had to leave for work. Fuck, shit, balls. Thanksgiving was a complete success though. She was so stuffed by the end of dinner she couldn't eat another bite and she still ate three slices of pie à la mode. She was so full she could barely breathe and she was still eating. What a pig! I meanwhile still had plenty of room and I didn't exactly stick to my usual good eating habits at dinner so I can only imagine how much she must have eaten today. I guess I can only hope she keeps up the pace while she's alone over the weekend. I'm pretty sure she will, she's totally addicted to food.

Casey's Diary November 28th
Is it usual to feel more full the day after Thanksgiving? I should take notes from my mom on how to fatten Sarah. Everywhere I go today my mom's there smiling happily and offering me something and it all tastes so good I can't help but eat it. Totally feel like I'm gonna burst right now. Thank god for my strong metabolism or I'd dread to think how fat I'd get from all this food. Mom did have a talk with me today about Sarah's weight. It was so cool to get to sit and talk about this giant secret. Of course my mom doesn't know that it's my fault she's getting so chubby, mom actually suggested I help her diet, apparently Sarah mentioned that she meant to start one. I really don't know how I can stop her from dieting if she sets her mind to it, I'll just have to hope that her own love of food makes it too hard and sabotage her efforts where I can.

There were no more entries after that, probably because there was nothing notable of last Saturday to record and obviously Casey remembered almost nothing of Sunday. The diary hadn't told anything Sarah didn't already know, the state of Casey's stomach had been all the evidence of her gourmandizing weekend that Sarah had needed and that she was unhappy about Sarah's diet plans was hardly the revelation of the decade. Still it was always amusing to know what Casey was thinking and confirmation of her expectations vis-à-vis Casey's greed was comforting. When Sarah eventually decided to go to bed Casey was still not back.

It was later and Sarah was stuffing Casey again. There had been some sort of party, Casey was trashed and they were back in the apartment each doing what they did best. Sarah keeping Casey well-supplied with yummy goodies and Casey doing her best imitation of a Goodyear blimp. As Sarah looked around the room her mind felt buzzed even though she was stone-cold sober. She was sitting back looking at the scene before her, hands entwined behind her head. Sarah's eyes seemed to focus on certain objects and things in the background were lost in a fuzzy haze. She could see the two pizza boxes, both pizzas long gone. Sweet wrappers spread everywhere. An empty two-litre bottle of Coke . An ice-cream pot scraped clean, lying on its side with the tiniest dribble of melted vanilla goo trickling out. And right in the centre of this gastronomical tableau was Casey, glutting herself on a large cheesecake. She was half naked, her shirt nowhere in sight and her breasts on display in a slightly tight bra. Below her rack her food-engorged belly rolled outwards to rest on top of squishy thighs cruelly contained in too tight jeans. Casey threw the empty cheesecake tin behind, letting out a large belch as Sarah passed her the large plate of double-chocolate brownies she was holding. The button of Casey's jeans was undone and the flaps were splayed on either side of her dome-like belly, the zipper fully down. As Sarah gazed at the inconceivable distance between the button and its hole it was impossible to believe that they had ever been close enough to meet. Sarah watched with bated breath as each brownie seemed to make Casey's belly grow bigger and softer, rippling flesh shaking as she swallowed. Casey's appetite seemed to flag, Sarah stood over her, holding a brownie in her hand, gently lifting it to her roommate's hungry mouth. She whispered encouragements in Casey's ear as she slowly pushed the brownie in, taking another one as soon as Casey had eaten the last. As the crumbs from the final brownie trickled from Casey's chocolate-smeared lips down her chin to nestle in her inviting cleavage Casey's head lolled to face her. Sarah found herself staring into Casey's bright blue eyes. She had always liked Casey's eyes. The gap between them seemed to be shrinking. Sarah half-noticed that Casey's eyes didn't look drunk and unfocused. But Sarah was staring at Casey's food covered lips. There was definitely less space between them now. Casey's eyes were glowing gently, a flicker of flame dancing behind her irises. Then Casey was kissing her and, after a moment's shock, she kissed back.

If the human mind was simple enough to understand, we would be too simple to understand it.

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Chapter 10

Sarah's lips were pressed against Casey's. She could feel them sliding slightly over the greasy surface. She could taste the mixture of salt and sweet smeared across them, feel the warmth of Casey's bulging middle as she and Casey pulled closer together.

Sarah bolted upright in bed. She was covered in a cold sweat. She felt out of breath. Roiling emotions of fear and confusion had her entire body primed to run as fast as she could in the safest direction. But even through the terror Sarah could feel the excitement, the faint tingling between her...No! She couldn't bear to let herself think like that. It was just too weird. It was still the middle of the night, too early even for Sarah to get up, but she couldn't just go back to sleep. Instead she went to the kitchen to get a glass of water. Nerves still frazzled she permitted herself a Snickers and the chocolate did help soothe her. Unbidden Sarah thought of the taste of chocolate on Casey's lips but she pushed the memory away.

"It was just a dream," Sarah whispered to herself, "Just a really strange dream."

In spite of her reassurances, over the next week Sarah found the images disturbingly difficult to shake off. She'd see Casey reaching up to the top shelf of the cupboard and know, even though she looked away, that Casey's sweater had risen up and a pink crescent moon of her pudgy lower belly was winking at her from across the room. Sarah saw Casey each morning when she came out of her room in a tank top now so small for her tummy that it rolled up over the navel and in panties so tight that they squeezed the tops of her thighs and allowed generous handfuls of Casey's perpetually bouncing and captivatingly protuberant ass to hang tantalisingly out of the sides. And when Sarah followed Casey up the narrow stairway to their apartment or to a lecture she always seemed to find herself stuck behind Casey's undulating spheres swaying back and forth as she climbed while Sarah did everything she could not to stare at the hypnotic ebb and flow of flesh under stretched fabric. Sarah observed all of this and more but regardless of what she saw or how it made her feel she held onto the truth and the truth was that whatever she was experiencing wasn't real. First of all she liked guys and in all her life she'd never once felt the need or desire to experiment with her sexuality. Second of all she was most assuredly not attracted to fat. As far as Sarah was concerned this was just a weird little crush brought on by a prolonged drought in her sex life (she hadn't felt comfortable picking up guys since she started to pretend to get fatter), a strange dream that was probably a result of sugar withdrawal from her diet, and her underlying personal conflict over what she was doing to Casey and what Casey was trying to do to her. Elementary psychology really, and once her sub-conscious came to the same conclusion all of this nonsense would just disappear. She hoped.

Regardless of her currently somewhat fragile and confused emotional state Sarah had not let it adversely affect her day-to-day habits or deter her from continuing to ensure that Casey consumed as many calories as she was capable of each and every day. In that respect her new diet had been a rousing success. Infuriated by Sarah's continued consumption of salads, steamed vegetables, and grilled skinless chicken Casey had continued to cook huge portions of delicious, fattening, rich food in an effort to tempt Sarah to break her diet. Though at times Sarah had wanted little more than to join Casey she had held fast at mealtimes making Casey suitably ticked off at having been thwarted once again that she usually polished off a meal that would have happily fed the two of them all on her own so that Casey left the table with her bulging belly groaning from her gluttony to sleep it off on the couch. Just about every liquid in their fridge was now loaded to its saturation point with the weight gain formula. Each day at breakfast Sarah could usually count on Casey having at least one bowl of cereal with plenty of milk and even on the days when she spoilt Casey with a nice fry-up to help her besotted roommate recover from a hangover there was always a tall glass of orange juice to wash it all down. Combined with the fact that Casey could single-handedly go through a 2-litre bottle of diet cola in three or four days if she had a large pile work to do and Sarah was playing a game where she held all the cards.

Of course Casey had had her own little successes. After her first miserable night of unadorned salad Sarah had gone out the following day to buy a few diet essentials like a proper array of vegetables, low-fat dressing, low-fat mayonnaise, carrot sticks and the like, all things she intended to use to help her break the pattern of habitual eating Casey had managed to cultivate in her. The first time she used the dressing she had been glad of the extra flavour but still missed the far tastier fare she had become so accustomed to. The second time however Sarah noted a marked improvement in taste that she knew could only be the result of one thing. When Sarah next had the opportunity to read Casey's diary she found her proof, Casey had swapped as many of her low-calorie foods as possible with extra-rich, more fattening equivalents. Sarah had let the matter slide, her exercise more than balanced out some dressing and it made Casey happier to see her eat it, and Casey's happiness was crucial. Sarah had also done a fair job of pretending to fall off the wagon a few times that week and had even let Casey "catch" her rooting around in the snacks cupboard yesterday afternoon. When Casey realised what Sarah was doing she had tried as hard as she could to sneak back into her room without being seen, hoping to leave Sarah to gorge on crisps and ice-cream, but Sarah had turned around, flushed red in embarrassment, and mumbled something about looking for her rice cakes before dashing into her room. Her blushing cheeks had been opportune but not planned. Unwilling though she was to face the bald truth Sarah had to admit it had been a reaction to seeing Casey half-naked in a pair of denim jeans that were tight around her thighs a half-dozen pounds ago. Her stomach was hanging over the front, her love-handles were rolling around to the side and in pulling herself up short at the sight of Sarah about to stuff her face Casey's unspent momentum had flowed into her belly and sent it wobbling. The sumptuous sight had drawn Sarah's eyes and caused a brief tingle between her legs. Sarah had even noted that her gain had finally started to affect Casey's chest which seemed to be gently climbing out of her bra. Though Sarah had immediately fought against her unwelcome reaction and struggled to get control of her turbulent emotions the heat of her baser instincts still necessitated her opening the window in her room to cool off. But still, Sarah told herself, it was only temporary.

A party on Tuesday provided Sarah another opportunity to give Casey a really good stuffing. She had debated with herself for hours over whether or not she should do it. A part of her was positively giddy at the thought and a separate, more cautious part was worried by her excitement. Was she doing this to fatten Casey or for her own recently surfaced lechery? Would she do something incredibly stupid and ruin everything? Sarah's eventual decision was that she shouldn't allow her new crush (or whatever it was) to change her routine. Of course that quiet voice in the back of her mind was still concerned that she was using this logic as a rationalisation to justify doing what she wanted to do, but for the most part Sarah ignored those nagging doubts.

The party was fun. Sarah had found a slightly more flattering outfit than she had after Thanksgiving and, she proudly told Casey, she had managed to lose 4lbs (in the form of a little padding around her middle) which made her feel a little better about her appearance. Sarah even wound up making out with one of the guys from her literature class. Thoughts of Casey flickered at the edge of her mind but for the most part Sarah was happy and relaxed. After her usual barrage of cocktails Casey was pretty comfortable as well, comfortable enough that her prodigious hunger had taken control of the wheel and she was hovering near the snack table with a continually refilling plate of food. By the time Sarah was ready to take Casey home the dress was stretching dangerously over Casey's stomach, wrinkles forming across her hips and under the overhang of her belly as the material bunched up around Casey's voluptuous figure. A stop at a McDonald's drive-through on the way home provided Sarah with an easy way to get started and the flask of her patented chocolate shake-cum-vodka-cum-weight gain powder and appetite stimulant that Sarah had prepared and left in the car made sure that Casey maintained her buzz while she continued to chow down on a few greasy burgers. Helping Casey up to the apartment proved to be an exhilarating experience for Sarah. Having a large part of Casey's considerable weight bearing down on her shoulders as she guided Casey up the stairs provided Sarah with a visceral demonstration of how fat her friend had become. The feeling of the spongy chub encasing Casey's midriff pressing into the side of Sarah's head sent a thrill down Sarah's fingertips and she could feel a heat rising to her cheeks completely unrelated to the effort of supporting Casey's bulk. Back in the apartment Sarah wasted no time in unzipping Casey's dress, it was already one of her largest and most forgiving and if it got ripped there would be some very awkward questions. Sarah tried to remain impassive at the sight of Casey's wobbling rump shimmying out of the dress and over to the fridge, she tried to simply be delighted that her plan was working, but the dull ache of desire gnawed in the pit of her stomach just as Casey's hunger did the same. How had she never noticed the way Casey's love-handles shrank and grew as her hips swayed from side to side? How had she never marvelled at the perfect smoothness and flawless dome-like symmetry of her swollen buttocks as they consumed her panties? Why was it that she had never before been awed by the sound of Casey's silky thighs brushing together? All of this had passed her by before but standing behind her now it was all Sarah could do to retain a cogent thought.
Fuck she had it bad.

The stuffing was easy that night. Once undressed Casey went to the fridge, body jostling, revelling in its unconstrained freedom, and took out a pint of ice-cream, grabbed a spoon and settled down on the sofa to eat. Sarah was still gaping by the door when she finally snapped out of it and proceeded to the kitchen to get started. Her plan that night had been for a slow, gentle feeding that would supplement and accelerate Casey's inexorable growth. The sight of Casey's gut pooling onto her thighs while the folds of fat creased around the arc of her belly and buried her navel had brought about a new plan. Sarah set about mixing up a large batch of her magic shake for Casey, minus the appetite stimulants which Casey had already taken. All of the ingredients were there, maybe Sarah had been intending to do this the whole time, it was difficult to be sure. A pint of chocolate ice-cream and the remaining quarter of a pot of vanilla, a bottle of chocolate sauce, three large slabs each of milk and white chocolate melted in a saucepan, a pot of double cream and enough milk to bring the shake to the top of the blender. After a liberal blitzing during which Sarah's eyes wandered haplessly over to Casey, whose chin developed a small partner every time she opened her mouth for another spoonful of frozen bliss, Sarah fetched the weight gain powder and proceeded to stir as much in as she felt she could get away with. Screw restraint, screw caution Sarah wanted enough calories in this drink to make Casey so fat that all she would see when she looked passed her breasts was belly. So fat that all her clothes would strain and rip over her gorgeous curves and she would be forced to spend the rest of her life sitting in her ever more overwhelmed underwear eating the treats that Sarah gave her. The shake was incredibly thick. When she passed Casey the first glass she tried to drink it but quickly found it went quicker if she used her spoon. While Casey was almost frantically trying to scrape every morsel from the glass Sarah stuck the rest in the microwave for a few minutes to try and make it a little more liquid. When she gave Casey the jug instead of just refilling the glass her eyes widened and she licked her chops, chocolatey tongue smearing her lips. Casey took a long draught, the deliciously warm mixture flowing much more readily, but as she made to lower the jug from her open maw Sarah put a hand underneath and held it firm, tipping it a little higher up so that the milkshake flowed faster and Casey had to swallow more rapidly. Sarah kept the jug in place while Casey's eyes bulged in their sockets. While one hand was still holding the jug the other was now rubbing her belly as it became fuller and fuller with Sarah's heavenly libation. Sarah meanwhile was staring hungrily at Casey's swelling stomach. Each time Casey gulped it sent a little tremor that rippled across her breasts and over her belly while the food hitting her stomach caused another tiny wave that crashed into the first setting her entire stomach jiggling chaotically. As Casey's stomach got larger and larger the ripples became smaller and smaller, the weight of the milkshake spreading Casey's stomach forward and smothering her thighs. As Sarah tipped the last dregs of the shake into Casey's mouth she swallowed and then gasped for breath, panting as though she had run a marathon. Her exhaustion didn't stop her from taking the now empty jug from Sarah and scooping out the chocolate residue lining the sides with her fingers before sucking them clean. When all was finally done she heaved herself round until she was lying across the couch, hands resting on her doming belly that was stuffed so full it towered over her prone form. Sarah drummed her fingers against the smooth expanse of flesh, her digits sank down a little through the adipose before meeting resistance as they found the full stomach below. Well, almost full. Sarah went to the kitchen and grabbed a tube of raw cookie dough but when she proffered it to Casey she hardly seemed to notice, her eyes glazed over and her mouth locked in a wide grin from her monster sugar high. Undeterred Sarah took the spoon and carved out a large mouthful from the dough before gently placing it at Casey's lips like a mother feeding a child. The smell of nearby food was all Casey needed to open wide and gobble the uncooked confection. Spoonful by spoonful Sarah fed Casey the entire tube. Even when strange gurgling noises started rumbling from her slowly growing belly Casey showed no desire to slow down. Sarah marvelled at Casey's stomach as it grew. Like her thighs and her ass it was perfectly smooth, no stretch marks in spite of the rapidity of her growth and the frequent stuffings it had endured. Sarah could measure Casey's true fullness by the depth of her navel, every bite seemed to make it a little shallower. Sarah thought of a pregnant woman and how the weight and size of a baby made their belly buttons pop out. She wondered if that could happen with food. By the time the tube was three-quarters empty Casey's breathing was becoming more ragged but Sarah was certain she could finish. Casey's fingers eased off their rubbing duty, even the slight pressure of her own hands seemed more than Casey could face at that point. Sarah resisted the urge to test her fullness, she didn't want to hurt Casey, but the curiosity was killing her. When she reached the end of the tube it was clear that Casey was done. Her breathing was shallow, her stomach was so engorged that even propped up against some pillows Casey could barely see her toes past its summit, and even the glorious combination of sugar and booze saturating her system didn't seem to be enough to dull the pain of being so uncomfortably full. Loathe to attempt to pick Casey up and carry her to the bed as she had last time Sarah took full advantage of the fact that Casey was still awake and heaved her to her feet, with much moaning and whimpering from Casey who quickly clutched her swaying midsection with her hands in an effort to keep the food from dragging her stretched tummy to the floor. As the two girls made the slow trek to Casey's bed Sarah heard a tear and soon saw Casey's underwear tangling around her feet completely split down the right side. Unable to help herself Sarah reached down with a free hand to Casey's bottom. When she felt her hand sink into one of Casey's cheeks she felt a tremor of arousal that set her entire body humming. Instinctively she began kneading and pawing at Casey's balloon-like rump that in spite of the substantial width of her hips still jutted outwards in two fleshy orbs that moulded around the pressure of Sarah's fingers. It wasn't until Sarah heard Casey's low moan of pleasure that she realised what she was doing. Shocked and embarrassed she put Casey to bed, cleaned up the kitchen and went to her own room.

"That is enough of that," Sarah whispered quietly to herself. "This has got to end, it's about time I got a grip."

And with that thought she drifted off to sleep and dreamt of fattening Casey and other pleasures.

Temporary her attraction might be but the trouble was that Sarah wasn't sure of the timeframe. By the following weekend Sarah felt as though she was starting to unravel. Seeing Casey all the time, seeing Casey get fatter with every meal, was driving her from desperately horny to hopelessly ashamed a dozen times a day. Sarah just didn't know how to cope. Ever since Tuesday each night she went to sleep Sarah had been suffering from the "fat dreams" as she had taken to calling them. They were lurid, sexual, perverted, unnatural..., exciting. The confusing images persisted in the daylight hours and sometimes when she saw Casey, especially after a particularly heavy meal, she would get a strange feeling of déjà-vu or else flashback to a memory of one of her imaginings. Sarah was poignantly aware of all those feelings on Sunday morning when she sat down to breakfast with Casey. The last two weeks had been one of near continuous weight loss for Sarah, although her progress had been somewhat lackadaisical thanks to the numerous "midnight snacks" she had had to keep Casey happy. She had told Casey that morning that as a reward for two weeks of successful dieting and to celebrate her losing a full 7.5lbs that she was going to have a proper dinner that evening rather than broiled chicken and that for a few hours that night the diet would be off. Casey had congratulated Sarah on her success and even had the gall to comment on how healthy she thought it was to break a diet on occasion. Sarah knew she was lying of course but it sounded good and, judging by how distracted she became, Casey was scheming madly on what she was going to cook that evening.

Sarah had naturally offered to help cook but Casey had shooed her away, citing the old adage about too many cooks and inedible soup. Sarah was fairly sure that Casey's primary concern was that if she saw the calories that went into her cooking she might change her mind about indulging in it. However, since she had coursework due in next semester Sarah didn't mind sitting it out and getting a head start. Peering over the lid of her laptop periodically Sarah was able to observe Casey's culinary process and formulate a fair estimation as to what she was making. All indications pointed to a lasagne, a favourite of Casey's. The recipe, Sarah knew, was Casey's mother's but from the look of things Casey was making a few judicious alterations. Lasagne was a good choice in many respects. It had rich, creamy sauces with plenty of cheese, plenty of carb-heavy pasta, and plenty of ground beef all stuck together with enough liquid to make it easy to eat quickly, and it could be further augmented with nice, fattening garlic bread. Of course with Casey using three different types of cheese and doubling the quantities of just about everything the lasagne already packed a pretty good wallop. Although Sarah couldn't help but smirk to herself as Casey substituted cream for milk since the milk, laced as it was with weight gain supplement, was probably the more fattening of the two. As Sarah continued to watch Casey while she worked a mixture of amusement, anticipation, and trepidation began building inside of her. Sarah didn't want to be fat, she knew that, and the thought of eating food that was deliberately created to be fattening set her teeth on edge but the notion of Casey eating it, well, that was another thing entirely. It was one thing for Sarah to feed Casey when she was drunk. That was easy. When Casey's rational mind was out of commission her underlying habits took control. While Casey had been eating more and more food more and more regularly over the passing weeks she never came close, on an ordinary day, to reaching the same level of consumption she did when Sarah was there to push her. But the idea of Casey, completely compos mentis, willingly eating something like that when she knew full well what was in it? It was enough to make Sarah feel the all too familiar squirming sensation of arousal... and shame.

Dinner turned out to be fantastic. Buoyed by her roommate giving in to the hedonistic pleasures of good food Casey was in the highest of spirits, Sarah couldn't remember the last time Casey had seemed so effervescently happy. Sarah found herself swept along in her friend's wake and, knowing how important it was that she do her best, had resolved to eat as much as she could. There was certainly the potential to do that with the spread Casey had prepared. The lasagne tray was the largest they had in the apartment, it fit into their oven with about a millimetre to spare on either side, and Casey had filled the entire thing to the brim. There had been vague mumblings about having leftovers for a few days but Sarah knew that wasn't what Casey had in mind. As Sarah had predicted there was no shortage of garlic bread and Casey had even prepared a salad, perhaps in some attempt to appeal to Sarah's peace of mind, although it was lathered in dressing and chock-full of tasty but unhealthy accoutrements like diced pancetta and fried croutons. Casey heaped large helpings on both their plates and was careful to watch Sarah take her first few bites. Sarah didn't have any objection to that, the lasagne was marvellous and after the relative famine of the last fortnight the sudden rush of flavour was like stepping out of the freezing cold into a warm room with a roaring fire. Sarah couldn't get over how great everything tasted and there was no acting needed to convey her delight, her moans of appreciation were completely genuine. Once Casey was satisfied she started her own meal, quickly succumbing to the wonders of her own food and losing interest in Sarah's eating habits. Once she was sure that Casey was not worried that she would renege Sarah slightly slowed her eating so that her plate drew level with Casey's, she had learnt long ago the cost of finishing first, and allowed herself to drift into a happy rhythm of food and conversation. The two talked in a way they hadn't for months. Gossiping about the latest romances, bitching about their classes and their workloads, talking about their plans for the Christmas holidays, the two of them made steady, continuous progress through the monstrous portion of lasagne.

Naturally it was Sarah who first realised just how full she was getting. They'd been eating for over an hour, over three-quarters of the lasagne was gone and she was mopping up some cheese sauce with what little remained of her garlic bread. The conversation had lulled for what felt like the first time since they had sat down to eat and Sarah was suddenly aware of the painfully squeezed sensation around her middle. Looking down revealed her rather bloated belly, pressing through the padding hard enough to leave an unsightly bulge that sent an involuntary flutter of panic through Sarah's mind that was quickly overwhelmed by the rush of contented happiness emanating from her full stomach. Casey looked to be similarly full, sitting back in her chair with her fingers resting on her belly with her eyes staring unfocused at the ceiling away from her clean plate. She seemed oblivious to the fact that her fingers were sinking slightly into her flab.

"That was amazing Casey," Sarah said, sounding a little out of breath.

"Thanks, it really was. There's still some more if you'd like it," Casey said hopefully.

"I'm not sure I can manage it Casey. I might actually explode."

"Well, we can always have it tomorrow for lunch or something."

Sarah let that slide, tomorrow her diet resumed but there was no need to remind Casey and sour the evening. Indeed when they both moved over to the couch to settle in for an evening of bad chick-flicks it was only about half an hour before Casey suggested some ice-cream for dessert. Though Sarah was full and had no real desire to eat anything more, ice-cream inexplicably sounded like a fantastic idea, as long as it was in moderation. The two gorged girls ploughed their way through their respective tubs until both were empty as the credits started to roll, though Casey did not know that Sarah's pot had been half-empty beforehand. Bidding each other goodnight they went to their rooms, Sarah unable to stop herself from watching Casey's jiggling rump sashaying through her door before she closed her own. Stripping down to the buff Sarah stood in front of the full length mirror in her room to examine the damage. With the padding off, her stomach didn't look quite as bad as she had feared, but it had still gone from curving inwards half an inch to pooching outwards by two. Prodding revealed only her taut and toned abs stretched over the food, no real sign of fat but still the sight of her tummy swollen never failed to jar her nerves a little. Sarah couldn't deny, however, the intensely satisfied feeling being full was giving her, it was a feeling she now realised she had sorely missed during her diet. There wasn't much to be done about it though, she didn't want to be fat and she didn't want to always need to eat so much. She thought of her run tomorrow morning, burning off some of those excess calories while Casey slept and her excesses spread themselves around her body. She wondered if Casey felt as full as she did? Did Casey find it comforting too? Too late Sarah realised that this sort of thinking was not a good idea when she was preparing for bed, it was sure to bring out those dreaded fat dreams and after night after night of disturbed sleep Sarah really wanted to get some real rest.

"There's no chance of that now," Sarah mumbled to herself as she faded away. "No chance at all."

But, that night, Sarah slept dreamlessly.

If the human mind was simple enough to understand, we would be too simple to understand it.

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Chapter 11

Sleep. What a concept. What a wondrous notion. Six uninterrupted hours of blissful ambivalence to the world at large after a fortnight of fevered fantasies. When Sarah opened her eyes, a shimmer of red just bleeding into the crisp morning sky, she felt... clear. The panic and the terror and the uncertainty that had been building up since her unwanted, unexpected crush on Casey manifested itself, that had been building since even before that, had faded away to leave the calm, perspicacious mind she was familiar with. She felt like herself again. She had read before, and been told by many friends trying to sound intelligent by spouting popular scientific misconceptions (Schrodinger's Cat was the most common culprit), that the brain works on problems while it sleeps. Sarah knew there was some truth in that, she'd awoken more than once with a brilliant idea on the tip of her tongue. She knew too that often the best solution to a seemingly intractable problem was to take a break, focus on something else and come back to the main question later. The concept even formed one of her most fundamental exam strategies: read every question before you answer any of them, your brain will be thinking about all of them while you work. However, never before could Sarah remember waking up with this kind of clarity. This level of certainty in an idea which she had barely given conscious thought to. It wasn't something she had planned or debated or strategised, she simply knew what she had to do. That said, the plan still needed some ironing out with other people and since the sun hadn't even peaked over the horizon now was probably not the time to begin.

Five minutes later Sarah was out in the freezing morning air, her light footfalls pounding the pavement. The air was brisk and dry, the roads and pavements devoid of cars, people, or ice. It was a perfect morning. The run gave Sarah further opportunity to consider her next move, and the ones that followed. She was optimistic, hell she was downright happy, but it was peaceful contentment rather than jubilant excitement. She had found a way out, a way to end her ongoing struggle with Casey while remaining friends and without Casey ever having to know the trick she had played on her or Sarah having to confront Casey about her less than open activities. The sun was just cresting the houses, Sarah could feel the slightest tint of warmth on her face. And it was only 11 days until Christmas. Life was good.

Safely back in the apartment, showered, dressed and padded, Sarah was waiting for Casey to emerge. Classes officially ended on Wednesday but plenty of students and more than a few lecturers were well into the holiday spirit and attendance had suffered accordingly. Sarah only had two lectures that day and neither were before noon. Casey didn't have anything until tomorrow morning. When Sarah finally heard Casey wake-up she prepared herself. She was a different person now, or rather she was the person she used to be, but her attraction to Casey hadn't gone anywhere. The last thing Sarah needed was to jeopardise everything now, so close to the end. When Casey appeared, dressed in plain white panties and t-shirt that used to hang like a curtain from her breasts but which now wrapped snugly around her second, much larger bulge Sarah could feel her heart rate pick up but self-control and quintessential calm kept the colour out of her cheeks and the quaver out of her voice.

"Morning Case."

"Hnngh fleh."



Sarah always found it amusing that after sleeping for so long Casey still woke up tired. Over the years she'd gotten a lot of envy from a lot of friends over her unnatural ability to spring out of bed every morning, but Casey had long since stopped caring about trivialities like that. Besides, having Sarah awake first meant there was usually coffee ready. She sat with Casey in silence for a time while her roommate clawed her way back to humanity. Sarah was reading over her latest essay, her last for term, looking for typos. Her newfound mental lucidity had her questioning her brain's every output for the last fortnight. It was disturbing how deeply she seemed to have been affected, completely unable to recognise how out of sync she really was. The essay was littered with niggling little errors, although the fundamental argument of the piece was up to her usual standard, and Sarah couldn't help but wonder how she had gotten into such a state. For instance, right now she was sitting across the table from the girl that a part of her was desperate to jump. She could see the dent in the t-shirt where her navel was, see the little folds of fat that were creasing around it. She could see the love-handles above her hips and the slight bulge of Casey's thighs as they squeezed out of her too-tight panties. Sarah could see the soft jiggle when Casey moved her arms and the almost imperceptible rounding of Casey's cheeks that represented the sum total of the changes to her still striking face. Sarah could see all of it but now, now it didn't drive her to distraction as it had before. Now it was a part of her, not consuming her. Sarah still didn't know what to make of her feelings. She was still embarrassed by them and she dreaded the idea of someone else finding out, particularly Casey, but it was just one aspect of her mind. How had she lost control over her own psyche? Perhaps more importantly, how had she got it back? While Sarah was pondering these increasingly deep ruminations Casey broke the customary quiet of their mornings.

"Ahh... Thanks Sarah."

"For what? The coffee? That's nothing, I'm always glad to give you a pick-me-up in the morning you know that."

"Yeah." Casey was smiling, Sarah hadn't noticed before but her slightly chubbier cheeks made her smile look beautiful.

"I really needed the caffeine jolt today, I had a terrible night."

"Oh, really? What's the matter?"

"I don't know, just had trouble getting to sleep I guess, and some weird dreams. Maybe I ate too much lasagne or something."

"Speaking of which," Sarah was unsurprised to see Casey's pupils contract, "Thanks so much for last night. It was really great to just sit and talk and eat good food with my best friend."

"Oh please Sarah it was nothing. I mean... it wasn't nothing but I totally wanted to do it."

"Seriously Case, thanks."

"Anytime babe, it was a fun night."

A genuine smile, Sarah had missed those. It made the next question all the harder to ask but there was no use putting it off, time was a factor.

"Actually, I meant to ask you something last night and completely spaced."


"Yeah, I was wondering where you were going over Christmas? Is it your Gran's turn or your Nan's?"

Both of Casey's grandmothers considered themselves matriarchs of their family and so, long ago when Casey's parents first got married, an agreement had been struck to alternate the hosting of Christmas between the two. Sarah had met them both at Casey's 18th birthday party and, while the two of them had become good friends over the years, there was an unspoken competitiveness between them that was particularly stoked by the Christmas celebrations. Accordingly the gatherings tended to run from several days before the big day till several days afterwards.

"It's my Gran this year, I got e-mailed the ultimatum on Friday. I'm to present myself for holiday cheer by no later than 12:00pm on Thursday."

"Thursday? Isn't that a little early? Even for her?"

"Well Nan started a little early last year, so this is either Gran sending a warning shot across the bows or just trying to one-up her before we even begin.

"Have I mentioned how glad I am that my grandparents aren't insane?"

"Oh ha ha. Let's all poke fun at the girl who spends her Christmases in the midst of a tribal war."

"Oh come off it Casey, it's nowhere near that bad."

"Not that bad? Do you not remember me describing the six year escalation of Christmas light extravaganzas?"


"Mom and Dad had to sit them down for peace talks. There were written complaints from neighbours and Nan got a 'friendly' warning from the electric company!"

"So they take their holiday spirit to heart, what's wrong with that? Besides, you love it."

"Yeah," Casey mused fondly, "I do. I'm the youngest one there and they both make it their life's mission to spoil me rotten, it's great."

"Youngest one there? What about your cousins?"

"They're boys. Boys don't count."

Both Casey and Sarah couldn't help but laugh at that.

"Anyway I should be back on the... 28th I think so we should definitely get together for New Year's."

"Actually, I'm not so sure I'll be around for New Year's."

"What! Why not?"

"Well, mom and dad saw Rick over Thanksgiving but there wasn't time for me to go. Since he can't take time off to come home for Christmas I thought I'd go visit him over New Year's, it's been ages since we've seen each other. Besides, I'd love to see Kenya."

"Oh, well that sounds great. I'll miss you though, when will you be back?"

"Not sure yet, still finalising the details with Rick. He's useless at responding to my e-mails."

Of course, it would have helped if Sarah had sent Rick any e-mails for him to respond to but hey, she'd only had the idea 4 hours ago.

The rest of Monday passed rather quickly for Sarah. It felt like time was slipping past her at breakneck pace and there were still a lot of things to do. She messaged Rick about a visit, leaving out her ulterior motives, and asked how long it would be possible for her to stay before he ejected her from the country. Classes were a breeze: the teachers couldn't be bothered to start anything new and most of the students that showed up were more than happy to engage in meandering though lively conversations. Or else play hangman. Sarah was pleasantly surprised to get back an essay she had written the week before, top marks as usual. She barely even remembered writing the thing but on reading it she was impressed by the approach she had taken to the topic: the portrayal of love in 19th Century European literature. Some of the prose were remarkably eloquent given the relative incoherence of her mind at the time, she'd have to remember to look at the essay again when exams rolled around.

When she got back to the apartment Casey was nowhere to be seen. Standing stock still Sarah listened intently for any sound. She could see a sliver of light under Casey's door. Ever the opportunist Sarah grabbed a Snickers out of the cupboard and knocked lightly. No response. Sarah knocked again a little more forcefully, mouth already savouring a large bite of peanut and nougat. Still nothing. Sarah pressed her ear to the door, she could definitely hear something. Then a rustling sound, one she recognised: a hand delving into a crisp packet, then back to that same weird sound. It was a... scratching noise? Comprehension hit Sarah like a ton of bricks, Casey was writing in her diary. An unusual time for her to do it but evidently whatever she was writing was important. Sarah smeared a little chocolate at the corner of her mouth, licked it a few times to make sure it caught the light, and knocked again.

"Case? You in there?"

The clap of a book shutting, muffled sounds of bedclothes being rearranged.

"Yeah I'm here, come in."

Sarah walked in smiling. Casey noticed the half-eaten chocolate bar almost immediately, Sarah waited a second before following Casey's gaze and rapidly hiding her snack behind her back.

"Oh... umm... didn't get a proper lunch..." she began to mumble before trailing off. The tiny chocolate stain on her lips was beginning to itch a little but she resisted the urge to wipe it clean just yet, she needed to make sure Casey saw that too.

"Don't worry Sarah, I'm not going to lecture you about breaking your diet, it's your business what you eat not mine."

"Thanks." Half-close eyelids and look down and to the right, perfect shame.

"What did you want anyway?"

"Nothing much, just wanted to see what you're up to. I've got no more work left and I'm really bored."

"Ahhh! No talking about work in here. This is a peaceful, calm place where work doesn't exist anymore."

"Still not finished Matherton's essay?"

"Still not started." Now it was Casey's turn to look ashamed.

"Casey! It's due in his pigeonhole by noon tomorrow. He'll murder you if you don't get it done."

"I know, I know, I just can't bring myself to start it. It's so near Christmas."

"We've had the assignment for two weeks Casey."

"And here I admit my reasoning falls down somewhat." The girls laughed in spite of themselves.

"Do you need some help? I've still got my notes and stuff. You have read the chapters right?"

"Yeah, I read them last week thinking I'd get the thing out of the way. The book was so dull I actually tried to slit my wrist with the pages. Thanks for the offer but I should probably do it on my own. If I use your notes I'll write way too good an essay and Matherton'll know I copied off of you."

"Oh shush Casey your essays are just as good as mine."

"No Sarah they're not. You're smarter than me, we both know it. You're smarter than everyone else in the class." Sarah felt an unfamiliar pang of guilt at that. Her academic success was part of the reason Casey had decided it was necessary to fatten her up. "Anyway it doesn't matter, I just need to work. I think I'll go to the library after dinner and pull an all-nighter."

"You sure?"

"Yeah, it needs to be done."

"Well then we may as well eat early so you can at least get some sleep. What are you having tonight?"

A momentary flash of puzzlement across Casey's face as her brain caught up to the subtle implication that Sarah would be back to her diet-friendly salads that evening.

"I don't know, whatever I can throw together in the next twenty minutes I guess. You sure you don't want to join me?"

"I want to. But I really can't. The scale said I was two pounds heavier this morning than I was yesterday. Last night was fantastic, and I don't regret it for a moment, but if I don't get a grip soon I'm going to have to start wearing a muumuu."


"I know, I know, I'm exaggerating a bit."

"Just a bit yeah."

Dinner was brief but fun. The magic of the previous night was still lingering in the air, helped somewhat by Sarah "taste-testing" some of Casey's bacon and eggs. When everything was finished and Casey was gathering her books Sarah went to the kitchen and brewed a pot of coffee. Grabbing a thermos from the cupboard under the sink she sprinted to her room, pulled open the bottom drawer of her dresser and retrieved the bulking powder that she had been systematically lacing all of Casey's drinks with and tipped a few spoonfuls into the flask, then dashed back out as the coffee started to percolate. Heart rate returning to normal Sarah waited patiently for the coffee to be ready and then filled the thermos to the top. A quick shake to make sure everything dissolved as planned and all was ready just as Casey re-emerged with her book bag over her shoulder.

"What's in the thermos?"

Sarah couldn't help but notice the swell of Casey's stomach against her top and the way it shifted and wrinkled as she moved, like her belly was fighting for air.

"Coffee. I figured you could use a caffeine fix if you're pulling an all-nighter."

"Have I mentioned recently that you're my hero?" Casey said, grinning ear to ear. Again Sarah couldn't help but notice her smile. And this time she could make out the barest hint of a second chin.

"I know, I know. I'm just that fantastic."

"Alright super-Sarah, I'd better be going or I'll be writing this paper on the way to hand it in. Thanks for the coffee and I'll probably see you tomorrow. Do me a favour and make sure I'm up for my 9am, assuming I get back in time to get some sleep."

"Of course I will, see you tomorrow."

And with that Casey was gone and Sarah was alone at last, there was something she desperately wanted to check out. Sarah had know Casey for years and Casey was perfectly aware that she knew about her diary. Sarah had seen Casey write in it before too. Sometimes when they'd had a sleepover Casey had written entire entries in it while she and Sarah gossiped the night away. So why then had Casey hidden her diary under the bed-sheets this afternoon? It was the sort of little thing that Sarah always noticed: small, easily explicable by any number of things, but significant in some way, even if she wasn't certain of what it was.

Casey's Diary December 15th
God! What on earth is going on with my dreams lately? For weeks now I've been having the same recurring nightmare. The first time was on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, I woke up in a cold sweat shivering head to toe, it was early too, I don't think Sarah was even awake. I feel really stupid but I've actually been avoiding writing about it here, like acknowledging it would make it come true or something but it just keeps coming back, sometimes a couple of nights week. Maybe getting it down will help get it out of my head or something.

The dream always starts off the same way. I'm in a large dining room. Sometimes it's my house, sometimes it looks like a sort of restaurant, a few times it looked like the campus mess. Sarah's seated at a table, just waiting on her own, only instead of her usual clothes that completely hide her body and make it nearly impossible to see how big she's getting (although her ass looked huge today, I think she might have tried to squeeze herself into an old pair of jeans, fucking diet)

Sarah self-consciously rubbed the padded swell of her admittedly protuberant rump.

-instead she's wearing her swimsuit from last summer, a tiny little white two-piece that shows off all the little rolls and bulges she's gained. Then suddenly I'm walking over to her carrying some ridiculous silver platter, with the big dome lid and everything. I set it in front of Sarah, who in spite of the belly pooching into her lap is practically salivating at the sight of food, and lift the lid to reveal a mountain of desserts. Pies, ice cream sundaes, cheesecake, chocolate, muffins, pastries, everything's there, far more food than could possibly have been under the lid. And Sarah eats. God she eats like nothing I've ever seen and I just wander around her watching it unfold. Her ass is so big the bikini bottoms don't even cover half of it. Every now and then she picks at them, tries to stretch them, cover herself, but her cheeks eat the material almost as fast as she eats the food. She doesn't slow down, nothing stops her. Before long there's food smeared around her mouth, little black crumbs of chocolate cake in her cleavage and all over the virgin white top, Sarah takes no notice. I look to see her belly bloating with food, to see her get fatter, to get what she deserves for always being better than me at everything. But that never happens. I wait and I wait, Sarah eats everything and I bring out another platter, even more food, more than the last and Sarah keeps eating. And it's usually about halfway through that second platter that it happens. I start feeling this pinching sensation, but I can never work out what it is. It grows tighter and tighter but all I do is watch Sarah, waiting for all that food to appear. Wanting to see her gross stomach completely smother her legs, her ass to turn the bottoms into a thong. I wait to see her thighs squish together and her hips spread over the seat but it never happens. Instead she starts getting thinner. Her legs get sleeker, her ass deflates some, her stomach recedes off her lap. She finishes the second platter and I'm furious, I can't bear the thought of her being thin again so I get another tray and I put it down, I barely even notice that the pinching makes it nearly impossible to walk, I don't care about that. At least not until it happens. There's a snapping sound and a wave of relief. I look down and I see this huge ball of flesh poking out from under my breasts. I panic, I start prodding and poking it madly trying to make it go away but it just jiggles and creases around my fingers. I find that my pants are undone, the button's missing too. I start exploring the rest of my body, I feel my ass, my gorgeous perky butt that's swollen like a couple of basketballs, practically ripping the seat of my pants even with the button gone. As I twist my body frantically trying to get a look at it I feel my thighs rub together. I try to pull off the pants but I can't. Everything's a blur of panic and confusion, I can't peel the pants off of my fat ass or down over my hips. Even the legs are starting to bind around the thighs, feels like they're gonna explode off me. And that's when the worst of it hits me: I'm still getting fatter. For the first time in what feels like ages I look over at Sarah. She's completely shrunk down to her old weight by now, she actually looks thinner and she's still eating. I realise what's happening, I realise that she's eating but I'm getting fat. I cry out for her to stop but she doesn't pay any attention to me. I beg her to look at me, to see what she's doing but she completely ignores me. By this point I can feel every part of me getting bigger and bigger. My stomach's so big I can't see my feet, I can feel stitches tearing around my thighs, my panties are wedged up my bum and I just keep getting fatter and fatter. Even my bra is digging into me but no matter how much bigger my boobs get my hideous belly is getting bigger still. I try to take the food away from Sarah but I can't reach it. I try to move closer but it gets further away. She finishes the third tray and looks at me, she's smiling but it's not Sarah's smile, it's evil and cruel. She says: "This is what you wanted isn't it Casey? Me to eat all the time, be a fat little piggy so you could feel better?" I plead with her to stop, I tell her no, I tell her it's not what I wanted, I apologise and I cry and she just looks at me, completely unmoved and says, "I think I'll have another round, bring it to me." And then I just start waddling off to the waiting silver platter, my belly actually pressing into my thighs and my butt swinging around behind me like an out-of-control truck. My clothes are ripping off me, vast stretches of skin are poking out of every gap and hole. Pretty soon the pants fall away and it's just my tiny panties ripping off my fat body. I feel so ashamed, so terrified. I give Sarah the food and she looks at me, her eyes are laughing, and she pokes me in the stomach and I wake up.

Every time I do it takes me a few seconds to realise that I'm not fat, that it was just a dream. For a moment when I prod my taut abs I can still feel the fat. Why do I keep having this nightmare? Am I feeling guilty over lying to my friend? It's not like I'm forcing her to do anything anyway, she's the one eating too much and I've hardly had to do anything at all. Besides, I want this. At first it was just an idea but I really, really want this to happen, I want it to keep going. I can't wait to see how fat she gets during Christmas break, it's a shame she won't be around for New Year's though, I guess I'll just have to wait for her to get back.

There was more in the entry but Sarah was only skim-reading it, there wasn't anything much that seemed to pertain to her. That dream... Sarah couldn't deny that reading Casey's dream had been... exciting. She felt flushed, her heartbeat was like a drum in her ears. Those same confused emotions. Time to face facts: this was not some fleeting fancy. She wanted Casey to keep getting fatter, just as much as Casey wanted to see her pork up, probably more. That whole nonsense with the coffee. Sarah hadn't even thought about why she'd taken such a tremendous risk to get few hundred more calories into Casey's growing body. It was completely unnecessary, she was just a few short weeks from ending it all, the plan was foolproof, why jeopardise everything? Because she wanted it. Because she needed it?

If the human mind was simple enough to understand, we would be too simple to understand it.

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Chapter 12

Heading home. Sarah was feeling pretty good... and not so good. The last few days had sped past in a blur of packing and farewells but still Sarah had been carefully following "The Plan". A smooth exit was crucial and as such Sarah was heading home the day after Casey. Casey had spent two days umming and ahhing over whether she was going back home on the Wednesday and then catching a lift with her parents the following day or simply going straight to her Gran's on Thursday morning. Depending on the hour of the day, her prevailing mood, and whether Mercury was in the 7th house Casey's decision would oscillate wildly, as would her reasons for one course or another. Her packing was a simpler affair, though Sarah had dreaded it. Fortunately Casey seemed to have subconsciously relegated most all of her old clothes, particularly her pants, to the back of her closet in favour of the newer, roomier clothes that Sarah had spent so long sewing new size tags into. Even the largest of these, the 8s, were somewhat tight around her rump and across the hips but Casey was either immune or oblivious to the uncomfortable constriction Sarah was certain was an almost constant fixture.

To avoid any possible complications Sarah had arranged a Thursday morning shift at work to ensure she would not be able to pool back with Casey on the Wednesday. The reason for this, obviously, was to be able to go home thin. She hadn't seen anyone over Thanksgiving outside of Casey's family, her parents had no idea she had gotten "fat". There was a fair chance that her mother might have heard something from Casey's but politeness would guarantee that any mention of her gain would be under-played if it were mentioned at all. Her parents would see her thin as ever and simply conclude that she had shed the weight.

So here she was, mile after mile of monotonous highway passing by dressed in clothes that actually fit, no padding making her feel fat, and the prospect of seeing her family in a few hours. Miserable. No, misery wasn't the right emotion, melancholy was the right word. She had seen Casey off that morning (she'd eventually elected to drive to her Gran's on her own), a hug and a "See you soon". Sarah already missed her a little. Sarah still didn't know what to do with the jumbled mess of feelings that Casey had become to her, there were too many competing voices in her head, but seeing Casey every day made her... happy. Seeing Casey getting fatter each day made her... something else. Of course there was virtually no chance of Casey not realising her weight gain over the holidays, there were just too many people for someone not to make comment on it. The idea of coming back from Africa to find Casey thin again was frustrating but there was nothing Sarah could do about it except make plans to reverse the damage when she returned.

Loud music accompanied by a particularly obnoxious DJ managed to keep Sarah's mind off of the more weighty matters floating around in her head and soon she was pulling into her driveway. The presence of an extra car alerted her immediately to the danger that awaited her inside. Sure enough no sooner had she crossed the threshold she was nearly driven back through the door as two Exocet missiles crashed into her and proceeded to try and squeeze the life out of her.

"Sarah! Sarah! Sarah!"

Dropping to one knee Sarah returned the embrace before lifting both girls into the air, their arms wrapped around her neck. Easily two of her favourite people in the world, Emma and Eliza were her twin cousins. All of six years old and identical save for their clothes they were a phenomenal combination of sweetness and mischief. It didn't take long for her Aunt Rachel (her mother's sister) to respond to their cries and soon Sarah was exchanging hugs and kisses with her parents and her uncle as well while the twins tried to wriggle out of her arms and onto her shoulders. Sarah's mom, Sandra, and Rachel were quick to grab the girls before tears ensued and Sarah spent the next ten minutes standing in the hallway discussing her journey and her time at school. No comments on the weight she'd lost outside of a "You're looking well". As everyone eventually finished welcoming her home and turned back towards the living room Sarah looked to the doorway of the kitchen. As she expected, there was Catherine the twins' elder sister and, in direct contrast to the bubbling delight of the young girls, one of Sarah's least favourite people. Sarah liked to view herself as open minded but the truth was that she and Catherine had been on poor terms from a young age. She was younger than Sarah, she'd turned 18 only last month, and they'd known each other since they were infants. Most everyone that knew Sarah described her in a similar way: positive, outgoing, generous, brilliant, fun. Plenty of people had made similar comments about the twins, full of life and laughter. Catherine though was a different matter. She was a quiet child when young, kept to herself. Prone to sulking and tantrums. As she grew up she evolved into a moody teenager, disinterested in everything around her, isolating herself from others. Sarah knew she was smart, not in her league exactly but it didn't make a difference since Catherine never bothered to apply herself to any of her work, or find a hobby. There was a time when Sarah had felt sorry for Catherine, though she'd never said so to her face. She spent her life looking at people, like Sarah, who effortlessly engaged with others, like it was the easiest thing in the world. Sarah had seen Catherine try and make friends when they were kids, she'd been shy, occasionally bursting to anger. Classic signs of fear. Sarah had tried to be her friend, or at least she thought she had, but the truth was that Sarah was practically the embodiment of everything Catherine envied, the life she would never get to lead. Sarah's sympathy for Catherine had waned quickly after the twins were born. The whole family had been hoping that having two little sisters would give Catherine someone to connect to, someone who would look up to her and trust her and have a chance of bringing her out of her shell. But it never happened. Catherine was bitter at the competition, envious of the attention lavished on the newborns and she ignored the girls like she ignored everyone else. And so Sarah had become the sister that Emma and Eliza needed. She'd felt guilty at first, like she was stealing something from Catherine, and she'd struggled so hard to get her involved. She tried to hang out with her when she was babysitting the twins, tried to find games the four of them could play together but Catherine just refused to be a part of anything. It was, Sarah knew, the last straw in her relationship with Catherine. The idea that Sarah had supplanted her as a sister left nothing but cold hatred behind and Sarah never forgave the way Catherine treated the girls. The truth was that Catherine wasn't a victim, she just thought she was. It was everyone else's fault, never hers.

She was standing, actually leaning up against the doorframe, arms folded over her chest looking bored and irritated that she was being forced to spend time with her family. Sarah caught her eye as she passed, gave a terse nod which was not acknowledged or reciprocated, and turned her attention back to Emma who was standing in front of her, arms outstretched, looking for a piggy-back ride.

It was a blissful afternoon for Sarah. Shortly before she'd graduated from high school her aunt and uncle had moved, taking Emma and Eliza with them. They hadn't gone far but Sarah hadn't been able to see them as often as she liked or take them to the park when the sun was shining. Having them in the house made all her other problems disappear. Barely a half hour after Sarah had got home she was being shooed out the door again by four little hands, desperately excited by the approaching big day and the prospect of going to buy the Christmas tree. Sarah found herself accosted by her father into helping him and her uncle load the tree onto the roof of the car while the twins hung from the branches. They spent the afternoon decorating the tree and the house, lights and tinsel and baubles and trinkets. Rachel was in the kitchen preparing dinner (Sandra was never much of a cook and always happy to be replaced by her sister) and Sarah wandered in periodically to help. Going to bed that night Sarah couldn't remember ever feeling so peaceful.

Sarah was in her apartment with Casey only everything looked distorted somehow. Sunlight was streaming through the windows but there were no shadows in the room. The kitchen seemed larger, the bedroom doors much further away. And Casey... looked amazing! She was dressed in the sexy nurse outfit she'd worn at Halloween. She was wearing a crystal white top that seemed to glow gently and stopped barely an inch below her breasts and that same thigh high skirt that showcased her gorgeous figure. Her potbelly was fully on display in the tiny top, jiggling as she breathed. Her love-handles folded over the hem of the skirt before melding seamlessly into her stomach while the too small shirt pinched a little flesh just below at her sides creating a premature but devastatingly attractive inner tube effect. The tight top had her sumptuous breasts practically fighting to escape, smooth, creamy flesh oozing subtly over the sides and visibly straining the buttons. The skirt of course was even more astounding, so short it flaunted her fatted thighs as they quivered and pressed together and so tight that every fractional movement seemed to strain another stitch to breaking point as it tried to contain her womanly hips and jutting ass. Sarah was captivated, overwhelmed by lust. She ran to Casey, enveloping her in her arms and passionately kissing the object of her adoration. She guided her over to the bed in the middle of the living room and tenderly held Casey's head in her hands, dazzled by her beautiful smile, before pulling out a chocolate cake from behind her back. Delicately tracing her finger across the dark surface she popped her cocoa-frosted digit into Casey's eager mouth, relishing the delicate flick of her tongue as she licked it clean. Abandoning pretence she grabbed a slice in each hand and dangled them tantalisingly over her supine lover's face, Casey was so desperate for a taste she was drooling. With no warning Sarah pushed the first slice into her face, filling her mouth to capacity and leaving a trail of crumbs and smeared icing on her cheeks. Again and again she forced Casey's mouth full of the moist cake until her cheeks bulged. Again and again Casey swallowed and flashed Sarah that thousand watt smile. When the cake disappeared Sarah looked down at Casey's gorgeous face. Her eyes roved over her form, drinking it in. Words like fat and chubby and plump didn't seem apt to describe Casey, she was just beautiful. And most beautiful of all was her belly, swollen with fat and cake, rising and falling with her breathing, quivering and wobbling and jiggling. Sarah traced her fingers around its circumference, feeling the electricity building between them. Her finger left little trails in Casey's fat that glimmered in the suddenly dim light. As Sarah's finger rubbed up and down Casey's breaths became erratic, fast then slow, shallow then deep. Her breasts heaved, her whole body trembled. Sarah's hands were roving over Casey's hips now, prying their way into the vice-grip of her skirt, peeling it down her chubby thighs. Climbing onto the bed Sarah straddled Casey, hands kneading her belly, working her way up to the still pristine white top. With excruciating slowness she flipped open the buttons, one by one, until only the last one was left. She returned to Casey's belly, eyes fixated on the button straining against Casey's breasts, as she began gently massaging her stomach, running her hands up Casey's silky smooth sides, allowing one hand to drift down and brush the inside of Casey's ripe thigh. Casey inhaled sharply, the sudden shock snapped the button and Casey's breasts were bared to the air. Casey's nipples were like rocks, Sarah tickled and teased them with her hands, Casey moaning softly, panting in ecstasy. Sarah looked across at the mirror that encircled them and saw for the first time that she was wearing her Halloween costume as well, a dark red demoness, complete with little horns and a devilish grin. Lowering herself over Casey so that her own taut abs lightly pressed into Casey's squishy bulge she took a finger and gently wiped a line of chocolate icing from Casey's messy face. Bringing it to her lips Sarah sucked it clean with agonising slowness, eyes closed as she hummed in pleasure. Casey looked up at her, eyes dancing, a patina of sweat glistening on her brow. She opened her mouth to speak, practically purring with excitement.

Sarah woke up.

For the longest time she didn't say a word, breathing in and out slowly as she tried calm herself down. Getting out of bed she went to her window and opened it wide, a draught of freezing cold air shot in from the inky blackness outside. Sarah's nipples stiffened in response, her mind immediately started reliving the dream again but she pushed it away. However, she couldn't shake the last four words Casey had spoken, couldn't stop hearing them over and over again.

"Anything else to eat?"

If the human mind was simple enough to understand, we would be too simple to understand it.

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Chapter 13

The next three days were difficult for Sarah. The fat dreams had returned in earnest, visiting her every night and leaving her mind filled with fantastical visions of floating food and bloated bellies straining the confines of tiny clothes. During the day though she was relentless in keeping control of her thoughts. Her mental discipline was a great source of pride to Sarah and she was not about to let herself lose focus again. Instead she abided by a simple but rigid set of rules: From sunrise to bedtime her mind was a Casey-free zone, she didn't think about her, didn't think about fattening her, didn't think about her dreams of her. Period. This rule had led to several others, among which was to limit her exposure to food, it tended to evoke too many powerful memories, and as such she had taken to skipping most meals when she could and not eating much when she didn't. She had also taken to running even longer each morning, usually the second her dreams jolted her awake. Running had always soothed her and, since she knew avoiding the problem couldn't work forever, she had allocated her runs as an appropriate time to think about the forbidden pleasures her subconscious conjured each night. The regular rhythm of her footfalls kept her mind from running away from her. The sub-zero air hitting her face kept her body from running away from her. The absence of people, of animals, of any sound save for her steady breathing was thoroughly restorative, easily erasing any tiredness her erratic sleeping patterns left her with. One thing she had discovered on her morning runs was that Catherine stayed up very late, the light in her room was usually on when Sarah left, a sliver of yellow peaking through the heavy curtains. It made sense Sarah supposed, Catherine didn't wake up till two in the afternoon most days, but she couldn't help but think that it was childish.

Instead of pining and obsessing over her own tangled libido (even to herself Sarah never referred to her attraction to Casey as part of her "love life", it just didn't sound right) Sarah had thrown herself whole-heartedly into her favourite winter activity: making sure Emma and Eliza had a great Christmas. In truth the magic of Christmas had never touched Sarah when she was little. Precocious even as a young child she'd realised the truth behind Santa Claus by the time she was five: she knew the world was too big for one man to traverse in a single night and her father's assertions that it was "magic" couldn't undo the damage. Christmas was still fun but she had known that there was something else to it that filled the other kids with a practically tangible excitement that she couldn't feel once she knew the truth. Seeing that same joy in the twins' eyes though made her feel like a child again. It was impossible not to get caught up in their limitless hope and optimism which was why no matter what they wanted to do from making snow angels in the park to sledding down the street Sarah made sure that Emma and Eliza got their wish. In years past Sarah had worried that Catherine would spoil the secret, whether out of spite or just callous indifference, but after nearly giving the game away the previous year she'd been lectured, very calmly but firmly by her father, the one person Catherine showed any (admittedly grudging) respect, and the matter had been settled. Keeping up with two hyper six year olds frequently cresting a sugar high after indulging in some home-baked Christmas cookies was an exhausting enterprise but one that Sarah's recent exercise bender had more than prepared her for. She heard a great many overused comments like "Getting tired just looking at you" and to say that her aunt and uncle were grateful was an understatement, in previous years they'd actually offered to pay her but she'd always refused. The twins were never a job to her.

On Monday when Sarah arrived in the kitchen to take the twins to the park after lunch she couldn't help but notice her mom staring at her out of the corner of her eye. She looked concerned for some reason, which usually forecast an upcoming argument. However, Sarah couldn't think of any basis for her mother to be worried, save perhaps the blistering cold, so she shrugged it off and enjoyed the hours of fun with Emma and Eliza in the park. Together the three of them built a particularly magnificent snowman, Sarah had grabbed a carrot at home for its nose, that was taller than Sarah. With Emma and Eliza temporarily exhausted after a rambunctious snowball fight they walked home hand-in-hand.

"Sarah," Emma said as they walked back, "What's an-oo-weck-sick mean?"

To Sarah's credit her face didn't register the shock at her six year old cousin asking her such an odd question but it still took a few moments for her brain to catch up.

"Where did you hear that word Em?" She managed to keep the concern out of her voice, but not her mind.

"What's it mean?"

"I don't know," Sarah lied, "Maybe I can work it out though. Where did you hear it?"

"Cat said it," Eliza piped up, "When she came into the kishen. I was eating peanut butter."

"Well, what did she say?"

"That you were Ms. Anoowecksick because you weren't eating with us." Damn.

"Well, I still don't know what she meant, but if she was talking about me she must have been saying how much I like tickling," Sarah said with a big smile as she lunged at the girls, both laughing hysterically, while her mind ran through the consequences of her irritating cousin's loud mouth.

Her mother's stares were easily explained now. Sarah found it very annoying that her own mother could mistrust her so quickly but that had always been her way. She seemed determined to find and fix faults in her daughter, maybe (and Sarah loathed the arrogance of the thought) because there hadn't been many things for her to fix. She knew that a confrontation with her was just a matter of time now and Sarah couldn't win. Arguing with her mother was impossible: either you agreed with her or she accused you of picking fights and started to cry. It was a disgusting, maddening and thoroughly effective strategy that even Sarah's considerable intellect had never found an answer to. Sarah would be civil, she would be calm, but she wasn't going to just give in without making her point. She was an adult, she'd been one long before she left high school, and continually caving to her mother's emotional blackmail couldn't last forever.

Sarah ate her usual minute portion at dinner, indifferent to the glances and dirty looks her mother threw her. Capitulating now would be an admission of guilt and she hadn't done anything wrong. The conversation came almost immediately after dinner when Sandra asked her to help dry the dishes.

"So..." her mother began as she deftly cleaned a plate.

"Hmm." Pretending not to be listening never worked but playing for time was in Sarah's favour. The sooner the dishes were done the sooner she might be able to escape.

"I wanted to talk to you about something important."


"Sarah, listen to me please." Instantly her mother's tone had turned stern.

"I am, you want to talk to me about something important."

"It's about your eating."

"What?" There was no sense in making it easy for her, if she had to suffer through this farce then her mother would at least have to broach an uncomfortable topic. It's not like it had ever stopped her before.

"Your eating. Or lack thereof. I'm concerned you're not eating properly." The caring mother assault.

"I'm eating fine, there's nothing to worry about."

"You've lost some weight, quite a bit given how thin you already were."


"So it's not healthy."

"Says who?"

"Says me and don't you use that tone of voice."

"Last time I checked you're not a doctor mom." Come on, take the bait.

"And I suppose you are?" Gotcha.

"Actually, I've seen one. It's not like I didn't notice the loss of appetite, I'm not an idiot. I e-mailed Rick, he gave me the name of one of his friends from med school." Sticking to already established lies, a favourite tactic of Sarah's.

"Your brother didn't mention that when we saw him."

"Because there was nothing to mention, I'm perfectly healthy. Doctor said I was completely fine."

"You still might have told me."

"That I'm fine? Seems like a pretty pointless thing to tell you about."

"Well, losing your appetite could be more serious. Maybe you should see another doctor."

"Mother, I am completely fine. I've never felt better. Okay, I lost a few pounds and I don't have much interest in food but I'm not sick, so can we just leave it?"

"What about your early morning runs?" So she knew about that too? That was annoying. Apparently Catherine had been peeking through her closed curtains.

"At first increasing my miles was something I tried to increase my appetite," Sarah was lying without a script now, she hadn't imagined anyone knew about her running. It was such a private thing. "But the truth is I really enjoy it, I've actually been training for a marathon next semester." God she hoped there was a marathon next semester, not that her mother would ever check.

"Okay, but why do you sneak out of the house so early? Why are you trying to hide it?"

"Hide it? I'm not trying to hide it. Why would you even think tha... Wait, you really do think I'm sick don't you? Not physically, mentally. You think I have an eating disorder?"

"Well, I..."

"I thought you knew me better than that." Time to press home the advantage and flee with a draw. "Anyway, the dishes are dry, I'll see you later."

And with that she made to leave but before she had gotten two steps her mother grabbed her arm and pulled her back. At first Sarah resisted but she knew she couldn't win. Self-righteous anger was her mother's game, not hers.

"Now you listen to me. I am your mother and I know what's best for you. Starting tomorrow I expect to see you at meals and I expect to see you eating properly, whether you're hungry or not. Do I make myself clear?"

"Crystal. Anyway, I won't be around for lunch tomorrow, I'm meeting Carla at the mall. I promise not to starve to death in the interim."

"Why can't you just be grateful that I'm trying to help?" Her mother's eyes were beginning to water, Sarah had had enough.

As she walked away she caught Catherine's barely concealed smirk as she sat on the edge of sofa staring into the fire. Sarah just ignored her and joined in on Emma and Eliza's game of snap.

The following day Sarah walked into the mall in a bad mood. The way her mother treated her was nauseating to be honest and Sarah had never understood the reason. Harsh as it was Sarah had modelled much of herself as the antithesis of her overly emotional, irrational, controlling mother. She knew who she was, she knew she could be manipulative and cunning and devious when she wanted, but she prided herself on never stooping to the depths her mother sank to every time they argued. The truth was simple, her mother couldn't win an argument on the merits of her own ideas, she'd been outclassed by her daughter for years, and so she cheated. That morning she had eaten a slice of toast, dry, as her mother watched on, nodding sanctimoniously as if it was obvious that she had always been right and that she had persuaded her unruly daughter to a better path. Her mood wasn't helped by a terrible night's sleep, even by her own standards, in which she swam through overflowing cornucopias of food and drowned in seas of wobbling flesh that left her feeling ashamed and frightened when she awoke. Still with each footfall she took across the white stone floor of the main throughway Sarah got calmer and calmer. She was looking forward to seeing Carla, a fellow cheerleader who had joined the team at the same time as her and Casey back in high school. Eventually Sarah made it to the food court and caught sight of Carla's familiar long black hair (which she grew down past her waist) at an otherwise empty table. She called out to her friend but as Carla stood up and made to turn around Sarah practically stopped in her tracks, mouth gaping open in shock.

Carla had gotten fat. She was of Latin descent and had always been a little hippy back in high school, she and Casey had been unofficial candidates for Rear of the School (Casey would have probably won in an official tally, but it would have been a narrow victory) but now she was really, really curvy. Dressed in a skirt that stopped mid-thigh and wrapped neatly around her wide hips and protruding posterior she looked absolutely stunning. Her thighs were still quite slim, particularly given the inches that had been added to the width of her hips, and the graceful line of her legs gave her an exotic look that set Sarah's treacherous heart beating furiously. But in the blink of an eye Sarah regained her composure and hurried forward to embrace her friend before she could turn and see her open-mouthed gaping. Hugging each other it was clear to Sarah that Carla's hips weren't the only thing that had grown: she could feel a light layer of smooshy fat hanging over the skirt. She felt her reflexively suck in her stomach as they collided but a moment later she relaxed it again and Sarah enjoyed the brief sensation of her own tight body being pressed up against Carla's soft starter belly. Carla's boobs, displayed in a low-cut sweater that obscured her little paunch, looked largely unchanged from the B-cups they'd been in high school, but that could have just been the thickness of the material.

They broke apart and sat down, talking together and catching each other up on the latest news and gossip. All the while Sarah's eyes drank in the sight of her now moderately pudgy friend. Carla had always been on the curvy side of what was acceptable for a high school cheerleader but her naturally pretty face and vivacious nature had been more than enough to offset her rather round rump. In truth she couldn't have gained more than about 10lbs, much less than Casey, but on her little 5' 3" frame it had had an amazing effect of moving her definitively into the chubby range. Sarah eventually got a grip on herself and calmed her lust. After all daylight was not an appropriate time for such feelings, those were the rules. However, she really did think Carla looked great. A big factor was that her clothes weren't too small, as many of Casey's were becoming. Seeing Casey outgrowing her pants was exciting for Sarah but Carla presented a different image, someone who had enlarged her wardrobe and was confident enough in their weight to wear clothes that accentuated it. It was oddly refreshing, almost as if it validated Sarah's own new feelings on the subject. She didn't feel quite so... isolated.

They talked for over an hour, laughing and reminiscing, comparing the trials and trivialities of college life. When Casey came up Sarah left out any mention of her weight gain or their secret war. Eventually though Carla's stomach let out a very audible growl and, blushing furiously, Carla finally addressed the topic that Sarah was most eager to hear about.

"Ooo, sorry about that. As you can probably tell it happens a lot."

"What do you mean?" Sarah asked, feigning polite ignorance and concentrating on keeping the heat out of her face.

"Oh come Sarah, I know I've gained a few since we last saw each other and I don't mind it to be honest. Although compared to how stunning you're looking I'm feeling positively enormous."

"Oh stop, you look fantastic and that skirt is gorgeous by the way."


"Did you mean what you said, about me looking good?" Sarah felt rather stupid asking the question, but something of her mother's worries had festered in her mind.

"Of course, are you dieting or something, you look so slim!"

"Not really, it just kind of happened. I started losing my appetite, picked up my running to try and perk it back up but it never really happened." Always recycle, especially lies. "I wasn't actually trying to lose weight."

"Wow, you really are lucky. My default setting is something along the lines of consuming my bodyweight in sugar and fat three times a day, hence this belly," she prodded it theatrically with a broad smile, "And my fat ass."

"You've hardly got a belly Carla, and your ass was always pretty freaking enormous." Carla took a swipe at Sarah for that particular remark which Sarah easily avoided. "You don't think I'm... too thin maybe?"

"What? No. I mean I've seen people who are really thin at college. They look pale and sickly, their faces are kind of drawn and hollow cheeked. You still look amazing, better than ever in fact. Although," she said looking Sarah straight in the eye with a stern expression, "I have noticed that the really thin people can be pretty crabby so you're halfway there."

"Thanks. My mother was chewing me out about it and I just needed to make sure she was being her usual bitchy self."

"My mother hasn't exactly been a peach either. When she saw me walk through the door the first thing she said was 'Madre de Dios your bottom is large'." Sarah burst into a fit of giggles at this point. "She's had me on a diet since I came back, I've been absolutely starving for like a week."

"Well," Sarah said suddenly, feeling a familiar tingle, "Why don't we do something about that?"


"Let's go to the all-you-can-eat Chinese place on the other side of the mall. Get you something proper to eat before you waste away."

"Definitely," Carla said, seeming thoroughly enthused, "But on one condition: if we're going to an all-you-can-eat buffet we both agree to get every last cents worth. No holding back, we eat until we explode."

"Umm..." Sarah's higher brain function was battling her baser desires. "Sure, let's do it." Desire won.

Minutes later they were in Wong Fu King Wei's authentic Chinese buffet, each with a plate in hand as they split up to hunt down their lunch from the wide array of steaming service stations. Sarah quickly returned to their table with a plate of Schezuan pork and noodles. She was about to dig in when Carla appeared, a towering plate of food in each hand and an enormous smile on her face.

"Is that it?" she said mockingly, "Is poor ickle Sarah not hungwy?"

"I told you," Sarah said, marvelling at the overflowing plates Carla had procured filled to capacity with samples of dozens of different dishes, "I've not had much of an appetite lately."

"Well too bad, because today you're eating with a big girl."

"You're not that big Carla and besides this is only my first plate, I can always go for seconds."

"I've got my seconds right here," Carla proudly stated as she swallowed a giant mouthful of sweet and sour chicken, "And then I'll go get thirds and fourths and then I'll eat whatever's left."

"I didn't realise this was a competition."

"Well it is, so nyah!"

"In that case, care to put yourself to the test?"

*Slurp* "I'm listening."

"Every plate I eat you have to eat two. Loser pays for lunch."

"Two? That seems a little unfair."

"Aww, does the big girl not think she can take ickle Sarah?"

"Fine," Carla said a glint of defiance burning in her eyes, "But on one condition."

"Name it."

"You go fill that plate up properly."

And so Sarah did, returning quickly with her plate loaded up with food from the length and breadth of the restaurant. Even though she'd only been gone a few minutes Carla had already cleared one plate and was starting her second. Not about to be outdone Sarah tore into her meal, a familiar hunger waking in her stomach as the smell of greasy, rich Chinese suffused her senses. In spite of her pace Carla was faster still, eating in a way that until now Sarah had only seen Casey manage, and then only when drunk. Her eating was continual, a steady stream of food always on way to her mouth as she dextrously wielded her fork and spoon. As one utensil dropped its contents in her waiting mouth the other was scooping up more delectable morsels for her to eat. Chewing was a ceaseless process uninterrupted by breathing or swallowing as she timed those to perfectly coincide with each new mouthful. Sarah could feel the flush rising to her cheeks as she watched out of the corner of her eye, still eating, savouring the pleasure of heavy food after her self-imposed abstinence. At her relentless pace Carla finished her second plate while Sarah's was still more than a quarter full and she wasted no time in going back for another round, returning with piles of food possibly larger than her first just as Sarah left to go fetch her seconds. Eager to spur Carla on she had picked up her own pace. Unable to match Carla's flawless form she simply stopped chewing her food and instead inhaled it in great mouthfuls filled with a varied mixture of meats and sauces. Over the course of Sarah's second plate she reached the stage of comfortable warmth that she knew meant very little in terms of her true capacity but was a definite indicator of a sensible stopping point. She ignored it. Flavours were starting to blend together by the time she finished her second plate. Beef in black bean sauce tasted like kung-pow chicken, fried seaweed tasted like won-tons, prawn toast was virtually indistinguishable from rice and noodles. In spite of her efforts though Carla finished her fourth plate just as Sarah set her knife and fork down seemingly unperturbed by the vast quantity of food she'd consumed. Sarah wasn't full yet, she knew her limits were far beyond a paltry two plates, but she didn't exactly want to end up too stuffed to move. That said the thought of ending the bet now was utterly unacceptable. The decision was made for her when Carla stood up again and headed straight back to the buffet, Sarah quickly following.

"So, feeling a little full yet?" Carla asked grinning mischievously at Sarah when they returned.

"Yeah, I'm totally stuffed." This was a lie of course, but the closer she thought she was to winning the more inclined Carla would be to keep trying.

"Well," Carla said, "Looks like I'm not even gonna have to try to win, because I'm just getting started."

"Not if I can help it."

So Sarah ate. She could feel herself filling with food. Everything she ate felt like a giant ball of fat and grease sitting in her stomach, bloating it out into a small dome that dug uncomfortably into her size 3 pants. One hand still ferrying food Sarah tugged at the stubborn material, trying to force it lower so that it dipped beneath the swell, cradling it gently rather than constricting it cruelly. As Sarah continued to increase the speed and ferocity of her feeding she began massaging her stomach, slowly but firmly in concentric circles. First clockwise then counter-clockwise she synched her rubbing with her eating, three mouthfuls to a full circle, three full circles before she swapped direction. Keeping the count in her head distracted her from the food in her stomach and allowed her to focus on the task of eating. Still Carla's tempo was unchanged. When she glanced across the low table Sarah could catch a glimpse of her belly bulging outwards under the massive onslaught of food. She noticed little things, like Carla having to sit up straighter or scoot back in her seat to stop her growing bump from pressing into the table. Her face was a picture, smears of grease around her lips, tiny droplets of sauce on her chin, eyes almost feral in their intensity, locked on the food. And all the while she ate and she ate and she ate. And Sarah ate and ate and ate. Finally starting to gain some ground Sarah finished her third plate a few minutes before Carla had finished her sixth. Leaning backwards she clutched her swollen tummy with both hands and continued her massage, groaning lightly in relief as she waited for Carla to finish. Getting too far ahead would only encourage her to give up and Sarah wanted to keep playing.

As soon as she finished her sixth plate Carla made to stand, her sudden movement caused her to bang her engorged middle into the table and she let out a window-shattering belch in response, drawing stares from patrons and staff alike. Carla seemed completely unfazed though and darted back to the food with Sarah hot on her heels.

The fourth plate was harder for Sarah. She hadn't eaten this much food since the night of her lasagne pig-out with Casey, maybe before then all the way back to Thanksgiving. She'd felt fuller before, Thanksgiving had been much worse, but that had been after weeks of larger portions and snacking, she'd been almost prepared. Eating felt harder now, like her stomach had shrunk from neglect. A part of her was saddened by it in a strange way, feeling full was so soothing in its own way. While Sarah's indomitable willpower and continued massage kept her eating quickly Carla was finally beginning to flag. Her breathing was more laboured now, she couldn't keep up with the continuous gorging. Sarah had seen it with Casey, though Casey usually took more stuffing to reach the stage, Carla's food-laden stomach was pressing up into her ribs, compressing her lungs and leaving her winded. Sensing a nearing end Sarah capitalised on her opponent's weakness and dove into her food with renewed ferocity, finishing off her plate before Carla had managed to start her eighth. Resting in the booth, still rubbing her belly in smooth, even circles, Sarah watched with fascination as Carla kept on eating. Each mouthful seemed to cost her a little more energy now. Her eyelids were starting to droop, her movements became more lethargic as what Sarah could only imagine was overwhelming fullness started to send her off to sleep.

"Come on Carla," she urged, "You don't want to get beaten by a skinny chick do you?"

"Nnngggh," was about all Carla could manage in return.

Sarah watched eagerly, eyes widening, as Carla dropped her spoon, fork still ferrying food to her mouth, and slowly lowered her hand beneath the table. Carla wriggled slightly in her seat, Sarah could hear the sound of fabric brushing against fabric. Carla emitted a few low grunts as her bulbous belly bobbed up and down against the table. Carla dropped her fork as well, her other hand joining its companion under the table. Suddenly Carla gave a great sigh of relief, exhaling deeply as she collapsed into the bench behind her allowing her stolid middle to brush lightly against the table. Over the din of the restaurant Sarah heard the faint scrape of metal separating from metal. Enlivened Carla grabbed her cutlery once again and assaulted her food with astonishing intensity, quickly devouring the remainder and pushing the plate away with a flourish.

"Ha!" she exclaimed happily.

"Ready for more?"

"Uh, yeah but... would you mind getting it for me? Getting out of the booth at the moment might be a little awkward."

"Oh really," Sarah asked, voice mockingly innocent, "And why would that be?"

"Well I've uh, had to..."

"Come on, say it."

"I've uh."

"Say it and I'll go load up two more plates for you."

"I had to unbutton my skirt okay, it was keeping me from eating."

"See, was that so hard? I'll go get your food."

Carla just groaned in response.

Round five of their all you can eat buffet took longer than the others. Carla's expanded capacity only lasted through the first plate and a quarter before her speed slowed to a crawl again and her breathing grew increasingly laboured. For her part Sarah was sick of Chinese food, over-full gave way to stuffed towards the end of the plate. Her stomach felt stretched and her massaging hand slid over the perfectly smooth dome like it was polished glass. Every bite she swallowed seemed to send painful shudders through her abused tummy as the food piled on top of the mountain already weighing her down. Frankly Sarah was astonished that Carla was still eating after everything she'd put away. Sarah matched her speed to Carla, carefully maintaining level pegging with her until they were each staring at the last morsel on their plates. Carla's eyes were out of focus, she was starting to hiccup and sway slightly in her seat. Her stomach looked painfully swollen, her form fitting sweater had bunched up above its apex and the top beneath had rolled up to just below her navel leaving a wide strip of reddened tan flesh visible and a faint glimpse of her white panties peeking through the fully undone zip of her skirt. Leaning across the table, mindful of her belly's own tenderness, Sarah forked Carla's last remaining piece of chicken and gently ferried it to her mouth.

"You win Carla," she said smiling as she pushed her own plate away, still with a tiny bite left on it.


"You win."


"Yeah, you earned it."

"Oh... thanks." She sounded like she was about to fall asleep.

Sarah paid and the two bloated girls made to leave, none too soon as far as the staff were concerned. Fixing Carla's skirt was a lost cause but Sarah managed to pull the sweater down over the swell of her stomach and bring the two skirt flaps close enough together for Carla to hold everything in place while her other arm draped over Sarah's shoulder for support. Helping Carla out of the restaurant reminded Sarah of all the times she'd done the same for Casey after a drunken binge, only Carla was sober. Of course, given the mumbled groans coming from her friend Sarah was beginning to think there might be such a thing as food-drunk. They made their way to a secluded area of the mall near some closed shops and Carla collapsed onto the bench, head resting on Sarah's lap as she cradled the mammoth sphere of flesh and food that bulged in front of her.

"Ahhhh," she finally said after several minutes of torpid silence, "That filled a hole."

"Filled a hole?" Sarah asked, one hand still gently rubbing her own stomach, "I feel like I swallowed a bowling ball and you look like you swallowed a car."

"Don't you like feeling full though? It's so relaxing."

"This isn't full Carla, it's stuffed. I'd have been quite happy with my pork and noodles."

"I don't know, I still think I could manage something," Sarah promptly poked her friend in her very taut belly, "Ow! Okay, maybe not just now, later maybe."

"You're incorrigible."

A few minutes passed as Carla drifted in and out of consciousness while Sarah sat and thought. She had enjoyed eating like that again. She'd gone further than she should have but the first two plates had been great, she'd felt warm and comfortable. She didn't even care about the calories either, she knew one big meal wouldn't have her bursting out of her clothes.



"Can I ask you something personal?"

"Sure babe, as long as I don't have to walk anywhere."

"You like eating like this." It was more a statement than a question.


"You do it a lot?"

"Never like this to be honest, but yeah I was eating well at college."

"Then, how come you're not fat?"

"What? I thought we'd already established I'm plenty fat."

"No, you're really not. How come you're so small if you're eating like this? The way you were inhaling that food, I've never seen anything like it." From someone sober anyway.

"Well, it kind of started slow. My mom wasn't there to lecture me, I wasn't trying to join a cheerleading squad, I started eating what I felt like. Little things at first, like grabbing a burger with friends, having a large popcorn at the movies, going out to restaurants. As time went by my appetite grew. I started snacking between meals, cooking large portions for 'leftovers' and then eating the whole thing in one sitting. Soon it was like a game I played with myself. How much can I eat? Can I eat an extra large pizza on my own? I loved the food. Learning to cook was like discovering a whole new world and the feeling of food in my big fat stomach made me really happy so I figured I'd enjoy it for a while. Getting fatter was kind of inevitable I guess, I just upgraded my wardrobe and kept on eating. Until I came home anyway. Mom freaked, shoved me on a diet, started making me exercise twice a day. Definitely not looking forward to my evening ride on the stationary bike with this food baby by the way. But I've been dying for an excuse to really pig-out since I got home, so thanks for this, it's been amazing."

"I'll tell you what, we can go see a movie or something when the mall closes, if we see something late enough you can get back after your mom's in bed. She won't have to see your little friend."

"Thanks, me and my friend appreciate it."

"You don't mind it? The fat I mean?"

"At first it was weird but I looked at myself in the mirror and decided I was happy with it for now. I'm not seeking it out, if I could eat everything I wanted and not get fat that'd be great but I'm not going to stop eating just because my ass is getting too big for my pants. I certainly haven't had any trouble getting dates anyway, seems there are plenty of guys who like me curvy."

"Who knew." Sarah was grateful that Carla had her eyes closed, she was feeling very hot under the collar.

"Anyway, I think I'm just about ready to go find some dessert."

"You're kidding right?"

"No, some ice cream would really hit the spot right about now. Or maybe some doughnuts. Think you can help me up?"

"Sure," Sarah said heaving her friend into a standing position, "But do you mind if I skip the food? I don't think there's any room left in here," she continued, patting her already somewhat smaller bulge for emphasis.

"Okay skinny, no more food for you. Wouldn't want you to move into the visible spectrum would we?"

Sarah prodded her friend's stomach again in retaliation as the two headed back to the food court, laughing as they went.

If the human mind was simple enough to understand, we would be too simple to understand it.

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Chapter 14

"Ladies and gentlemen this is your captain speaking. If you could please fasten your seatbelts and make sure your seats and trays are in the upright position we are about to begin our descent into Nairobi where the local time is 0630 on the 27th December and the temperature is already a mild 62 degrees Fahrenheit."

The sound of the PA woke Sarah from her shallow sleep feeling scrumptiously well-rested. Her lunch with Carla had been a revelation in more ways than one. That night when she had gone to bed she had finally slept peacefully for the first time since she'd left school. On her run she'd concluded, given that the last time she had broken the fat dreams was the night of Casey's infamous lasagne, that avoiding food, far from being the solution, was part of the problem. It wasn't like she had to gorge herself of course. As long as she had a sensible lunch and dinner, maybe a snack before bed, she would sleep like a baby. Sarah's moderate portions still irritated her mother but it was enough of a change for her not to be able to bitch about it and the matter of Sarah's exercise was left alone as well, to her relief.

After Christmas dinner, during which Sarah had allowed herself to indulge in a truly excellent turkey until her taut abs bulged into her jeans, her aunt, uncle and cousins had departed to spend Boxing Day and New Year's Eve with her uncle's family. She had then left not long after her parents went to bed. A three-hour drive to the airport, check-in, and then 16 hours travel to get to Kenya (with a 45 minute layover) it had, with the time difference, effectively taken more than a day to get here and Sarah was eagerly looking forward to a few weeks of warm weather, sight-seeing and a catch-up with her brother who, in spite of the early hour, was still waiting at the gate for her with two styrofoam cups of coffee.

They hugged and said hello and fetched Sarah's luggage from the carousel. They made it all the way to Rick's car before he said,

"So, how's the marathon training going?"

It was hopelessly transparent.

"Really? That's the best you could come up with? Mom didn't give you some better openers, like 'Sarah you look like a skeleton', 'Sarah you look ill', 'Sarah you're..."

"Alright, alright I'm sorry. I was under orders, don't shoot the messenger."

"Does that mean I can shoot mom?"

"Heh. Look, I know she's a pain when she gets like this but..."

"Like this? What you mean like this? She's always like this to me."

"Fine, I know she's a pain, but she means well."

"She's maudlin, manipulative, self-opinionated..."

"And she loves you."

"Oh, so that excuses it all does it? It's all okay because she 'loves' me. Let's face facts, she's had a problem with me since I was old enough to see through her bullshit."

"Okay okay, let's move on."

"Fine, anyway I don't look ill do I?" Sarah's tone left no doubt as to the correct answer to that question.

"No Sarah, you don't. Still, from what mom said you're not eating enough."

"I'm eating fine. I just wasn't eating in front of her to make a point. If you're really that worried you can give me a check-up." Lying to her big brother, just like when they were kids.

"I'm sure that won't be necessary," Rick chuckled, "I believe you."

"Well can you tell her you gave me one anyway and that I'm fine. She might listen to you."

"Whatever, let's get you back to the apartment and settled in before I have to get into work."

"Apartment? I thought you were here on an aid mission."

"I am. Our program has an arrangement with the local hospitals. We get access to medical supplies and equipment for the people in the surrounding villages that can't afford the healthcare, the hospitals get the benefit of Western-educated doctors teaching their interns. Me and my partner Lin cycle our job each week, one week at the hospital, one week in the field. Did I not tell you all this?"

"No Rick," Sarah replied with an exasperated sigh, "You didn't. So what, you and this girl share an apartment?"

"Yeah, but not like that. We hardly see each other anyway, one of us gets back on a Wednesday afternoon and the other leaves on Thursday morning."

"So I'm going with you on Thursday?"

"Sorry no. I asked the people in charge and they were adamant: no one without a medical degree is covered, unnecessary risk, not a holiday camp blah-blah-blah, so you'll have to stay in the city."


"It's probably for the best, there's not much to see out there really. Plus you'd have to have like a dozen injections before you came with me."

"So I'll be spending a week in your apartment with... Lin?"

"Yeah, I think you'll like her. She's a bit excitable but she's good fun. It'll probably be just like school."

"Yeah..." Because that was going so smoothly.

Sarah's time in Nairobi went quickly. She spent her days sightseeing, periodically meeting Rick for lunch, and her evenings hanging out with her brother. Rick gave Sarah a couple of tours of various parts of the city including several of his favourite restaurants. On Monday Sarah even took a day trip out to see some of the National Reserves. By Wednesday Sarah knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that taking a holiday was the best decision she could have made. She felt relaxed, she felt clear, the city was fantastic. Rick's apartment building even had a gym and while running on a treadmill was very boring it did have its upsides to running in an alien city in sweltering heat. Even the impending doom of tonight's New Year's Eve party at the hospital surrounded by strangers couldn't dampen her spirits. Of course before that happy experience Sarah would be meeting her roommate for the next week. Sarah still wasn't sure how she was supposed to introduce herself to be honest. Should she be in the apartment when Lin arrived? Should she come back in the evening and just walk into the apartment? Rick was going straight from work to the party so there was no using him for cover. The whole thing was just incredibly awkward.

After spending the morning being a tourist Sarah elected to head back for lunch. As it turned out her soon-to-be roommate turned up just as she was making a sandwich. Standing in the doorway, the daylight streaming into the corridor illuminating her from behind with a large backpack over one shoulder she made one hell of an entrance. She was shorter than Sarah, maybe 5' 4" or 5' 5", with her jet black hair pulled up into a messy ponytail. With the addition of her cargo shorts and white tank top she cut quite the adventurous figure. A figure, Sarah immediately noticed, that was slightly curvy and slightly toned save for the delectable spot of pudgy belly bulging gently over her shorts.

"Umm... hi I'm Sarah?" she began, proffering a hand.

"Hey!" the girl who Sarah assumed to be Lin exclaimed as she noticed her for the first time, "I was wondering if you'd be here." Taking two long strides she ignored Sarah's hand and instead wrapped her in a huge hug which, after a moment of bewilderment, Sarah one-handedly returned.

"I'm so glad to finally meet you, Rick's told me so much. Gotta say, not what I was expecting." Sarah squirmed a little as Lin looked her up and down.


"Oh, no it's just... yeah Rick said you were super smart but he never said you were so hot too. I've kind of had this mental image of you in thick-rimmed glasses for some reason. Is that weird?"

"I..." Lin was talking really fast.

"I know I'm talking a lot. I do that. Just poke me if I seem to have gone too long without taking a breath."


"Anyway, I just wanna chuck my stuff in my room then we can have lunch or something, cool?"

Sarah didn't even bother to respond to that one because Lin had already turned around. When she returned she started making her own sandwich, talking all the while. Sarah listened as best she could while she watched in morbid fascination as Lin piled a veritable smorgasbord onto her bread. Slices of ham, slices of salami, two other meats Sarah hadn't been able to identify and had been too unsure of to taste, then several thick wedges of cheese, mustard, tomatoes, what looked to be a dill pickle. By the time she was done her sandwich looked taller than it was wide. Then, to Sarah's astonishment, Lin started making another sandwich just as large as the first. Then another. And then a fourth. Sarah had long since finished her own and was simply transfixed by the sight. Was it her imagination or was every single woman around her suddenly enslaved by food?

Even though the sandwiches were far too large to fit in her mouth it didn't seem to hinder Lin's capacity to talk. She was, as Rick had said, really good fun and full of fantastic stories from her time in Kenya and from Med School, including a few delightfully embarrassing tales of her brother's student exploits that she hadn't heard before. During the brief pauses while she took seemingly ever larger bites Sarah even had the chance to tell Lin a little of her own life, her classes, her friends, equally embarrassing stories from Rick's childhood. But throughout Sarah was captivated by Lin's ceaseless consumption. Her soft belly bulge, which was scrunched into little rolls as they sat on the sofa, filled up bite by bite. Once again the sight of a girl wilfully eating to excess excited some primal part of her psyche, not to mention a deep-seated warmth that she could feel spreading to her cheeks. The little belly got bigger and bigger. Sarah caught her first glimpse of tan flesh peeking out from under Lin's top. There was no lull in the conversation with Lin, dead air was immediately filled and Sarah quickly found herself adapting to this new hyper-talking. Still Lin kept eating, never showing any signs of fullness or discomfort even as the little belly graduated to just "belly" and began oozing ever more insistently over her waistband, trying to consume that as well as the three sandwiches already in residence. Sarah found herself wondering if she was going to be able to finish. Surely this small Asian girl couldn't possibly eat this much food on a regular basis? A soft stomach was one thing but being able to eat a pile of sandwiches bigger than her own head, that was a pipedream, right? But Sarah wanted her to. Wanted her to keep eating for as long as possible. She didn't just want to see her eat that last sandwich she wanted her to keep eating after that, to reach her true capacity, just so Sarah could see what it was. And so Sarah kept listening and talking, hoping to keep Lin's attention focused on her and not on the ever-growing mound of flesh fighting for space under her top. The sliver of flesh on display got larger and larger as the final sandwich got smaller and smaller. Sarah's heart skipped a beat when Lin stretched her arms high into the air and the white top peeled over the apex of her food-filled stomach revealing an adorable navel-ring with a single blue stone set in the centre. The gem caught and refracted the light, drawing Sarah's eyes deeper and deeper into the black abyss of her deepening bellybutton, the sumptuous spongy flesh around it creasing at the corners. When Lin lowered her arms the top made no effort to fall back into place and Lin, seemingly oblivious to her bulge's continuing bid for freedom, made no effort to pull it down herself leaving the little blue eye to wink knowingly at Sarah who kept stealing glances whenever Lin closed her eyes to savour another bite. It felt all too soon when Lin popped the last morsel into her mouth, mopped up the errant mustard with her thumb and then sucked her fingers clean one by one.

"Whew. That's better." She flopped back onto the sofa and for one terrifying second Sarah thought the short's button was going to explode but it held on. Just.

"Sorry I made such a pig of myself," Lin continued, "But I don't get much to eat when I'm out in the countryside. I'm always fracking starving when I get back."

"Um yeah, no worries. Don't hold back on my account," Sarah said in a voice much calmer than she felt.

"Probably couldn't if I wanted to, hehe."

The afternoon passed with Sarah and Lin on the couch continuing to find new subjects to talk about. At some point Lin suggested dessert to which Sarah wholeheartedly agreed. Sarah kindly offered to fetch the cheesecake from the fridge then cut and plated herself a thin slice before giving the remainder to Lin in the box under the pretence of "saving on washing-up". Of course what Sarah really wanted was to see what Lin would do. She didn't disappoint. Over the next hour she demolished half the cheesecake while Sarah continued to periodically pick near microscopic mouthfuls from her own, avidly watching the steady progress of the tank top marching up Lin's belly and the encroachment of her stomach into her lap's airspace. Sarah was particularly enthralled by the effect the cyclical ebb and flow her breathing had on her short's button. By tuning out the conversation until only the barest meaning was clear Sarah could listen to the strangled scream of threads stretching taut over and over again. It was a beautiful sound.

When the time came the two split apart to get ready for the New Year's Eve celebrations. The affair at the hospital was black-tie for the men and evening gowns for the ladies, Rick had fortunately forewarned Sarah, and the girls wanted to leave plenty of time to make themselves suitable. Sarah's dress was new, she'd bought it at the mall with Carla knowing that the few other formal dresses she owned were a little on the large size for her exercise-honed frame. It was snow white and sleeveless with a conservative neckline enlivened by a thin oval slit that gave the barest hint of her cleavage. It was similarly tasteful in length, falling safely below her knees, but again managed to give an air of immodesty by sinfully adhering to the smooth curves of her young form, particularly highlighting her slim waist and perky butt. With her hair and make-up done to a tee and matching high heels Sarah couldn't help but take a good look at herself in the bathroom mirror. She had never thought of herself as prone to vanity but whether it was conceitedness or her inner child revelling in getting to play dress-up she had always loved seeing herself dolled up. If anything this was amplified by the months she had spent feigning fatness. The dress did a wonderful job of accentuating her considerable appeal but as she looked at herself it also provided a dramatic account of the weight she'd lost. The missing inches from her waist made her curves seem more striking, even though she'd shed an inch or two from her hips, and her toned calves spoke to her streamlined thighs whose movements could be seen as they shifted beneath. She tried imagining herself bigger, bigger than she had ever been, with a tubby potbelly straining her dress, its protuberance casting an obvious shadow on the bright material as if to announce its presence to the world. She envisaged her hips spreading wider, perhaps even offsetting somewhat the graceful love-handles that would fold from her well-fed middle. Her butt would be larger of course, cheeks ballooning behind her and threatening to split the hem with each wobbly movement. The taut fabric would even outline her underwear. Which would be larger, the bulge of her belly or the swell of her rear? And what about her breasts? They would surely grow larger, fuller perhaps. She imagined them not just larger but larger than her dress could contain. Imagined them growing until the artful oval slit was a gaping doorway to a gully of cleavage with enticing flesh eagerly seeking the open air. And what of the rest of her? Her toned arms giving way to a soft layer of flesh that would shimmy as they moved? Sleek thighs growing wider, inching closer together until they brushed each other with the faintest whisper when she walked and her tiny panties caused small lips of fat to rise around the edges. What would her face look like plump? She'd always been thin, she'd never even had baby fat. The careful angles and high cheekbones framing her chocolate brown irises were a part of her. Would it round out? Would she develop dimples, lose her jaw line? What of a double chin? And why, when the thought of these changes on others, on Casey, excited her beyond reason did it seem so unnatural on her?

"Sarah?" Lin's voice called from the next room snapping Sarah from her reverie. "Can you give me a hand?"

When Sarah walked into Lin's room the sight that greeted her eyes nearly took her breath away. Lin was dressed in a little black dress that was the exact opposite of Sarah's, dangerously short and tantalisingly low. Where Sarah had endeavoured to create allure by mystery Lin was openly flaunting her sexuality and the dress left the viewer with only one thought: this was a stunning piece of woman. Or at least it would have done if it were zipped up. As it was there were seemingly acres of smooth flesh with the two halves of the zipper spread-eagled across Lin's back in a wide V. It was immediately apparent that she wasn't wearing a bra and Sarah could make out the faintest tip of a black thong peeking out just above the base of the zip.

"Hi there, I - O wow that dress is gorgeous - um, would you mind doing me up? I can't seem to reach."

So Sarah went over, every step seemed to echo around the room and she could hear the blood pumping in her ears. Sarah pulled the two sides of the dress together, gently, and started to work the zipper upwards. Almost from the off she could feel resistance. As the zipper slowly rose Sarah could see creases forming in the dress around Lin's engorged stomach. A faint "Oof" let Sarah know Lin was feeling the squeeze. Around three inches up it simply stopped moving.

"Uh Lin, the zipper's kind of stuck."

"Really?" she sounded wonderfully flustered, Sarah felt her heart rate jump. "Wow, I really was a little piggy this afternoon." Sarah had to bite her lip.

"Alright, I'm going to suck in this troublesome tummy of mine, you get as good a grip as you can and pull hard on the count of three."


"One." Sarah moved her right hand from holding the top of the dress together down to the small of Lin's back.

"Two." Sarah's left hand took a firm grip of the zipper. Her right hand was almost touching Lin's rump. It wasn't the heavenly vastness of Casey's plumped posterior but it was... nice.

"Three!" Sarah yanked with as much force as she dared, mindful of pulling the zipper clean off, and was rewarded by the staccato rattle of metal teeth interweaving. Past the bulge of her stomach the zip flowed smoothly to the top where Sarah fastened everything into place and took a step back. Only then did Lin exhale. Sarah watched from behind with bated breath, unsure whether she wanted the dress to burst or not. Thankfully the dress held and as Lin spun around Sarah was finally able to see the cause of the commotion.

The black fabric hid the signs of Lin's afternoon extravagance almost completely, even Sarah's perceptive eyes could only make out the faintest trace of the bulge against the darkness. Sarah liked the effect, it was as though Lin's belly was her own private secret, safe from the outside world.

"Wow girl," Lin said, "You clean up nice."

"You too," Sarah responded automatically.

"Thanks. I'd probably look a little better if I hadn't had to stuff myself into this thing but as my grandmother always used to say 'podgy stomachs are curves too'." In spite of the self-deprecating comment Lin was still smiling broadly as she checked out her profile, belly and all.

"No, no you look great. Really, it's a stunning dress, and I love your hair."

"Yeah yeah. Enough girl talk, let's get going. These hospital dos usually have pretty good grub."

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Chapter 15

Walking up the impressive steps to the ballroom where the hospital was hosting its New Year's Eve celebrations Sarah couldn't help but feel nervous. Most of those nerves stemmed from the obvious: the many long hours ahead of her in a room full of people she had never met who would all likely be talking about the most dreary minutiae of medical practice, but part of her anxiety, a small part, was due to the woman walking beside her. They must have looked an odd pair, so different in appearance. She was dressed in white, Lin in black. She looked elegantly beautiful where Lin looked overtly sexy. She looked tall and slender where Lin was short and... well technically Lin was thin too except for her little friend. An afternoon's excess had bloated the tiny Lin's small belly into a bulging orb hidden by the pitch black fabric. But Sarah could see it. Walking next to Lin she could see all of it. She had seen it bounce as they left the apartment, heard the faint groan of relief when Lin plopped herself into the taxi and the grunt of exertion as she endeavoured to clamber out a few moments ago. And now Sarah could see her holding her clutch bag firmly underneath the protuberant bulge, whether to reduce the jiggling or hide its size Sarah couldn't decide.

Inside was far beyond what Sarah had been expecting. She knew the event was formal but she almost felt underdressed. Outside she hadn't realised how big the building was, high vaulted ceiling resplendent with chandelier glistening like diamonds, great bay windows that from inside looked like portals to the infinite void, a blackness so complete nothing existed beyond. Men in tuxedos, women in a fabulous array of dresses. Soft classical music drifted over from the corner where a ten piece orchestra sat, complete with conductor. A large area in the middle of the room filled with couples waltzing the night away. Out of the corner of her eye she espied Rick waving them over and she dragged Lin in the appropriate direction.

"You made it!"

Just at that moment one of the many waiters weaving between the guests swept past with a silver platter laden with flutes of champagne and Lin deftly snatched two as he disappeared.

"Some bubbly?"

"No thanks, I'm good."

"Oh well," Lin said draining one glass in two swift gulps and quickly placing it on another passing platter, "More for me."

"The hospital uses events like these for fundraising," Rick said, answering Sarah's unvoiced question. "I know it's a little stuffy but these things usually liven up as the evening goes on."

"You mean," interjected Lin, "Once people are sufficiently drunk to stop behaving like they've got a cutlery drawer shoved up their-"

"Lin! Be-ne-fac-tors. Mon-ey. Money that pays for our aid program."

"Yeah, yeah I know. I shall go brown my nose capitalist pig-dog."

And with that Lin melded seamlessly into the horde.

"Is it really that bad?" Sarah asked.

"Not really, at least no worse than anything else. People who donate big bucks like to feel involved, so we chat with them, talk about our work, keep it simple, get them to write more cheques. Actually, in spite of what she says, Lin's brilliant at it."


"Oh yeah, gift of the gab she calls it. I call it talking so much and so fast that the poor bastards make a contribution just to get rid of her."

In spite of the rarefied air the party was more fun than Sarah had feared. She'd stuck by Rick for a while but after he was accosted by some hospital administrator into a discussion on the renovations to the Paediatrics ward she had silently slipped away and taken her chances with the crowd. As it turned out there were a reasonable number of kids around her own age, dragged along by their parents, who had as little interest in shop-talk as Sarah and were huddled together in a corner for protection.

In one particular aspect Lin had hit the nail on the head: the food was excellent. The waiters floating around with the hors d'oeuvres were far more interested in providing to the adults but every now and then a straggler would appear in their corner only to be immediately set upon by eager hands. Sarah made little effort at moderation, after all these appetizers constituted her dinner, and she was coming to be an expert on how much food her body desired for a peaceful night's sleep. She did however continue to abstain from the alcohol but that was as much out of habit as it was a conscious decision. Periodically two or three of them would disappear into the crowd to scavenge unattended trays. One particularly bold teenager made a dash into the kitchen, returning shortly with a tray heaped with miniature citrus tarts. It was emptied not long after.

As the party wore on the atmosphere began to shift. Conversation grew louder, the music faster. Soon the band was playing, if not modern music, at least something lively enough for the several boys to invite Sarah to dance. In the back of her mind the worrying thought of the midnight kiss flitted about. It was a stupid tradition, one that she wasn't even sure existed in Nairobi and one she was unlikely to participate in. It wasn't that the boys she danced with were unattractive per se, it was more that she wasn't interested in them. These boys, of course. Not boys in general.

Sarah had no idea how much time had passed when she felt a familiar hand on her shoulder as she danced.

"Sarah, help" were the only two words that Rick hissed.

She followed dutifully, noting with amusement that Rick seemed more than a little buzzed. Leaving the main hall the noise dropped away and the comparative cool of the hallway was a welcome relief. As Rick turned around his predicament was obvious. And adorably pathetic.

"A little help?"

"Tch, sure. One of these days you're going to have to learn to do this yourself."

With practiced ease Sarah set to untangling the knot that Rick's bowtie had devolved into. Just as she was making progress she heard the door open behind her.

"There you two are!" Lin exclaimed, sounding amused. "I've been wondering where you'd got... Oh ho what's this?" Sarah's eyes were immediately drawn to the sizeable pile of crab puffs precariously balanced in her left hand. With effort she resisted the temptation to take a good look at Lin's belly, focusing instead on the snarled mess that seemed to be slowly tightening around her brother's neck.

"I'm fixing his bowtie. God who did this knot Rick?"

"Um, me."

"Is this-"

"Yes it's sticky tape."

"Ha ha," Lin guffawed. "And why is it Rick that your sister knows how to tie a tie, hey tie a tie that's funny. What was I... right how come Sarah can tie a tie a tie a tie a tie and you can't?"

"Because Sarah's an obsessive compulsive neurotic-"


"I mean Sarah's a genius who is very kindly helping a pathetic excuse for pond scum like me be s-."

"Alright, alright, enough grovelling, it's fixed. Is it straight Lin?"

"Probably, it'd be easier to tell if the ground stopped moving."

"How is it Rick that you have enough dexterity to perform open-heart surgery but you can't do this?"


"Oh nevermind."

"Sarah!" Lin suddenly exclaimed, making Sarah jump in surprise.


"I just remembered why I was looking for you. I want you to meet a friend of mine."

And with that Sarah was dragged bodily back into the party. As they wove through the crowds Sarah watched with fascination as Lin's free hand continued to pile food into her overflowing left only to rapidly guzzle three or four treats at once in quick succession when the pile risked total collapse. Sarah was both intrigued by her consumption and deeply impressed at her ability to balance her nibbles even as she drunkenly weaved through the crowds. She never dropped a speck. It had been many hours since the afternoon of incessant consumption that had brought Lin to within crumbs of splitting her dress but the dome of Lin's engorged stomach seemed, if possible, even larger than it had been when they had arrived. A clumsy reveller gave Sarah the opportunity to pull Lin out of harm's way, one hand at her shoulder and the other gently pressing into the rock solid orb of food, fingers sinking a scant few millimetres into the immutable softness covering its surface. The touch was fleeting but electric, and Sarah jerked her hand away an instant later.

"It's not looking too tight is it?" Lin asked, her barely noticeable slur making Sarah wonder just how many calories Lin had drunk.


"The dress? It looks okay?"

"It looks beautiful," Sarah responded, thinking only of seeing Lin test its true limits.

"Good, I'd really rather not burst out of it," she said tipping several more miniature treats down her throat and giving her belly a proud pat that set it swaying heavily within the overtaxed couture, "But I don't pass up free food."

So saying Lin caught a waiter unaware with a Bambi-esque gaze and without so much as a "By your leave" lifted the tray piled high with an assortment of bite-sized desserts clean out of his hands before he could so much as stutter. Sarah grabbed a tiny cupcake for herself, partly because she feared they would soon be gone and partly because the dark portion of her brain instinctively ate to encourage more eating. Eventually, after much searching and still more snacking Lin seemed to catch sight of her quarry, a flaxen-haired girl surrounded by a quintet of guys.


The girl turned around and Sarah was stunned speechless.

"Lin, there you are, what took you so long?" The gaggle of ogling men seemed to recognise a lost cause and shuffled quietly away. Sarah could surmise the reason for their reluctance to go.

"Thank god you're back," Natalie continued in conspiratorial whisper, "The piranhas were surrounding me."

"I really don't know what they see in you. Maybe it's the blonde hair." Both girls cracked up laughing and Sarah soon followed, still trying to process what her eyes were seeing.

Natalie was very pretty, that much was true. Rounded cheeks that dimpled when she smiled, lips painted a deep red, dark blue eyes framed by blonde bangs cut above the shoulder. Her salmon pink dress fit the swell of her hips like glove and wrapped around the soft protrusion of lower belly just tightly enough to divot at her navel. Sarah's inner lech, seemingly omnipresent these days just waiting for inspiration, couldn't help but imagine the teardrop shaped distension swelling out to partner Lin's colossal food baby. All of this was cast into pure irrelevance though because for a good thirty seconds all Sarah could see were Natalie's breasts. They were like nothing else she had ever envisaged. Each fleshy orb was the size of the girl's head, probably even bigger. Sarah's mind, in a rare moment of utter ignorance, baulked at any attempt to calculate a cup a size, she'd simply never imagined let alone seen any combination of letters that could possibly encapsulate such extraordinarily large assets. It was all moot anyway since the strapless dress made it obvious that the girl wasn't wearing a bra. The instantaneous suspicion of implants was completely ridiculed by the way they looked and moved, jiggling with every breath, allowing Natalie's hand to sink into their inviting warmth as she drunkenly gesticulated. And the dress. In every place it seemed a flawless fit for a body that was neither slim nor chubby but supremely soft but her breasts defied all constraints, rising like bread dough from the plunging neckline and threatening with every wiggle to either escape or explode from the shimmering silk. Her boundless melons looked positively squashed around the neckline, a comfortable inch of soft, warm flesh oozing tantalisingly up and over the confines. With a healthy C-cup that looked particularly exceptional in her favourite black demi-bra Sarah had experienced her share of men staring at her chest instead of looking into her eyes, a trait of the gender that she found exasperating, but now she was guilty of the same crime. Completely and utterly transfixed. The entire sight, this vast array of curves headlined by two inconceivable headlights, aroused feelings Sarah would have sooner kept at bay but she did her best to remain cool.

As the blood pounding in her ears receded and the din of conversation returned Sarah watched with morbid fascination as Lin proffered her pilfered platter piled high with pastries to the over-endowed blonde.

"Oh Lin, I really shouldn't. I've put on so much weight lately."

"Oh no, however will you find a man if your breasts keep getting bigger," Lin responded sarcastically.

"It's not just my breasts Lin! I really mustn't."

"So, let me get this straight: you're starting your diet, not on January 1st but on New Year's Eve? Think you might have that one a little backwards sweetie."


"Come on Sarah, don't you agree? Why diet at a party?"

"Um... yeah. Exactly," Sarah half sputtered, fumbling for words, "And besides, you hardly look like you need to diet, you have an amazing figure."

"Really? Well, I guess one more night can't hurt," she said, grinning sheepishly.

Sarah casually turned her head to the platter, interested in what Natalie might pick, only to see a lightning fast pink blur as her hands scooped up a dozen assorted treats and forced all of them into her round cheeks rendering her face into a bizarre chipmunk-like caricature. Lin seemed to think this was the appropriate moment for introductions.

"Sarah, this is Natalie, Natalie Sarah, Rick's sister. Natalie is one of the interns I teach here at the hospital."

"Nice to meet you," the two girls said in unison before realising what they'd done and giggling awkwardly.

"So where was she?" Natalie asked Lin, somehow remaining articulate through a mouth bulging with food.

"Oh, it was hilarious, she was actually helping Rick fix his bowtie. Isn't that just adorable? Poor little Rickie."

"Wait," Natalie said as she swallowed heavily and turned to Sarah, "You were fixing his tie? Why do you..."

"It's a long story involving an intellectually challenged man-child and a dismally dull prom."

"Oh really? Do tell."

"Um, okay, but stop me if I'm boring you. It was my senior year in highschool and prom was rearing its ugly head. I wasn't planning on taking a date but then my friend Casey begged me to ask one of the football players so that she could ask his friend. The guy was a moron, total alpha male jock with the conversational depth of a paddling pool and all the charm of wallpaper paste."

"So he was a highschool guy?" Lin said, chuckling.

"Yeah. So, after I play coy with him for twenty minutes trying to get him to ask me out and protect his manliness I eventually got bored and started dropping the most blatant hints imaginable. He cottoned on after the third or fourth go, by this point Casey was giving me the thumbs up as she walked off with her slightly less Cro-Magnon linebacker, when the genius says that he'll have to learn to tie a bowtie. Now, I'm thinking, to myself, maybe a little unfairly, 'Learn something, that'd be a new trick but there's a first time for everything' but obviously I'm not expecting much. So when I go home I look it up on the internet, turns out it's pretty easy, and that's that. It was a precautionary thing, if you see what I mean."

"So, the boy. Did he manage on his own?"

"Nope. Arrived at my house to pick me up looking like someone had tried to ineffectively throttle him with a scarf. So, being the kind and caring girl that I am I took pity on the idiot, wondering why he hadn't just rented a pre-tied bow, and fixed it for him."

"And how did his ego fare from that?"

"He was embarrassed, but he felt a lot better by the end of the night."


"Because one of his friends saw his bow when we got there and asked how he'd got it to look so good and he confessed it was my doing. So I fixed the friend's tie. And then someone else. And another. And another."

"You're kidding me? Ha ha. So, how many?"

"I don't know, about twenty or so, including Casey's date. And the principal."

Both girls devolved into laughter and Sarah smiled along with them. It was a pretty stupid story. But telling it had helped keep her focused as Lin and Natalie had eviscerated the platter, putting on a display of gluttony that was more than a little exciting. Lin, already tempting fate with a dress stretched so tight across her stomach that Sarah feared a truly catastrophic explosion was building up, was very deliberate in her choices. Carefully selecting the next morsel, sampling as wide a variety of flavours as she could find. Natalie though was much less discerning. Like Casey she was a natural grazer, the mere presence of food engendered eating and the monstrous handfuls she unthinkingly inhaled had already led to her subtle belly bulge growing, largely hidden beneath her boundless bosom. Sarah took particular delight in the little ripple that ran across its surface every time she swallowed and another pile of sugary sweets landed in her stomach.

"See, I told you she was great," Lin said to Natalie who was still laughing. "And even better she has some amazing stories about Rick. Quick, tell her the one about the lawn mower and the girl in the bikini."

As Sarah resumed her tales she watched with secret glee as both Lin and Natalie munched through the platter until it was crumbs. The devilish, wicked side of Sarah's brain, the part that she tried her utmost to suppress and restrain, took complete control as it grabbed the empty plate and swapped it for a full one borne aloft by a passing waiter. Idly grabbing a shortbread square to occupy her hands it watched Lin's eyes widen in delight as a new supply of food appeared. It knew that the girls weren't going to stop eating, as long as their minds were otherwise occupied at least. The end of the party was still a long way away and Sarah, Sarah had plenty of stories to tell.

If the human mind was simple enough to understand, we would be too simple to understand it.
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