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Think Carefully

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 06, 2012 9:50 pm    Post subject: Think Carefully Reply with quote

Think Carefully

Chapter I

Monday. Alex hated Mondays. She hated every day she had to go to school but Mondays were the worst. The end of the weekend, the return to the crowded hallways, and the constant stream of information: people talking about their Saturday nights, parties, dates, who hooked up with who, hundreds of people around her all living the life. The life that was, until just a few months ago, hers as well. With her usual trepidation Alex pushed through the front doors but found little comfort in the familiar sights. Lockers stretching into the distance as far as the eye could see and people clustered together in tight knit groups, all very predictable: science geeks, football players, auto-shop enthusiasts, and (Alex’s heart dropped) the cheerleaders, her erstwhile friends. Alex sped up, hoping to walk past them unnoticed but she realised immediately what a mistake that was. Her hurried footsteps were like staccato gunfire against the slow, continuous noise of the hallway, drawing heads in her direction. The rapid pace was also causing another, far more embarrassing problem. Alex’s stomach was bouncing, her backside was jiggling, her breasts swaying and her thighs wobbling with each heavy footfall and every single person in the school was getting a perfect demonstration of just how far Alexandra Leigh had fallen. The jocks poked each other and pointed, the less popular girls smirked, and the cheerleaders just laughed, just like every other day.

Let’s get some back story. About five months ago, at the beginning of June, Alex had been on top of the world, or at least her high school. As vice-captain of the cheerleading squad she was part of the high-school royalty that every clichéd Hollywood film has depicted and she couldn’t have been happier. Back then Alex was only 120lbs, and on her 5’ 6” frame she had looked great. Long brown hair tied in a ponytail, enviable C-cup breasts that warranted heavy-duty sports bras for her cheerleading, smooth, flat stomach, toned legs, pert ass, and pretty face. She was beautiful and popular and she had friends who were the same, all of them cheerleaders of course.

There was Samantha, or Sam as she was known, the captain of the squad and Alex’s friend since middle school. Weighing in at the same as Alex but a fair bit taller, bright blonde hair and a better body than Alex, Sam was the all round hotter package, hence her captaincy. She was blonde, but not stupid. She knew how to manipulate people, especially boys, and she was a born leader. A facet of that package manifested itself in her famously bitchy nature. But since her bitchiness was usually directed in humour at her friends, people didn’t really mind.

There was Tanya, who in the future would come to take Alex’s role as vice-captain. A hair's breadth under six feet she towered over most of the girls in the school and a good many of the boys. Built like a bean-pole with straight black hair to match she was sycophantically devoted to Sam. Indeed many had speculated that Tanya played for the other team, or at least didn’t mind switching sides.

Kim, who inherited her genes from her Japanese mother, was all of 4’ 7” and 80lbs. Her small size and skinny body came in useful for cheerleading routines and her giggly, somewhat vapid nature made her instantly likeable, even though at times her stupidity could reduce a conversation to dumb-founded looks.

The last of Alex’s close friends, though not the last member of the squad, was Lucy. Prior to Alex’s fall from grace Lucy had been the heaviest cheerleader on the team. A little taller than Sam and Alex but with a good 20lbs on both of them she was plainly not overweight but most girls in that state would not have made it in cheerleading. Lucy, however, held her weight in a rather dramatic hourglass. With breasts that over-filled her D-cups and a narrow if not toned waist, people were quick to ignore the extra width in her hips and somewhat over-zealous swell of her rump, particularly when she ended up flashing a shot of her panties mid-routine. Besides, she was endlessly good fun to have around and her older brother would buy the girls booze.

It was over that summer that things changed for Alex. The girls would meet up most days and go to the beach or the mall or the movies and that ultimately was where it all started to unravel. It was perfectly natural that they ate together. They ate lunch, had ice-cream at the beach, got snacks at the movies and for weeks none of them noticed one crucial thing: Alex was always eating. At the beach Alex would be the first to suggest ice-cream, at the movies, if one of the girls was umming and ahhing over whether or not to splurge on some popcorn or some milk-duds, Alex would always suggest they get a large together and split it. At lunch, when the other girls were ordering salads or starters, always mindful of their figures, Alex would be ordering rich, heavy pasta dishes or a burger with chips.
Truth be told, Alex was aware of the problem before her friends were. She knew she was overeating and she tried to do something about it. She tried to cut back on the food, but it was always there, always so tempting, and if the other girls were eating with her how bad could it be? She tried waking up at the crack of dawn to go for an early morning jog or trip to the gym, but she spent her nights partying and dancing and frequently drinking and when she finally got up around eleven she would always choose to squeeze in a hurried breakfast before heading to lunch with her friends rather than actually do any exercise. Alex had felt like a passenger in a car crash as the month turned from June to July and still she kept eating. Standing one day nude in front of the mirror she had poked and prodded herself, trying to find the willpower to do something. The scale in corner of the room had already told her she was 7lbs heavier, and given that she was spending half her days in bikinis at the beach it would only be a matter of time until her friends knew as well. She looked at her mirror-self, fingering her fractionally swollen and significantly softer middle, feeling the new plushness of her ass, wondering if the space between her legs was narrowing, if soon it would disappear entirely. But of course she did nothing. August saw another 8lbs materialise out of burgers and ice-cream, and by that point things were becoming serious. Her fashionably revealing two-piece bikini dug into her gently cresting middle causing a small wave of soft flab to hang over the edge. Alex’s widening rear end had spread beyond the confines of her bottoms and whenever she walked the undulating spheres wobbled for the world to see. The more Alex looked the more evidence she saw of her prolonged excesses: rippling thighs; jiggling arms, bouncing breasts; the beginnings of love-handles rising over the edge of her tighter jeans; the endless wedgies as every pair of underwear became a thong. And still Alex did nothing. Her friends noticed the changes too. Alex would catch them whispering amongst themselves while she went off for ice-cream, could feel their eyes following the pendulous sway of her increasingly globular backside. One day Sam had taken her aside and asked if everything was alright,

“Oh, fine. You know, just a little water weight. It’ll be gone in a week,”

Alex had replied, brushing it off as though she hadn’t a care in the world while inside her mind screamed at her lack of self-control, her lack of will-power and the fact that everything was so unfair. Of course when, two weeks later, her weight had only increased her friend’s concern gave way to cattier comments:

“Hungry Alex?”

“Are you sure you want an extra-large?”

“Careful Alex, you wouldn’t want to put on any more weight, would you?”

Their wasp-like criticisms buzzed around Alex’s head day and night, panicking her into thoughtless binges that only exacerbated her accelerating weight gain, but no one’s comments hurt more than Sam’s typically bitchy but profoundly accurate running commentaries on the increasingly desperate state of Alex’s already thinning wardrobe.

“Those pants are so tight it’s a wonder your ass can jiggle so much,”

“Ever considered switching to elastic?”

“Careful Alex, you’ve popped a seam on those jeans. If you keep this up for much longer you’ll be popping buttons.”

The rational part of Alex’s mind knew that a) Samantha was right and b) that Samantha was naturally bitchy to all her friends and the things she said were probably not all that malicious, but the emotionally fragile, wounded, hurt little girl in her head just grew angrier and more upset, which led to the inevitable. As the last week of August drew to a close and Alex was just a hair’s breadth from 145lbs a particularly catty comment from Sam on the size of her belly caused Alex to lose her temper, scream obscenities at her friends and storm off in a foul mood.

That had been two months ago, and since that time Alex had not spoken a word to any of her former friends, she was too embarrassed and too hurt to apologise for what she said or to listen to any of them apologise, especially when she knew they were right all along. Cut off from her friends and having quit the cheerleading squad, her only regular school activity, Alex’s weight had shot up another 20lbs, bringing her to a tubby 165. Alex would often look into her full-length mirror, despairing at the state of her body before going to gorge her sorrows away.

Alex’s face had changed: gone were the high-cheekbones and slender neck, replaced now by slightly rounded, dimpled cheeks and the beginnings of a double-chin, the appearance of which was almost guaranteed by her staring ashamedly down at her shoes when she walked. Alex’s arms were softer, devoid of any muscle tone from lack of exercise, and shook when she moved them. Even her dainty, ladylike fingers had given way to chubbier digits. Her breasts had grown, not as dramatically as she might have liked, it would have been a consolation at least. But she had graduated a cup-size and that was getting increasingly snug these days, excess flesh rising out of the top and out of the sides of a couple of older bras that had survived the last few wardrobe purges. Alex’s waistline had taken a real hit. Her stomach surged forward and downward, the spongy pale flesh folded over the waistline of all but her sweatpants and, when unconstrained, bulged forward unsupported, wiggling and jiggling side-to-side, up-and-down with every movement. Her hips were wider, love-handles spilling over the sides of even her newer jeans creating, together with her growing belly, a generous muffin top that was the subject of much of her ridicule. Her butt had, like her waist, swelled with fat: spreading outwards with her growing hips and backwards to form two oscillating spheres that vied for both space and attention as they bounced relentlessly with each step. Over the last month Alex had begun to feel the growing weight of her rump being drawn down into the back of her fatter thighs, which now brushed together, while even her calves thickened, blurring the lines with her ankles. Alex had gained 45lbs over the last five months, a sizeable gain, but what made it all the more noticeable was that it had gone everywhere almost equally. No part of Alex from her head to her toes had been exempted from her continuous glut of sugar and fat and that left her detractors with a near never-ending source of material. Alex’s situation was not helped by the fact that she was completely alone. As a former member of the cheerleading elite the remaining girls in the school were either eager to be in Samantha’s good graces or delighted to see a stuck-up cow fall from high heaven all the way through into hell. The boys of course were not about to pick up an expanded ex-cheerleader, and even those that might have had a go were more than put off by the army arrayed against her and social suicide attached to even holding an extended conversation with Alex.

All that being said after almost two months of school Alex was growing quite used to being a social pariah. When alone, she cried about it, she drowned her sorrows in a tub of Häagen-Dazs, she sat sullenly staring at her ceiling but at school she kept up a brave face. As long as she had access to a steady supply of snacks and avoided the people that knew her best she could survive well-enough to get home. And so it was that, at the end of another painful and dreary Monday, Alex was trudging through her front door, intent on marching straight into the sanctuary of her bedroom, raiding her snack store, and procrastinating her homework.

“Sweetie, is that you?” Alex’s mother, Elaine, called out.

“Yeah mom, it’s me.”

“How was school?”


“Anything new?”




“I noticed you still haven’t unpacked those boxes Grandma left you.”

“I know mom, I’ll get to it.”

“Why don’t you go do it now, there’s a good girl.”


Alex’s grandmother had died three weeks ago, a sad affair but Alex had already been so depressed it hadn’t really made anything much worse. Her grandmother had been a slightly crazy old bat, not 100% there most of the time, and in her will she had left Alex two large cardboard boxes filled with oddments from her worldly travels and emotional keepsakes she had accumulated. The boxes had been sitting on the floor of Alex’s room for over a week, unopened, and it was probably time to start sorting through them. Besides, Alex rationalised, perfectly reasonable way to procrastinate. Dumping her books unceremoniously on her desk, Alex dragged one of the boxes to her bed and started to go through it.

Surprisingly Alex soon found she was quite enjoying the process. She found old pictures of herself, 6 years old, walking hand in hand with her grandmother through the zoo, birthday parties, days at the beach. There was a staggering assortment of knick-knacks, from a monogrammed silver cigarette case to a rather kitsch lava lamp that immediately found a new home on Alex’s desk. By the time Alex had emptied the first box almost two hours had past and Alex found herself surrounded by piles of her grandmother’s things. Electing to go through the second box before she started putting any more away, Alex dragged it to her bedside and opened the top, somewhat eager to explore the contents. The first thing she found was an ornately carved wooden chest, with symbols that Alex could not recognise inscribed around the edges. Lifting it delicately from the confines of the cardboard box, Alex set the chest on her bed and tried to open it, but found it locked, though she couldn’t see a keyhole anywhere. Checking the back she found hinges, so it definitely opened, but even upon close inspection she could find no means of doing so. Now very interested in this mysterious box Alex set about cleaning the dust off of it with her sleeve, hoping to either find the missing keyhole or to perhaps make better sense of the symbols carved across it. Holding it up towards her desk lamp, Alex wiped the last of the dust off of the box, and then began examining the symbols more closely. Idly, she traced her finger along the runes when suddenly she felt the box shake in her hand. Startled, Alex let out a terrified yelp and lost her grip, sending the box flying across the room.

A part of her mind knew something was wrong when she felt the box move of its own accord.

A part of her mind knew something was wrong when she never heard the crash of the box impacting on the wall.

All of her mind knew something was wrong when she saw the box hovering five feet in the air at the foot of her bed, the symbols on the box glowing brightly and, unless her eyes were playing tricks on her, moving along the edges of the chest. Transfixed, Alex stared at it as, very slowly, the lid began to open, only a couple of millimetres, and a wispy, insubstantial smoke drifted out over the rim, gliding gracefully down to the floor before coalescing into a solid form.

Alex was struck dumb. A woman was standing at the foot of her bed. And not just any woman, no, this was an extraordinarily beautiful woman. She was dressed, barely, in a dark top that was hardly more decent than a bra, showcasing the woman’s sizeable and gravity-defying cleavage, and matching black shorts, skin-tight and barely reaching mid-thigh. Everything about the woman screamed sexuality from her large, firm breasts to her narrow waist to the graceful swell of her hips and her long shapely legs. Her face was stunning, traffic-stopping even, with shining blue eyes, high cheekbones, full lips, and her jet black hair cascading down over her shoulders, her hair and clothing in sharp contrast with her flawless alabaster skin. But more than that, the woman was in extraordinary shape: her arms were toned, without being unfeminine; her abs were faintly visible; her thighs were taut and even her calves were well-defined. The part of Alex’s brain that always, regardless of situation, compared herself to other women would have been envious of such a body before she had gained weight, but now that voice in her head was howling. If it had not been for the much larger part of her mind filled with fear and awe Alex could well have lost it.

“Hello Alexandra,” the woman said. Even her voice was beautiful, lyrical almost.

“W-w-who are y-you?” Alex managed to stammer, completely at a loss for anything better to say.

“I am Illyria. I am what your race has taken to calling ‘a genie’, and I am here to grant you three wishes.”

The sudden ridiculousness of the situation hit Alex like a tonne of bricks, immediately snapping her back to reality.

“You’re kidding? Fantastic, I’ve become so fat I’ve actually gone insane. I couldn’t have hallucinated a fat girl to make myself feel better?”

The woman’s face changed, a flash of something Alex didn’t recognise. Anger? No, perhaps exasperation?

“I am not an hallucination. I am a sentient being from a higher race bound in servitude to mankind. Now for the sake of my mental health will you get with the wishing so I can go back to my box?”

Her tone had changed: it sounded more human, less otherworldly ethereal. Hell, the woman sounded bored.

“Let me get this straight. You’re a genie?”


“And I get three wishes? Anything I want?”

“Pretty much yeah.”

“And I haven’t gone completely round the bend?”

“Not as far as I know but we only just met.”

“This is mad. I need to think.”

The woman stood at the foot of Alex’s bed, face deadpan, while Alex sat in thought, mind whirling. It was a full five minutes before she said,

“I'm sorry, please take a seat if you’d like one.”

“Thank you.”

And with a sudden, quiet pop a large comfy armchair appeared in a puff of smoke and the genie settled herself down into it. The appearance of a chair in the middle of her bedroom made Alex jump. This was all so unreal, impossible even. Yet there the genie sat, calm as could be, studying Alex with an unnerving intensity. Wishes. Three wishes in fact. Alex could wish for anything in the entire world. All she needed to decide was what she wanted. Money? Power? Absentmindedly Alex began to finger her pudgy stomach, a habit she’d fallen into, while her mind continued to race. The pliable flesh folding around her index finger reminded her of her friends. How they had mocked her, abandoned her, and now tormented her all because they still had their figures. Because they had the time and the will-power to exercise and to diet, and their bodies didn’t put on weight because they were within three feet of real food. How Alex wished she could show them what it was like. It took an embarrassingly long few moments for Alex's conscious mind to catch up with her random musings and she silently berated herself for being so incredibly dumb. Within seconds, as though the idea had been there all along, Alex had her wish ready.

“Excuse me… sorry did you say you’re name was Illyria?”

“I did.”

“I have my first wish.”

“Wonderful. But first let me say this: The wish that I grant is bound by the wish that you make, so be certain before you make one. Remember always: Think carefully.”

“Don’t worry, I know exactly what I want.”

“Okay, then tell me your wish, just be sure to start with ‘I wish…’, it makes things a lot easier.”

“I wish to have the power to select any other girl in the world, at any time, and for that girl to get all the effects of my eating: the calories, the weight gain, all of it. And for all the benefits of her exercising: calories burnt, muscles toned, weight lost et cetera to go to me.”

Illyria nodded and then closed her eyes. She rose out of the chair and levitated until she was hovering a foot above the floor, her arms outstretched. Blue sparks crackled between her fingertips and Alex watched in terror as Illyria’s stunning bright blue eyes turned white, even her pupils. She began to glow, faintly at first, but with growing brilliance until Alex could hardly look at her, when abruptly a wave of energy burst forth like a lake breaking its dam. For a fraction of a second Alex felt the energy pass through her, felt power permeating her entire being, before it was all over and Illyria was standing once again on the floor of her bedroom. Alex was still somewhat dazed, but she was almost certain the genie was smiling.

If the human mind was simple enough to understand, we would be too simple to understand it.

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Chapter II

Alex was lying on her bed, still recovering from the aftershock of the genie's magic. A part of her brain was convinced she was hallucinating. She certainly didn't feel any different, and a look across her room revealed only a wooden box. Admittedly its engraved symbols caught the light in strange ways, making them almost appear to glow, but it was just a box. And yet in spite of everything, Alex knew it had been real. She didn't feel any different but she knew that something had changed, she just had no idea how else to put it. Somehow the spell had worked. She was finally going to be free of her ever-escalating weight. No food would ever stick to her tubby thighs or further bloat her swollen stomach again, regardless of what she ate. And even better she'd never even have to exercise to get the lean, toned body she so desperately wanted back, she could just have someone else do it for her. But first there was one thing that she needed to do, she needed to pick someone to offload her upcoming dinner onto. She already knew she wanted to fatten one of her former friends, but which one should it be? It depended really on which was more important to her, stuffing one of her friends full of calories or losing weight and since both options were so appealing Alex elected to do both. Whispering even inside the privacy of her own head, a thrill of excitement coursing up her spine, Alex thought,

"I choose Tanya."

And this time Alex did feel something. A ripple of electricity that tingled throughout her entire body before it faded, slowly, and she felt the last sparks trickle from her fingertips. The experience had been rather pleasant and, as had become a norm for Alex, her now heightened emotional state had awoken the hunger that had so gleefully caused such wanton destruction to her former cheerleader body. Choosing Tanya had been the best solution to all of Alex's problems, for now at least. Tanya was the thinnest on the squad and definitely in the best shape largely because as well as cheerleading she was also an avid long-distance runner, lacrosse player and the school's reigning female swimming champion. Of all of Alex's friends her body was probably best equipped to handle the onslaught of thousands of extra calories and her frequent long runs, often morning and night, would be the fastest way to whip Alex's toneless body back into shape. Tanya was also the girl most in need of some extra weight, and Alex couldn't help but feel that the first 10 or so pounds would be unlikely to do anything but beatify and feminise the legendarily rail-thin body that she maintained. Alex knew that she wore no bra, and had never needed to; she frequently wore boy's jeans, they provided a better fit on her narrow hips and flat, rather bony backside; and though all of her clothes were fashionable and attractive there was nothing the clothes could do to change the laws of nature. Tanya was pretty of course, it was an unspoken requisite of the cheerleading squad, but next to other members of the squad, like Sam's curved hips or Lucy's sizeable D-cups, Tanya was somewhat wanting. A part of Alex had always respected Tanya for how little it seemed to bother her, and so in a way choosing her wasn't a wholly malicious act. That said there was a much larger part of Alex that was violently jealous of her lack of fat and phenomenal commitment to her exercise. And she wasn't exactly thrilled that Tanya had taken the number two spot on the squad, her former position. It was as these more malignant thoughts were whirring into place that Alex's stomach let out an almighty rumble. A quick glance at her watch revealed that, on a normal night, she would have eaten dinner two or more hours ago, and she would have been snacking incessantly before and after, as had become her habit. The emotional and enjoyable task of looking through her grandmother's boxes coupled with the sudden appearance of Illyria had, for the first time in what felt like years, caused her to forget food, to even almost miss a meal! How ironic.

Alex lived alone with her mother, who was a nurse and consequently frequently worked some sort of night-shift which often left Alex to cook for herself. As luck would have it tonight was such a night, she hadn't even heard her mother leave though it was probably long before Illyria's dramatic appearance (again most fortunate), and now Alex was on a mission: Eat. The very thought of what she was about to do excited Alex and made her stomach growl and gurgle in delicious anticipation. To eat as much as she desired with absolutely no consequence. To satisfy her hunger with no bitter aftertaste as she envisioned how the next couple of pounds would further test her clothing: splitting seams along the seat of her pants; fraying the thread that bound the buttons to her blouse; stretching the fabric around her over-generous, bulbous curves. To eat and eat until she could eat no more and to have all the recriminations of her hedonistic extravagance wind up on someone else's middle. Shooting down the stairs two at a time Alex turned the oven on before dashing to the fridge. Sitting right in the centre was an extra-large ham, bacon, and pepperoni pizza with extra cheese which Alex quickly tossed onto the kitchen counter behind her. Soon to follow was a pack of 6 microwaveable mini-quiches, a loaf of cheesy garlic bread and a cheesecake. While the pizza and garlic bread cooked in the oven and the microwave took the agonising six minutes to cook her quiches Alex tore into a family-sized bag of Doritos she grabbed from the cupboard, washing down the cheesy crisps by taking great gulps out of a two-litre bottle of lemonade. She was half-way through her snack before the quiches were ready and not even starting to feel full. The quiches were piping hot but Alex was impervious to the overly warm, soft filling as she gleefully took her first bite, followed by a second, a third. One down, five to go. Then four, then three. Another great draught of lemonade, a brief feeling of cool before numbers three, two, and one chased their predecessors down her gullet. Alex leant back, hands cradling her stomach. Her fractionally pudgier fingers pressed through the soft, yielding flub adorning her rounded middle to feel the slightly more tender, food packed stomach bulging over her waistband, conspicuously hidden beneath her straining top. Caught up in the luxury of her display Alex cast off her constricting top and shed the long skirt she used to desperately conceal her thunder thighs and gelatinous, wobbling buttocks. Secure in her privacy and the freeing knowledge that all her weight problems would soon melt away, Alex struck a provocative pose in the kitchen clad in nothing but an extremely skimpy, extremely tight thong (her only means of avoiding panty-lines) that allowed her burgeoning love-handles to fold neatly over the top and a lacy white bra, a wardrobe remnant of her former days as a svelte cheerleader, that forced her now significantly rounder breasts to ooze out of the top of the ill-suited cups while the straps pressed tightly into the light layer of soft tissue occluding all view of her spine.

She returned to her Doritos while waiting impatiently for the pizza. She finished the bag several long minutes before the pizza was ready, orange dust adorning her fingers and small crumbs of crisps littered over her bare chest. Standing hungrily in front of the oven, one foot tapping on the cool floor, Alex stared down the timer while her hands balled and unballed the crisp packet in anxiety. She was starved. After an eternity of seconds the pizza and the garlic bread were finally ready. Carrying her continued feast into the living room Alex set herself down on the sofa, reclining across the length with the pizza resting on her increasingly stolid stomach, the gentle warmth spreading throughout her body. With the television blasting out some mindless drivel she was only half-aware of Alex focused fully on her pizza. An extra-large was a relatively normal meal for a girl of her appetites, though her mom might have occasionally had a slice or two if she was there, but she had rarely eaten so much pizza after already eating so much else, not to mention the garlic bread at her side and the cheesecake awaiting her attentions in the kitchen. No part of Alex seemed aware of this fact however as her already half-full tummy was further filled with rich, heavy cheeses, savoury, salted meats, and gooey, doughy crusts. In between gargantuan slices of pizza that left little daubs of cheese speckled around her lips, only to be quickly chased down by her eager tongue, Alex would rip great hunks out of the garlic bread, chewing furiously as she descended further and further into the binge state that had so quickly crafted her fattened form. It was almost no time at all before every last morsel of pizza and bread was gone, the only evidence a patina of grease on Alex's fingers and a heaving mass of quivering blubber and packed stomach resting heavily on her chunky thighs.

Alex's breath was coming shorter now, it took several attempts to wrest herself from her ensconced position on the sofa but her present and growing hunger was not about to leave that cheesecake alone for very long. It was a delectable looking thing, a chocolate dessert with a dark-chocolate topping, artfully decorated with whipped cream and caramel. Not even bothering to return to the television Alex took a seat across from the calorific confection, armed only with a spoon, and strove to sate her food-lust. The sugary treat quickly catapulted Alex's mind to a rarefied high of dazed ecstasy. Mouthful after mouthful Alex ate. Chocolate smeared her lips; crumbs from the soft pie base joined the growing group of stranded specks of food nestling in and around her alluring cleavage; a small dot of whipped cream made its way to the tip of Alex's nose and still she kept eating. Even in the midst of her sugar-high Alex remembered her suffering at the hands of her friends, she thought of Tanya growing fatter and fatter, of all of her friends finding themselves in the same degrading, humiliating, mortifying position of ill-fitting clothes and wobbling, jiggling flesh. She relished each bite, every taste a reminder of her greatest desire achieved: zero consequences. The cheesecake was gone. Alex's gravid middle looked too full to move, skin stretched so taut that even the pliable, soft adipose that had so lovingly wrapped itself around her once trim waist was unable to shake or jiggle as she breathed slowly and shallowly. But still Alex wanted to eat. Oh how she wanted to eat. With enormous effort and several very unladylike grunts Alex heaved herself to her feet, one hand desperately trying to alleviate the mass of food dragging her stomach mercilessly to the floor. Surely she had had enough tonight? But no, Alex wasn't done yet. A large 1 litre tub of ice-cream fell prey to her roving free hand. Clutching the cold treat close to her chest, feeling the tingle as it touched her bare skin, Alex made her way back to the sofa and began, with a technique clearly honed by hours of practice, to drive her spoon into the hard surface of the ice-cream and excavate a large mouthful that rapidly fell into her gaping, masticating maw. There was no slowing down, no sign that Alex was close to stopping. Alex refused to stop. She ignored brain-freeze, the numb feeling of her fingers as they clutched the pot, the cool sensation that was rapidly turning to freezing cold in her stomach, none of it mattered, Alex was hungry. And it took Alex, slow girl as she often was when it came to food, right until her spoon was scraping the cardboard bottom of the tub, her hunger still unabated, utterly unsatisfied, to realise that something was clearly not quite right.

If the human mind was simple enough to understand, we would be too simple to understand it.

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Chapter III

Alex was sitting on the couch. Her food-addled brain was still trying to make sense of her seemingly insatiable hunger. Her hands were wrapped gingerly around her bloated belly, packed so tight with pizza and quiches and ice-cream and pie and cheesecake and countless other things besides. Alex had never seen her belly look so round and binging wasn't exactly a new discovery for the auburn-haired plumper. Now that she had stopped eating she could feel the painful stretched sensation and she could feel the mass of food sitting atop her squishy thighs, still lightly tanned from her indulgent summer at the beach.

And she was still so hungry!

Obviously there was only one place to go and much as it pained Alex it wasn't back to the kitchen. Heaving herself upright, every movement making her comically engorged stomach twinge, Alex began the slow, careful journey upstairs to her room where a little wooden box was sitting and where she was certain the answer to her endless appetite lay. When she finally made it to her room, both hands clutching her belly in a desperate effort to stop it from moving, it was to find the strikingly beautiful, enviably fit, phenomenally sexy genie sitting quite at ease in the chair she had conjured hours ago.

"Well, well. Look at you," Illyria said, her mouth stretched in a wide smile that made Alex think of how her friends had looked at her when she first started gaining weight, amused with a trace of smugness. "I see someone's enjoying their new found culinary freedom."

"What did you do!" Alex was yelling, her fear of the genie completely evaporating as her rage boiled over. Being hungry always did make her short-tempered.

"Me? Why I granted your wish of course. I'm a genie, what else was I supposed to do?"

"I didn't wish to always feel hungry. I said I wanted my friends to get fat instead of me."

"Well if the size of that swollen mass of flab and flesh is anything to go by, someone has gotten a pretty good start on catching up with you."

"That's not the point. I'm hungry! I've been eating for hours and I'm still fucking starving."

"Well of course you are, that was your wish."

"Stop saying that! No it wasn't. You did something wrong, NOW FIX IT!"

"Something wrong? I think not. Let's review shall we. You wished, quite clearly, for all the effects of the food you eat to go to another girl of your choosing. Last time I checked, being full was an effect of eating. Ergo your friend Tanya is full and you Alexandra are not."

Alex had just been about to start shouting again, but Illyria's words hit her like a tonne of bricks. She stood there, mouth agape as the realisation sunk in.

"B..b..but that's not what I meant," Alex's fear was returning now, "You know that's not what I meant. I didn't mean I always wanted to be hungry, that's the opposite of what I wanted."

"Well that's a shame."

"You did this on purpose didn't you."



"Why? How about because it's funny? How about because your wish was malicious? You could have wished to be thin, you could have wished you had never gotten fat. You could have wished to be eternally beautiful but instead you tried to punish your friends for your own stupidity. But mostly I did it because you didn't listen. I was quite clear when I told you to think carefully about your wish, but you ignored me and so here we are."

"But you have to grant the wish I want, and this isn't what I wanted," Alex was whining now, "You have to fix it."

"Nope, wrong again. I said the wish I granted was bound by the wish you made. You chose to leave it open-ended and so I got to fill in the gaps."

"But I can't be hungry all the time, I'll die!" She was getting close to tears now.

"Don't be ridiculous. I'm not allowed to kill anyone with my magic. As long as you eat everything your body needs the magic will take from that exactly what is needed to keep you healthy. I suppose you could kill yourself trying to stuff your belly full of food but it would be very painful and entirely your fault. And you'd still be hungry."

"But you have to fix this. It's unbearable."

"Sorry, not going to happen. If you want to change the wish you'll just have to make another one."

"Wait a second. No I don't. It's so obvious! I can choose anyone to get the effects of what I eat, so I can just choose me!"

"Not so much. Your exact words were 'any other girl', so you can't pick yourself. Ready to make your second wish?"

At that Alex's anger flared back up. "That's it isn't it? That's the whole point of this, to make me waste a wish. Well the answer's no. No chance, no way. I'm...I was a bloody cheerleader. I can manage a little hunger."

"Okay, let me know if you change your mind." And with that Illyria disappeared back into her box.

Alex glared at the intricate wooden letters shimmering even in the constant steady light of her room and knew there was nothing she could do. Still wearing only her underwear after her unsatisfying feast Alex brushed her teeth, still seething and still starving, and went to bed. She had gotten used to sleeping on her side as she had gotten fatter, it was the only way to be comfortable when her belly was full. That night though no matter how she lay Alex couldn't get to sleep. Her belly gurgled and rumbled incessantly as it strove to digest it's monstrous contents. And still she was hungry, so very, very hungry.

It was Friday afternoon and Alex was in hell. It had been almost four days since she had made her disastrous wish and every moment was torture. School was the worst. Alex wanted to lose weight, she had already lost weight. After all she hadn't actually consumed any calories and she was exercising for hours every day. But more importantly she wanted her friends to know she was losing weight. And so Alex had forced herself not to eat when she was at school so her friends and everyone else would know she was dieting. Quite honestly it was not fun. Alex had thought that after a few days her constant hunger would have faded into the background, that she'd get used to it, but it just seemed to be getting worse and worse. The only thing that made her feel any better was food. It didn't make the hunger go away but when she was eating she could almost believe that it was. The taste of delicious greasy fried chicken, soft ice-cream slathered with caramel sauce, even a chocolate bar hurriedly wolfed down when she was certain no one could see her made her feel, just for an instant, that maybe it would end. But it didn't. Alex thought about food constantly. No matter what else she was focused on there was always a voice in the back of her mind telling her she needed to eat. But in spite of everything Alex held out, at school anyway. It amused her in a slightly depressing way. All the time she had wanted the will-power to curb her eating and all she had needed was an unquenchable hunger. That was probably irony or something.

With her classes over for the day Alex knew exactly where she was headed. There was a McDonald's on the other side of town. It was too far away for any of her former friends to go to, for any one of her classmates to ever see her there which made it the perfect place for Alex to lose herself for a few hours while she did her homework. It also had another advantage. On the east side of the upper floor there was a window. Alex would always sit looking out of it. The view it afforded, of a nearby park, was not especially pretty but it was particularly useful. Why? Because in this park were people and many of these people were in this park to exercise, most of them runners. At first Alex's plan had simply been to leech off of Tanya's exercise regimen. But Tanya kept to it so religiously and Alex knew it so well that she realised she knew all of the hours of the day when Tanya would be virtually idle. And so Alex had been switching it up. During school hours Alex tried to find girls going to gym class to select and in the middle afternoon when Tanya was resting between any of her various activities Alex found a plethora of runners to pick up the slack before going back to Tanya whose sporting commitments would occupy her until early evening and who would then go for a long run before she went to bed. The effect of all this exercise, even in only a few days, had been the only bright point of Alex's week. Coupled with her extreme diet Alex had lost over 7lbs and she could even feel herself becoming fitter. Walking was easier. So was running. She didn't get out of breath quite so easily. Her body still jiggled and wobbled and shook with her every footfall, everyone at school still snickered at her soft belly and gelatinous rump and her "hippo hips" but for the first time in a long time Alex finally felt as if her body was under control.

But of course her weight loss was only one side of the story. Though Alex had been swapping victims to maximise her exercise she saved all her eating for the rail-thin Tanya. Well, almost rail-thin. Even a body as well-tuned as Tanya's couldn't simply shrug off the deluge of calories and sudden loss of exercise it had been unknowingly subjected to. When Alex had had gym that morning she'd had a chance to see Tanya in just her underwear while she was getting changed. There was nothing drastically different but Alex's roving eyes could see where all her gluttony had wound up. Tanya's butt. It wasn't much, in fact her ass was still quite flat but Alex could see that a handful of pounds, maybe three or four, had squeezed themselves onto Tanya's cheeks, slowly inching outwards. Her underwear didn't fit right around the new meat, the fabric was bunching up slightly and a little hint of cheek was poking out. It was very subtle and no matter how hard Alex looked she couldn't see any other signs of weight gain, but it was a start. Thinking of Tanya made Alex remember her hunger again. Desperate as ever for even a moment of relief from her agony Alex ordered two super-sized combo meals, switched her spell back onto Tanya and dug in.

The wonderful taste of food was different for Alex now. Before when she ate Alex would lose herself in the passion of it all. She still did sometimes, she loved to eat, but now that she was persistently assaulted by the unending gnawing sensation in her stomach eating helped Alex to think. As long as she refrained from diving into a hedonistic orgy, an easier task when she was out in public, Alex could use the brief respite to help with her homework and ponder other, more important questions. The most important of course was her hunger. Alex was still furious with the genie for such an underhanded trick and at first she had resolved to never waste a wish just so that she didn't have to feel hungry. That was what Illyria had wanted all along after all. But after days of being unable to sate her appetite Alex knew she was going to break. She found it difficult to think straight, she was impatient and angry, she couldn't sleep properly and even her dreams were filled with her endlessly eating and never feeling full. Alex had examined every word of her wish looking for a way out but there wasn't one. She had been stupid and now she was paying the price. But yesterday she had had an idea, or at least the formative stages of an idea, a notion for another wish. One that would solve her hunger problem and give her the chance to accelerate her revenge. She just had to make sure that this time it was air-tight.


Those burgers really hadn't lasted all that long. Poking a finger delicately into her bloated middle Alex tried to gauge how full she really was. She'd had what, four meals, five? And three milkshakes. And she'd sucked on a few ketchup packets in desperation. She thought of all that food winding its way onto Tanya's bum. It was a funny thought, a mass of quivering flesh enveloping every pair of underwear, straining the seat of her skinny jeans, lifting the indecently short skirt of her cheerleading uniform to reveal the white cotton panties beneath. Naturally Alex had learned the hard way that that wasn't how people gained weight. There would be a belly too, and love-handles, and a double-chin somewhere down the line. And there was Sam and Lucy and Kim all waiting to join her. Fattening them all up was going to take ages. And it was that thought, more than any other, that made Alex want to perfect that next wish.

If the human mind was simple enough to understand, we would be too simple to understand it.
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