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India Jane and the Eastern Temple of Rava Desh

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 02, 2014 12:49 am    Post subject: India Jane and the Eastern Temple of Rava Desh Reply with quote

India Jane and the Eastern Temple of Rava Desh

Chapter 1

"And in international news, today saw the public opening of the Western Temple of Rava Desh. Discovered three months ago, the temple is considered to be one of the greatest archaeological finds in human history. Rava Desh, an ancient Indian goddess of harvests and fertility, was believed to be a minor deity but the temple, discovered deep in the mountainous region near the city of Jaipur, is one of the largest and most elaborate structures ever created by ancient man, exceeding in size even the Pyramid of Giza. For the past three months dozens of archaeologists, anthropologists, and historians from around the world have been working to fully catalogue the structure's artefacts, murals and artwork but now, for the first time, the public will be allowed to enter the temple for themselves. The opening was attended by several thousand eager tourists, as well as the President of India along with his Prime Minister and many other dignitaries. Conspicuous in her absence, however, was the discoverer of the temple, Jane Evelyn Porter, now known the world over as "India Jane". A doctoral candidate at Leeds University Ms. Porter achieved almost overnight celebrity with her discovery, quickly earning a multitude of accolades, ranging from the immediate approval of her doctoral thesis to being voted the sexiest archaeologist since Harrison Ford. Officials stated that Ms. Porter had sent her apologies for not being able to attend but she was already investigating a potential new discovery. Nobody knows what India Jane is searching for, but she has been out of the public eye for almost two months now so once again both the academic world and the general public will have to wait with bated breath for her next earth-shattering discovery. And now, Will Henley is at the temple of Rava Desh for ITV News. Will, what can you tell us?"

Meanwhile, several thousand miles away.


Jane Evelyn Porter was an accomplished climber. She had climbed in the Alps, she had climbed in the Himalayas, she had climbed up and down 5 of the 10 tallest mountains in the world, but she had never, ever, had such a difficult climb in her life.

Sticking a piton into the rock she released her grip and took a moment to catch her breath. Her heavy panting and ragged gasps sounded louder in her ears than the howling winds. The sound of her harness creaking as it took her weight made her scrabble for a handhold again, terrified that her climbing gear was not equipped to handle… the new her. In the five hours she had been climbing she had tried to decide which of the several causes for her seemingly endless struggle was the worst. The obvious one was her weight. Lugging an extra seventy pounds up an inclined cliff face was definitely a chore, one she felt every time she hauled herself, seemingly millimetre by millimetre, up the cliff and which was leaving her muscles screaming. However, the weight itself wasn't the worst of it, it was where the weight was that was really getting to her.

Take her butt for instance. This was quite a difficult thing to do, take it that is, since its recent expansion from the tight, toned and slightly muscled rear of an avid explorer and adventurer into a pair of undulating globes that tore holes in pants and shredded dresses had left her with what felt like thirty pounds shaking and wobbling behind her with every movement. It dragged her centre of gravity way down, making every movement awkward and clumsy, its unpredictable momentum as she manoeuvred sideways had nearly caused her to lose her footing on several occasions as it swung back and forth, pulling her like a ragdoll, and the feeling of her fat cheeks striking the backs of her thighs every time she had to stretch for the next handhold had gone from being initially obnoxious when she had started climbing to downright dangerous as her relatively slender legs grew increasingly weary underneath her.

But, Jane decided, the worst thing by a mile was her stomach. A great ball of fat, sticking out larger than a pregnant woman's bump only soft and endlessly jiggling. Unwilling to spread sideways instead it all poured forwards allowing it to push her a foot clear of the cliff face (which only made her ass's continued efforts to drag her off the wall that more effective) and, more frustratingly still, dragged and scraped against every outcrop and overhang she came to, pulling up the woefully inadequate shirt she was wearing and exposing her pale pink belly to the ice-cold rock and howling, high-altitude gale. Craning her neck upwards Jane was able to see, finally, the edge of the plateau she was aiming for. With just twenty feet between her and her goal she threw caution to the wind and began climbing like the thin girl she had once been, jumping for handholds, feeling her belly bash into the mountain and hearing seams pop in her tent-like khakis as they protested the rapid jostling of her ass. Her breathing became ragged, she knew that soon her vision would start to blur, but then, miraculously, her arms were over the edge. She heaved herself onto the flat, smooth expanse, feet scrabbling against the rock as her belly flopped over the lip and the rest of her body followed in a tangled mess of limbs and gear. Jane crawled away from the edge before collapsing, utterly exhausted, on the floor.

She was exhausted. Too tired to move. She wasn't even that high up but even so the air seemed too thin for her to take a proper breath. She really couldn't move a muscle, not even waggle her fingers or wiggle her toes.

"Oh fuck!"

Too late she realised what was about to happen, no time to brace herself, no time to even pray for a reprieve, it was already too late. She felt the heat rising, the sound of blood pumping in her ears. As the temperature built steadily she stared in wide-eyed wonder as the towering mass of blubber looming over her began to quiver violently, a flushed colour darkening the wobbling expanse as the heat continued to build. Jane watched, half-relieved half-terrified, as her bulging pseudo-pregnant ball began to shrink, and the heat began to spread. Jane didn't know how long she was frozen on the floor as her fat redistributed itself, it could have been minutes or hours. She watched as her stomach slowly deflated, her breasts simultaneously engorging until they eclipsed her view, snapping her bra in the process. She could feel her enormous ass waning in size, feel her thighs squishing together and her arms squeezing out her sleeves. Finally the heat was gone and Jane could move, she managed to pull herself onto her feet, limbs stiff from her arduous climb and exhausting transformation. She took a minute to examine her new shape, she seemed to have reverted, mostly, to what she referred to as her "normal" shape, or at least the shape that most closely resembled a fattened form of her former, thinner figure. In place of the front-and-back nature of her body a few minutes ago she was wider now: bigger hips, thicker thighs, wider waist, love-handles. Her stomach was still fat, but nowhere near its previous size and her breasts, which had been atypically small on her previous frame, had bust the bra and almost ripped the shirt that had so miserably failed at containing her stomach. Sighing Jane began taking off her clothes. Her shorts, which had been designed to accommodate both bloated belly and swollen ass, practically fell off her hips and past her thighs as soon as she popped the button but the shirt proved much more inconvenient, unable to stretch properly over her breasts and too thin in the sleeves for her sausage-like arms to escape from. Rummaging in her enormous backpack Jane stowed her clothes and started looking for new ones, eventually finding a large pair of pants that she was able to squeeze her hips into and a more appropriately-sized bra. After trying several tops, none of which deigned to cover the lower bulge of her belly, Jane eventually settled on an oversized sweatshirt.

"Explorer's log. October 22nd, 1:05pm," Jane said into the Dictaphone she had pulled out of her pocket. "Have made it to the plateau. Another change has occurred, less than a day after the previous attack when I made camp yesterday evening. The attacks appear to be increasing in frequency. Unclear if this is due a continual worsening of my condition or a result of something else, perhaps proximity to the Eastern Temple? Weight not visibly changed, however, now so fat that even moderate gains are difficult to detect by eye. Reasonable to assume, based on difficulty of ascent, that certainly no weight has been lost in spite of prolonged calorie-controlled diet."

Putting away the recording device Jane finally took a proper look at her surroundings. Even though her reasons for being there went far beyond mere archaeological discovery she was, for a moment, stunned by what she had found. The plateau she was standing on was about two-thirds of the way up the mountain, the peak of which still loomed over her, thousands of feet above. But here, on this small patch of rock, an alcove had been hewn into the stone, and in that alcove a door. The door was enormous, at least 5 metres high and 3 metres across, with the ancient glyphs Jane had become intimately familiar with carved into the surface.

"Let only those who seek an audience with Rava Desh enter here," Jane read aloud, "Well, that's an improvement on the last one. Now how do I get this open?"

Jane had no sooner spoken those words than the stone began sliding into the cliff face. A little stunned but not completely surprised Jane peered into the revealed corridor as, one by one, rows of torches lining the walls flickered into life, illuminating a path deep into the mountain. Hefting her backpack onto her shoulders Jane wasted no time and walked in. As the last howls of the wind faded from her ears she heard the sound of the door sliding back into place, the resounding boom as it shut sealing her inside the Eastern Temple of Rava Desh.

If the human mind was simple enough to understand, we would be too simple to understand it.
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PostPosted: Sun Dec 14, 2014 2:08 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Chapter 2

The corridor went deep into the mountain before Jane found a spiral staircase going down into the flickering half-light of the torch illuminated halls. The staircase was longer than Jane had expected, her heavy footfalls sent her thighs wobbling and her breasts bobbing, but eventually, long after she had lost count of the steps, she reached the bottom and found herself in a large open room. Directly opposite the stairs was a door, large, stone and sealed shut. In the centre of the room were two raised daises capped with strange metal squares about two metres in length and a small flight of rough-hewn steps leading up to them. To Jane's left and right the walls were lined with rocks. From stones as tall as she was to pebbles barely larger than the end of her thumb the rocks came in every conceivable shape and size. They weren't even limited to one type of stone: one was jet black, another white, some were smooth as glass and others jagged and sharp. Jane had absolutely no idea what she was looking at. The few vague accounts of the Eastern Temple she had been able to find had mentioned trials but there had been no specifics.

"There must be something…" Jane muttered to herself.

She walked onto one of the platforms. Tentatively she stepped onto the metal plate in its centre, it moved a few millimetres under her weight. The more force she applied the further down it went. Then she noticed the door. There was some sort of pictogram carved into the stone. Examining it more closely she could see two trapeziums, one with a figure standing on it and one topped with an assortment of rectangles.

"So, those are the platforms. I'm supposed to stand on one. And the other side… the rocks? But which rocks? They can't all fit, so how do I choose?"

Jane picked up a medium sized rock and placed it on the nearest platform. The metal plate sunk a little ways down. Jane took her position on the opposite pad, she likewise sunk into the floor. She looked expectantly at the door but, unsurprisingly, nothing happened. She stepped off again and returned to the door. Hoping for some sort of clue. Finding nothing she returned the podiums, examining the steps, the plates, everything looking for instructions. As she was sweeping dust off one of the plates she saw a faint outline, a strange reflection in the flickering torchlight. Grabbing a torch from her backpack she examined the metal more carefully and found a symbol, nearly worn away, etched into the plate. It read "Balance". Realisation dawned.

"It's a scale!" Jane cried to the empty room, her voice echoing off the walls. The idea was obvious, in retrospect. She was to move stones matching her weight onto one plinth and then stand on the other, then the doors would somehow open. Looking around her, Jane began to get a sense of just how difficult a task this was going to be. There was no order to the rocks around her, no convenient list of weights in any measuring system, modern or ancient. For that matter Jane didn't even know what she weighed, except that it was a lot. Back in her thin days she'd been a healthy and fairly athletic 135lbs, though she knew she was north of 200. The last time she'd had the opportunity to weigh herself was over a week ago, 204lbs, but now…

Jane shook her head and refocused. All this musing over the scale's escalating readings wasn't going to solve the problem at hand. Then she had an idea, rather than stand on a platform she could try to find two similar stones and balance those. She looked around and spotted two likely candidates. She went over and tried to pick one up before immediately discovering it was heavier than it looked. Huffing and puffing Jane began dragging it across the floor, her belly and busom bouncing haphazardly and bumping into the rock. Step by step she dragged it up to the plate, panting heavily from the effort. With one in place she went to fetch the other, a similar shape and type of rock, but as she began dragging it Jane could tell it was a bit lighter than the first. When it too was in place she looked hopefully at the door. It was still shut. Not about to be discouraged Jane grabbed a few smaller rocks from around the room and put them with the lighter rock. When that failed she put her hand on top of the lighter stone and began to push down gently, trying to find the balance. All of a sudden she heard a click, she had balanced the scale, but as she looked up at the door all of the torches went out. Before she had a chance to be startled she felt something solid strike her gut, knocking the wind out of her and sending her to her knees. As the torches flickered back to life they revealed Jane, kneeling on all fours, and two empty scales. All of the stones had returned to the walls. Jane was only half surprised, she had tried to cheat after all.

"Well shit."

There was nothing to be done about it, Jane would have to do it properly. And so she set to it. She began by standing on a plate, unnerved by the sinking feeling of the scale dropping into the floor. Taking a piece of chalk she marked where the plate now rested and set to finding the right combination of stones to match her bulk.

It took hours. Jane quickly realised that in order to fit the stones onto the plate she was going to need at least one of the largest stones in the hall. Lifting them was laughable, dragging was barely practical and heaving them up the dozen little steps to the plate was all but impossible. Instead she had to lever them up, step by step, with one of the torches from the wall. Worse still was when the first stone she tried proved too heavy when it immediately sank below her mark, though she took some comfort from the fact that something in the room was heavier than her. Relentlessly Jane persevered, growing increasingly hot and sweaty as she heaved rocks to and fro. The scale was infuriatingly accurate, more than once she thought she had done it only to stand on the scale and have nothing happen. More than once she had to remove one of the medium stones and replace it with another when no combination of the small stones sufficed. Eventually though, on the god only knew what'th attempt, she heard the click again and watched, elated and exhausted, as the door slid open.

She smelt it before she saw it. A wafting scent that filled her nostrils and opened a cavernous hole in her stomach. Food. Real food. The how and the why were irrelevant, Jane walked, more stumbled in her weary state, through the door and into the next room. Jane's eyes saw the table, an enormous stone edifice against the back wall that could have sat 20 people and fed far more. The table was covered, over-flowing, brimming, teeming, filled with food, the scent of fried chicken and the aroma of apple pie, chips and ice-cream, chocolate and still more chocolate blending together into an almost otherworldly…

Jane pulled herself together, shaking the last vestiges of her infatuation out of her head and sinking her hand deep into her blubbery middle to quiet her rumbling tummy. She had seen enough to not be fazed by this latest magical marvel but it left her no less awed in the face of such splendour. She pulled her gaze away and looked instead at the next door, recessed some twenty feet down another hallway and sealed shut, and searched for her new instructions. A single engraving, a figure standing next to a rectangle. A thrill of fear and excitement leapt up her spine. Was it asking her to eat? She had to be sure. Braving the table once again, salivating at her closeness to the food, she looked for a symbol, some indication of her task. She found a lone word: "Fill". As her stomach roared its approval and her eyes sparkled Jane tried to hold herself back. For months now she had avoided eating almost anything. Every mouthful she ate seemed to swell her body beyond rhyme or reason, a mouthful of the fare before her would probably have her unable to move. And the sheer volume of food! As her weight had increased she had noticed an exponentially escalating rise in her appetite, her stomach growing into a gluttonous black hole that seemed always to cry out for more but this, this was insanity. But this was also her only chance. To eat now, and find her way to the centre of the temple and undo this curse or else turn back, and grow endlessly fatter for the rest of her life. She took a seat at the table, her plush buttocks cushioning her against the cold stone, the over-powering aroma washed the fears out of her mind as it once again grew clouded with the surfeit of goodies surrounding her. Her hands reached out and grabbed the nearest delicacy, an entire family-sized deep dish pizza, and pulled it towards her. Delicately picking a slice of pepperoni off the top Jane brought it to her lips, opened her mouth and bit down. It was an explosion of flavour. Jane didn't just taste pepperoni, she tasted everything, every meal she'd ever eaten, every flavour she'd ever tasted. All those months of dieting and deprivation, all that misery and exercise, coming home to this culinary miracle washed all of that pain away. There was no way to cut the pizza and no need for decorum and Jane was in no mood for either. She grabbed the pizza in both hands and bit into it with such frenzied urgency that little blobs of melted cheese splattered her face and flecks of tomato sauce covered her lips. To Jane it barely felt like she had started before she was licking grease stains off her fingers and picking crumbs out of her cleavage. Looking for a change of pace she grabbed an ice-cream sundae, as perfectly chilled as the pizza had been hot, and let the smooth creamy mixture slide down her throat and line her stomach in a cooling balm. Mouthful by mouthful she ate, first a spoonful of vanilla, then chocolate, chocolate again, now strawberry. The sweetness cleansed her palate, the coldness filled her swelling middle and the taste kept her enraptured, beyond caring about the world, about calories, about ill-fitting clothes and magic curses. When the ice-cream was gone Jane went for the burger, melted cheese and onions and mustard and ketchup blending flawlessly with the beef. When the burger was gone she ate the apple pie, light and flaky and so wonderfully complemented by the vanilla custard. Then she grabbed a towering plate of cookies each the size of her hand. It was as she took the first mouthful that she felt it. The fullness. Not just full, not just stuffed or overfed, if there was a word Jane didn't know it. This sensation of over-satiated, gluttony-induced pleasure was entirely new, beyond anything Jane had ever felt, and it was getting stronger by the second.

This pleasure was unique: not the tingling thrill of excitement or the calm serenity of relaxation, it was like a warmth deep inside that filled every nook and cranny of her being. After months of dieting and watching what she ate, to discover the pleasure she had been denying herself, the feeling of being truly full and the unbridled satisfaction it brought with it was too much for Jane to handle. Unthinking she let the cookie fall to the floor, only to see it swiftly reappear on the table, and Jane began rubbing her stomach, hands immediately hitting the bulging mass of food now sticking past her breasts, and groaned as the heady euphoria filled her up all the more. Massaging her belly she could feel her fullness, an impossible quantity of food filling her stomach, surely stretching it to what should have been agonising extremes but which instead just felt right. Jane barely noticed as her body went rigid, as the all too familiar heat flooded her body and her curse worked its magic again. It wasn't until the transformation was over that she finally began to return to herself, like awaking from a dream. Her clothes had fared well under this most recent change and while her fat had accumulated in some slightly uncomfortable places the only thing Jane could focus on was that she wasn't full anymore. Her stomach was plenty fat. It bunched up into myriad little rolls as she sat, her fingers disappearing into it as she poked and prodded, searching for the food she had eaten, for that fullness she had finally found. All gone. And now her senses were returning. When she had stopped eating she had heard something. A grinding noise, stone on stone. The door! She sprang off the bench, or at least heaved herself off the bench quickly, and ran to the hallway only to see the door still closed. Well, almost closed. It had lifted about six inches. Getting down on the floor and peering though the gap, ignoring the feeling of her belly pooling onto the ground, Jane could see the next corridor up ahead, but she didn't even need to look at her body to know it wasn't getting through the gap. She needed it to open more.

Distracted by this new puzzle Jane finally forgot about the table of food and started thinking clearly again. The door had opened, but not all the way. Why? Her task had been to eat, she had eaten and the door had started to open. Did she need to eat more? Her whole body quivered at the thought, ripples of fat jiggling in response. Fill. The instruction said "Fill". Perhaps the door opened because she was full? But then the curse had struck and now she wasn't, or was not being full simply a part of the room's magic, forcing her to eat again and again until the door opened enough for her to squeeze through? There was no way to answer that question, but the idea of fullness opening the door seemed to make sense, it would explain the sudden onset of her fullness at least.

Whatever had happened it was pretty clear that she was going to need to sit back down at the table. The problem was that now she was clear-headed Jane wasn't sure she liked that idea, particularly given how badly her body was craving that full feeling already. Still it was too late to turn back. Before she sat down however Jane, with some effort, started to pull off all of her clothes and leave them in a pile next to her rucksack. The change hadn't been especially dramatic, her stomach seemed a little smaller, her love-handles oozed rather more insistently over her waistband and a monster wedgie suggested her ass had waxed to newfound extremes but she was still broadly the same shape and nothing had ripped or torn. If more changes were coming though, there was no sense risking her limited wardrobe more than she had to. Stark naked Jane approached the table, feeling the intoxicating aroma flooding her senses as she neared it, struggling to hold on. The cold stone bench on her bare cheeks went someway to waking her back up but at the sight of the abandoned plate of cookies Jane lost it and dove in like a madwoman.

Nearly six hours of continuous gourmandising and several transformations later a very different looking Jane was sat at the table. Panting heavily, a patina of sweat glistening on her forehead and over her grotesquely distended stomach, Jane continued to shovel handfuls of chocolate cake past her food-stained lips, no less hungry now than when she had first entered the room, though her continued exposure to the food and the pleasure of fullness had slightly dulled its effects on her mind. Her latest form had brought new challenges, or perhaps one new challenge. Much of her body looked like that of a slightly overfed housewife, spongy rear, wobbly thighs, soft breasts. The rest of her fat had moved into her belly. It was simply enormous, a bulging mass of blubber that made up more than half of her weight and stuck out so far that when she transformed it had pushed Jane away from the table and onto the floor. Now she was straddling the bench, her enormous gut pooling in front of her, and balancing her food on the dome swelling out beneath her breasts. Jane had discovered, to her annoyance, that her significantly larger belly came with a significantly larger stomach, she had been eating for more than twice as long as her previous sessions and she still wasn't full. Worse still was the nagging fear that if she kept eating much longer she would still be too big to squeeze under the door this time around and she'd have to endure another round of fattening fare. Finally, as she stuffed the last of the cake down her throat, Jane felt the fullness building inside her again. Even better she could hear the door starting to move. Letting the platter fall from her belly she braced herself for the transformation and closed her eyes, praying, willing her body to be thin enough to get under the door. She stiffened, the warmth flooded her, relief washed over her as her belly began to recede off the bench, she felt a tingling in her bum and her breasts, her hips and her thighs, the weight was distributing itself evenly again, she'd make it this time, she just knew it. As the transformation ended she made to stand up, only to be swiftly and somewhat painfully yanked back down again. Confused, Jane opened her eyes and looked down.

"What the fuck?"

If the human mind was simple enough to understand, we would be too simple to understand it.
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Chapter 3

Breasts. Jane had always been happy with her breasts. A modest B-cup in her thinner days, shapely and perky and plenty alluring in the right bra, Jane had never had reason to complain. In recent months of course she had had occasion to experience a wide array of sizes and shapes, neatly illustrated by the alphabet of brassieres in her clothing stash, but nothing she had ever experienced or imagined could have prepared her for this. Put simply, her breasts were huge. Well, huge didn’t really do them justice, huge boobs make people think of strippers or porn stars, these boobs were not that. Two enormous, fat-filled and firm knockers draped down from Jane's torso, down past her navel, coming to rest just above her knees. When she had tried to climb up from the bench they had fallen off her lap and on to the floor, the sudden drop wrenching her back down, but she had just about managed to get herself standing and as strenuous as it was to hold her new assets aloft Jane simply couldn't stop staring at them. She had often imagined large-breasted women losing much of their shape to the pull of gravity, yet hers remained full and round, certainly hanging but not drooping, her thumbnail sized nipples pointing dead ahead. They were wide too, wider even than her hips which had taken their own healthy dose of new weight, if someone had been standing behind her they would still have been able to see a significant amount of her tits. Almost as odd as the feeling of who knew how many pounds of breast tumbling down her torso was them resting gently against her now washboard stomach. Since Jane had first started gaining weight her stomach had been steadily smothered, growing one day, shrinking another but always fat enough to shake and wobble as she moved, always a belly. Now though, as she slid her hands under her breasts, she could make out the faintest trace of muscle and definition, she couldn't pinch a millimetre let alone an inch, instead the remainder of her weight had gone well south of the border. The majority seemed to be slathered up and down her thighs, tree-trunks now that pressed together to the knees before abruptly thinning to only slightly chubby calves and still petite feet. Combined with hips wider than her shoulders Jane had turned into some extremely exaggerated hourglass. The only problem was clothing. The door was high enough to squeeze under now, probably easily given she was a lot less deep and a lot more wide, but unsurprisingly none of her clothes were going to fit her upper body.

It took nearly thirty minutes for Jane to fashion some manner of support, a series of sweaters tied together at the sleeves into a makeshift sling now spread at least some of the weight onto her shoulders instead of her back. Her lower half had proved almost as troublesome, thighs too thick to let much of anything get past them were packed like sausages into a pair of tights and nothing else. Now she was shimmying her breasts, somewhat inelegantly, under the doorway and into the well-lit corridor beyond. At the end of the corridor was a strange carving on the wall and, for the first time, two different directions to choose from. She studied the carving, it looked like a fractal painting, endless lines covering the wall with a single word carved into the centre: "Leave". Jane tried to follow one of the lines with her finger but quickly lost track of it, there didn't seem to be any pattern. The more she looked at it the more certain she became, and the more hopeless she felt.

"A maze?" Jane said despairingly. That's what it was, or given the scale perhaps labyrinth was more appropriate. By the looks of it, the carving was a map and the centre was her goal. Taking out some chalk from her backpack Jane started tracing the lines from the start and the end, looking for somewhere they might meet. It took a while but eventually she found a route, then she pulled out her phone, took a picture, and set off into the maze.

After five minutes of walking, turning, map-reading, double-checking, and re-double-checking her bearings Jane had come to a simple conclusion: she did not want large breasts. They were a complete nightmare, barely supported and certainly not confined they moved back and forth as she walked, banging into the tops of her legs as she walked, or more accurately half-walked half-waddled as the constant rubbing of her fatted thighs forced her to spread her legs further and further apart. The corridors were disorientating, widening and thinning at random, the ceiling rising up into the inky blackness one minute and then suddenly she would have to make a turn into a tunnel so low she almost had to crawl. In the thin corridors her breasts would brush up against the cold stone as they jostled about, in the very thin corridors they and her hips would be squeezed by the walls. Every step was bouncing, jiggling, bumping and bashing. The stimulation of her breasts hitting each other and the walls and her legs only exacerbated by her thighs grinding together made the whole affair thoroughly exhausting.

Jane walked the maze for hours, resting periodically when her legs threatened to buckle under the blubber encasing them but always fearful of another change that could render her even less mobile than she was already. As she walked she drew a line of chalk on the wall to her right so that she could make her way back on the few occasions she made a wrong turn and hit a dead end. Eventually, though, Jane could feel her excitement building as she drew nearer to the middle, counting down the corners left to go. 3. 2. 1. As she turned the last corner something sent a shiver down her spine and before she even knew what she was doing she was running as fast as she could, her giant boobs bouncing clean out of their sling, slapping against her thighs and almost toppling her over as they shook back and forth, until, finally she was standing in a room… with a table piled high with food in one corner and a big stone bench. And now she knew, that excitement, that shiver, hadn't been about reaching the end of the maze. No. She had smelt the food and she had come running headlong into its waiting arms.

Panicked, Jane whirled around, yelping as her breasts spun with her. The long corridor she had run down was gone, replaced instead by a short corridor leading to a door, and through that door was the room with the scales, the rocks still standing where she had left them. She was back in the eating room. How?

"More importantly," Jane muttered to the empty room, "Why?"

In the end though, Jane didn't have the energy to question it. She was tired, sweaty, aching and above all, starving. And there, not 10 feet away, all the food she could ever eat. Jane needed to rest, but she couldn't afford to gorge. If she got full again, the door would open a little more of course but she might well not fit under it after a change. But looking at the food, just sitting there, Jane's mouth was watering even as she tried to hold herself back. Covering her mouth and nose with her now defunct sweater-bra Jane edged closer and closer to the table, eyeing it up like she hadn't eaten in days rather than hours. Quick as she could she grabbed an apple pie, a platter full of mini-burgers and a plate piled high with chips and then retreated into the far corner of the room. The first bite of warm, fresh-cooked beef set Jane's whole body at ease. A drop of juice dribbled out of the corner of her mouth, down her chin, onto her left breast and then ran down its length to the very tip of her very stiff nipple before falling onto the floor, eliciting a visceral moan from Jane's food-filled mouth. After that Jane didn't waste any more time. Mini-burgers disappeared in two swift bites. She crammed entire handfuls of perfectly-textured fried potato into her maw, never pausing for breath, never slowing for fullness, enjoying each taste, an instant of ecstasy. When the burgers and chips were gone she moved onto the pie. Jane hadn't dared waste time grabbling cutlery so she just dove straight in, diving into the hot, flaky crust to get to the sweet apple innards beneath. She gorged. Her hunger, her tiredness, her frustration vanishing in her love of food, the perfection of her fare. As she licked the crumbs from the dish and the syrup from around her chops Jane leant back against the wall, replete but not wholly full, and ready for a nice, long nap. Looking down she saw the mess she'd made of herself, idly scooping a dollop of pie filling off of her breast and into her mouth. Her washboard abs were a far cry from their earlier form, a bloated food baby, flushed red from the stuffing and the stretching, had bubbled up between her breasts and sent them tumbling either side of it and was gurgling merrily to itself.

"If I'd grabbed any more food," Jane sluggishly mused to herself, "I'd have gotten full enough to trigger a change. And the door would be opening too," she chuckled to herself.

"Wait a minute, the door… I've got to get out of here, I need to get to the centre of the temple!"

Suddenly energised by a new fear Jane shot down the corridor past the table, gasping with relief when she saw the door still as open as she'd left it. She wasn't going to stay in this the fat-trap any longer. Re-adjusting her bra and delicately lowering herself to the floor again, wincing as her tender stomach hit the floor, Jane set about the graceless and undignified shuffle underneath the door while trying to work out what had gone wrong. She had reappeared in the feeding room. Had she gone the wrong way? Had she misinterpreted the map perhaps, was the centre not the end? Then, just as Jane freed her breasts from under her, her body went stiff as a board and she knew she was in trouble.

It was a slower transformation than usual, or at least it felt that way, and at first all of the heat was concentrated in her chest, the warmth steadily building as she felt her breasts shrink back into the alphabet and then all the way down to a tiny looking B-cup. Then the heat moved down through her body, her thighs burned as they too slimmed down to the runner's legs of her past and her hips shed a dozen inches in a few minutes while Jane lay prone and frozen on the floor, marvelling at how light her body felt. Then the fun began. Jane's stomach grew warm, she felt it start to grow, bigger and bigger, the fat oozing out from underneath her and lifting her body until it pressed into the door and then pushing her further upwards, bending her until she was propped up on her giant ball of a belly. Meanwhile, she felt a similar warmth growing in her ass, she could feel it growing larger, more upwards than outwards, until the rosy warm inflating cheeks were pressing firmly into the cold stone face of the other side of the door. Jane knew her fate even before the heat had faded, she knew what had happened, what had to have happened, and when she finally regained control of her body she was exactly where she expected to be: stuck. Wedged under the door, her bulbous backside too big to fit underneath and her bulging belly too fat let her squeeze back the other way, Jane was, in a word, helpless.

If the human mind was simple enough to understand, we would be too simple to understand it.
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